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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

BYU also beat weber state who I believe is part of the beehive boot. Not that anyone really cares. Kind of like the deseret duel or whatever it is called.

At any rate, none of the teams are great this year. BYU's Defense is great but the O is really struggling.

Just glad for the win tonight.

Utah wanting to kill the rivalries is going in the wrong direction. They are going to be the doormat of the pac 12 and not have any local rivalries. Their fans are going to be jumping ship really fast. Right now they are hyped to have a team like USC come into town but by the third or fourth time of getting beat down, the glitter is going to wear off. They should be doing everything they can to keep some local interest but they aren't.

I hope they don't regret it 5 years down the road.


I thought the Wagon Wheel was only between Utah State and BYU? I think you mean who gets the Beehive Boot!

Farmington, UT

No, they don't. Here's why:

Utah needed the luck of a field goal try clanking off the upright to claim victory, on the last play of the game, against BYU.

USU needed overtime and an offensive pass interference call against the Utes, at the very end of the game, against Utah.

BYU was ahead after the first half against USU, but played well enough that USU never scored a touchdown, didn't score after the first quarter, and was in control of both the scoreboard and the football at the end of regulation.

While all 3 games were close, BYU's defeat of USU was by the largest margin.....look at the stats and the number of quarters BYU has gone without letting opponents score a touchdown. USU coughed up the game the last half-minute of the first half; the other games went to the final play or overtime.

So BYU's claim is the strongest.

I wish Mendenhall hadn't played Riley hurt and that Nelson had enough courage to decide the best thing for the team was for him to rest, not play at less-than-capacity.

But it has been an interesting year!!!

Richmond, VA

This is exactly how I hoped it would end after the Aggies beat the Utes and the Utes beat us. Now we can all be friendly to each other and look to win the rest of our scheduled games. That can only be great for the state of Utah football.

As for the game, kudos to the two freshmen, Hill and Williams of the offense. They truly were the stars although I wished the offense as whole would stop making stupid mistakes over and over. And that kid that caused a flag from the outside was just lame. There was no excuse for that. On the other hand, the defense as always, was superb! That Van Noy and Ansah led defense is a force to reckon with! They're a joy to watch!

Go Cougars! And good luck to the Utes and Aggies too!

Mesa, AZ

Dick, BYU retains the Wagon Wheel because of the victory over USU. It's the Beehive Boot that is in question because of the three way tie.

Ogden, Utah

Best in State?

In State BYU is 2-1 with wins over WAC and Big Sky opponents and a loss to a PAC-12 opponent.
USU is 2-1 with wins over PAC-12 and Big Sky opponents and a loss to a IND opponent.
The U is 1-1 with a win over a IND opponent and a loss to a WAC opponent.
Weber State is 0-1 with a loss to a IND opponent.
SUU is 0-1 with a loss to a WAC opponent.

BYU and USU have the best in state records, so deciding best in state between them should come down to the game between opponents SUU and Weber State when they play each other in Cedar City on Oct 20th.

My money is on SUU for that game.

Mcallen, TX

BYU, Utah State, Weber State, and Dixie can all claim being the best, but in the end, it's the Cougs.

U 90
Corona, CA

@ toosmart
"BYU's defeat of USU was by the largest margin.....look at the stats... So BYU's claim is the strongest"

Good thing wins and losses aren't determined by offensive stats and that the scoreboard plays a role in the outcome of the game. Defenses that cause turnovers and good special teams can negate offensive stats.

You will remember that the field goal off the upright would have never happened because Utah had already beat BYU the first time with the block. Since Utah beat BYU twice in that game does that make Utah #1?

Nobody really knows who the best team is. Lets just sit down watch conference and hope that we hear an address about being honest with ourselves.

Lehi, UT

I'm not sure anybody would want bragging rights this year, since none of them is any good. Sadly if the question could be resolved, the difference between the best team and the next best is very slim.

Oh well, here's hoping we can all finish out strongly. Big picture, I think Utah State is the only team who increased their national credibility--my cougars and the Utes have had lots of fairly boring nationally televised games, and haven't done their brands amy favors, or by extension the State of Utah's brand.

Go cougars.

Lehi, UT

The only thing that we know for sure is that BYU, Utah, and Utah State are all the best in state....on their home field. I think that if any of the teams had played the others in their own stadium they would be 2-0 right now. In any case, all of them have looked pretty mediocre most of the time anyway, especially compared to teams from big name programs out of state.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Every team has a claim as best in the state..."

Based on head-to-head results only, but as everyone knows, best team is ALWAYS determined by best record, with head-to-head used only in tie-breakers.

Look no further than the PAC south last season. Utah beat UCLA, but which team represented the division in the PAC 12 championship? Colorado beat Utah, but not even Colorado fans would be so delusional to think that Colorado was a better team than Utah.

Bottom line:

BYU beat Utah State by 3
Utah State beat Utah by 3
Utah beat BYU by 3

BYU and Utah State are tied with 4-2 records; Utah only has a 2-3 record (sorry Utes, you don't get credit for LOSING to better teams; ANYBODY can do that)

BYU(4-2) > USU(4-2) > Utah(2-3)

Orem, UT


All three teams are close - great defenses, mediocre offenses, but any objective fan would have to agree with your argument, that best record is the most important factor in determining best team.

As another blogger suggested

BYU - 1A
USU - 1B
Utah - 1C

Phoenix, AZ


According to your analysis, USU and BYU would be the only ones considered because of their 2-1 record. Therefore, you would go with their head to head game to determine who is 'better', not the outcome of two other teams playing each other. I think you're just trying to stretch it for USU who is clearly the #2 in the state.

Idaho Falls, ID

From the article:

"Perhaps that is a starting point for offensive coordinator Brandon Doman."

Holy Cow! We're 6 games into the season! Why can't these coaches have the kinks worked out by the first game?

Holden Caulfield
Eagle Mountain, UT

Give it to no one! Just keep it on the shelf and send everyone home with their juice boxes. No team deserves it this year.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"All three teams are close - great defenses, mediocre offenses..."

We're getting to the point in the season where we have a large enough sample size that the stats don't lie, and the stats agree, all three teams have great defenses and mediocre offenses, giving BYU the slight edge over Utah State overall, with Utah coming in a distant third, overall.

Total Offense
#54 USU 417 ypg
#71 BYU 398 ypg
#116 Utah 299 ypg

Total Defense
#5 BYU 227 ypg
#11 USU 211 ypg
#29 Utah 330 ypg


Utah state beat Utah by 7 not 3...just saw a few had that confused

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU's victory stopped the blather from Aggies fans. Please BYU fans, don't diminish the win with smack talk. This year Best in State exists only in the mind of the fan and no one else cares.

U 90
Corona, CA

Many Y fans here crowning themselves king of the state. Priceless.

justfax, do you think playing Hawaii, Weber State and Washington State had anything to do with BYU having the best stats? Those numbers would look a bit different had the Y played USC and ASU.

Ogden, Utah


You need to do a little research on the Beehive boot before you post. Let me help you out. The Beehive boot, signifying football supremacy in the state "is awarded annually to the Utah school with the best record against its instate NCAA Division I foes". Div 1 teams include USU, BYU, Utah, Weber State and now SUU who recently joined the Big Sky Conference this year.
USU and BYU are both 2-1 against in state opponents as previously stated.

"In case of a tie, the winner is chosen by vote of the in-state media"...not your made up definition of "head to head" competition.

Because there is a tie between USU and BYU, I would think the media would would wait to see the outcome of the Weber State/SUU matchup. It only makes sense.

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