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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Well, there goes that GOP talking point.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

It will go up by one if Big bird gets canned.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The headline is a bit simplistic, don't you think?

Phoenix, AZ

Well, It is only because the Christmas rush is comming.It will go up in January. By the way no one is canning Big bird.

m.g. scott

It sure is going to be funny when in the next debate Romney tells America that the unemployment rate tonight at 7.8% is exactly what it was the day Obama took office. Wow, what progress. And it only took 6 trillion dollars of added debt to achieve it. Yeah, let's have four more years of that!!


Hyperbole at its finest.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

Well...if the government says it...it must be so!! What fortunate timing.

Sandy, UT

Gotta get those books cooked before the election. We have fewer people working now than we had when Obama took office, and we have a record number of people who have left the work force and simply given up. But for a populace comprised of many who don't even know who's buried in Grant's Tomb, this will be adequate to make them stay committed to their favorite politician of all time.

Layton, UT

The Obama White House needed to come up with something fast after his terrible debate in Colorado, so now we get MORE phony unemployment numbers. What a looser!

Manti, UT

How convenient. They make a mistake last quarter and made up for it this quarter. A little too convenient, don't you think? Besides, how may now jobs are part time seasonal workers?

Oceanside, CA

I'm not big on conspiracy theories but the unemployment rate dropping .3% in the month preceding the general election doesn't quite pass the sniff test.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

On the topic of Big Bird getting fired...I think it's been coming for years. The bird wanders around endlessly...talks at length to others who are trying to work or learn...and seems like a trouble maker in general.

He must be a union bird or knows someone or is related to someone who works at Sesame Street. He's under-produced for years and it's finally going to catch up to him.

Fern RL

Congratulations, Mr. President, just think what you could do if you tried to convince people not to apply for jobs. I, myself, probably did a great service to the economy when I quit work at age 34.

Steve C. Warren

This rosy new jobs report has allowed Romney to silence critics who unfairly claim he is inconsistent and a flip-flopper. Here's why: When unemployment rose, he attacked Obama. When unemployment stayed the same, he attacked Obama. Today, after unemployment dropped, he attacked Obama.

That's consistency!


I suggest that voters look at the article all over
The NET today denouncing these numbers as being ginned up by Labor and Hilda Solis . Even the DC MSM elites laughed at her figures and she said she was OFFENDED. Well I am offended at manipulated numbers for Obama's election efforts. Jack Walsh of GE fame said these were pulled out of the air. Underemployment is near 12% and millions have left the labor force. The numbers are fake but Obama went out on the trail today lying about them and Romney and then warned anybody who would criticize 'his numbers; as talking down the economy. LOL

salt lake, UT

oh the season of conspiracy theories is upon us now that the election cycle is here. what a sadly predictable response from the right.

Murray, UT

The article said that unemployment went down .6 percent. The drop was caused by people taking part time work.

Is this like his deportation numbers?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Those hoping for economic gloom need to get over it...or get a job.

Provo, ut

Nobody (except demo spinners) have suggested killing off Big Bird, Just get him off the dole. If he's that important then he can make it in the capitalistic TV market. Afterall MSNBC hires lots of people who make less sense than a 7 foot yellow bird, he could follow-up Chris Matthews or Rev. Al.

Orem, UT

These numbers are as fraudulent as they can be. A survey of households to determine the numbers of people getting jobs rather than the employer numbers is unprecedented and to claim that 876,000 jobs were created from this survey is at best a guess. There is no question that the jobs number is much lower and that is reflected by the employer numbers which has always been used before. The U-6 numbers show no change in the economy and that shows us in a recession. But fraud is rampant in the Obama campaign and shows in these numbers.

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