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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Mitt, you said it. We saw the video. It's all yours, buddy; we're not forgetting it and we're not going to let you run from it.


Republicans have contributed to the deficit, for example, requiring all the Bush tax cuts be extended. Additionally their games during the debt ceiling debate cost $1.3-1.7 billion.

The president proposes a budget, (more like an outline) then the House and Senate, working in various committees apply the detail and develop the budget bill to be voted on. Republicans engaged in political theater according to a fellow of the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Republicans simply took Obama's budget proposal and put it up for a vote, without the committee process, and without the necessary detail.

It takes "two to tango." Obama hasn't had a partner across the aisle. The Republicans in Congress are more ideologically extreme than in the past. Reagan had the benefit of Democrats who were willing to compromise, and Reagan was willing to compromise too. For example, after cutting tax rates he raised taxes. During Clinton's tenure there was a govt shutdown, lasting 28 days because Clinton vetoed the Republican budget. Republican leaders stated after Obama's inauguration their goal was for Obama to fail. They set the tone going forward.

Casa Grande, AZ

I bet it was hard for him to wait a couple weeks before flipping. He was chomping at the flip.

Casa Grande, AZ

Romney should be pro universal healthcare any day now.

willows, ca

So why so many flip flops, even on his convictions? It's because his desire to win an election is a higher priority than his convictions.
And that weakness is resulting in so many of these flip flops that he is beginning to look comedic. One too many & enough people will be repulsed that it will cost him the election. I'm surprised the democrats haven't run an add on this ridiculous flip flop.

Sugar City, ID

Casa Grande, AZ

Romney should be pro universal healthcare any day now.

Would it not be great to have a state administered program? Do you like to see people suffer and die because they cannot afford $100,000 scorpion bites?

Taylorsville, UT

It's amazing, the amount of ignorance of tax laws people think they know. The fact is Romney is rights and the democrats and news media is twisting the facts to misrepresent what Romney said.

The fact is 47%+ are not paying taxes and that cannot be disputed. Why they are not paying taxes is the dispute and 90% of the disputes are biased and racist and prejudiced and unjustified. BTW, free loaders was coined by the democrats, not Romney. He just said 47% are dependent on government and the legacy of Obama with 83 million out of work americans as his baggage.

The elderly on SSA or retirement do pay yearly taxes and have no deductions or exemptions on their incomes. Retired elderly people do pay taxes.

Romney was targeting the illegal aliens, welfare professionals, workers without jobs and business with excessive exemptions to taxation are not supporting government services like police, fire, and education most think are a right.

So who does it leave as the freeloaders? The socialist and illegal foreign nationals.

Taxation is a duty of all, democrats have bought votes of dependents. BTW, 90% of filers pay less than 8% in taxes, not 18%.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Is this anothoer "flip-flop"? Is he sure on this one?

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