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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

I think it's odd that Des News hasn't run the story about Romney's position on "Advanced Interrogation Techiniques". It is pertinent information that all Mitt supporters should know. Also, WHY was my earlier comment on the subject rejected? I followed your guidelines explicitly.

Othello, WA

"when exactly do you believe the recession started."

What exactly is your point? That the recession and bad economy lasted a lot longer under BHO then GWB?

This is the disappointing thing about Romney. He wasn't "completely" wrong, he was almost exactly right! Why go back on that now. 47% pay no income taxes,....not even arguable! Now where he was wrong, is to say that 100% of that 47% have the victim attitude, and are completely in the tank for BHO. The real number is probably more like 75% of the 47%. That is the point he needed to clear up. He was more right, then he was wrong!

Provo, UT

You who are without fault of a poor remark want to go ahead and throw your stones...oh wait, you already did. Recorded in secret, what hypocrites.

How many politicians do you know who apologize and admit to being wrong? What a great quality in a man and rare in a politician.

His point, though horribly stated, was one I agree with. We are almost to the tipping point with federal employees and those getting benefits who believe they are entitled (not the truly needy). Those of you who have said Obama is not a socialist have not studied his history or do not know the definition of socialism. Four more years of Obama and we will reach the number that will assure socialism. The Constitution will in effect be gone.

Far East USA, SC

Give him some time. I suspect that privately Romney will apologize for apologizing.

Only this time, he may sweep the room for recording devices.

Provo, UT

Let's not jump to hasty conclusions. Strictly speaking, Mitt did not apologize for anything. He simply stated that he had been "completely wrong". Admitting you we're wrong it not an apology.

And he did not specify precisely what he said that was wrong, or why It was wrong. For all we know, he feels he was wrong because it is actually 46.5% of Americans he believes:
- "are dependent upon government"
- "believe that they are victims"
- "believe the government has a responsibility to care for them"
- "believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them."
- "they will vote for this president no matter what"
- "they [can never be convinced that they ] should take personal responsibility and care for their lives"

So, if you like Mitt the unapologetic ("No Apology: the Case for American Greatness"), then you can hold onto your image of Mitt.

And if you like Mitt the "real man who can admit when he's wrong", then you can retain your unblemished opinion of Mitt, too!

He's all things to all people!

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

He waits until two weeks after the story broke and tons of negative publicity and now he wants to run as the champion of the 47%? Mitt must be stupendously cynical about the credulity of the American public. You can't squeeze toothpaste back into the toothpaste tube.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Mr. Romney has spent the better part of six years courting the Republican right-wing with statements such as the infamous "47%" remark. There are endless others on immigration reform, social security, medicare, collective bargaining rights, tax policy, health care, not to mention his rather unique ideas on foreign affairs. Does he really think he's going to get anywhere by spending the final month of the campaign trying to convince us he didn't really mean it?

St. George, Utah

One can twist anything to mean what ones belief is, or to demean the statement.
12 people hear the same speaker and experience the same event at the same time, I dought you would have more than 3 agree as to the meaning or recounting of said event when interviewed seperatly. Who was at the event when Mitt Romney talked about the 47%? I would guess (none)
read in context and quit beleiving the media and hype (this goes on both sides) Look for facts before your emotions burry you. One tax issue - family on food stamps, wic, rent assitance, gas assitance(I dont have a problem with temporaraly),makes enough money only to withhold say $20 in federal with holding. Files tax return and gets $4000.00 in fed tax return with child and other credits. I believe they should only get the $20.00 back that was withheld, that the tax law should not alow to go beyond zero. emotions aside I believe Mitt Romney is spot on in his assesment.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Romney's biggest lament is that he actually said what he really thinks and feels.

West Jordan, UT

"I meant what I said and I said what I meant; an elephant's honest, one-hundred percent."

Conner Johnson

Can I get a FLIP-FLOP.... Just who we thought you were Mitt!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Time's a' running out...
Gotta try everything at this point, eh' Mitt?

St. George, Utah

Analogy! there is a small fire in your house as well as your great friend and next door neighbors home! which fire would you fight first? Logic states you fight yours and when yours is out and your comfortable with your situation you are better capable to focus on assisting your neighbor with no hinderance. The worlds economies are on fire, the US at all levels are on fire. We need to make hard decissions to make us comfortable in our situation to better focus at a later date on others. To many people are not helping charities etc. today because of the new thought process that government will take care of it. Though government is at a higher cost.
Pending Mitt Romney gets elected and he has a congress that will work with his Ideas. I feel Mitt is the best choice. Unlike President Obama having a democartic house and senate to start, he still made over 923 executive orders in 3 1/2yrs (21.98 a month) to by pass congress. More than all the past presidents combined. George W. Bush was the next highest with 62 in 8 years (0.64 a month). Problem?


He would have done better to keep quiet on this. His handlers are not the best, he needs a new team.


I wish he would have said that 47 percent of Americans either think they are entitled to other people's money or think that others are entitled to other people's money, and that we should ignore those people. That would have been a more accurate statement, and I would have become an extremely enthusiastic supporter of Romney for saying so.

The statement, as actually stated, was wrong no matter how you slice it, but I'm still not voting for Obama.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

I can't believe how many lefties are on here trying to tear down Romney and defending one of the biggest liars in the history of political arenas. How can you honestly believe that Obama can turn anything around when you have NO evidence to back it with. All facts show from the last four years is that America is 6 trillion dollars more in debt to other countries like China and studies show that the deficit will reach 20 trillion in the next four years following Obama's policies. If you want your children and grandchildren to be slaves to other countries then by all means, elect Obama. I can't believe people can be such hypocrites. Be mad at Romney for this, but when Obama says "If I don't cut the deficit in half in the next four years than this will be a one term proposition." Yet, he is still running for president. Isn't that flip flopping? There is your etcha-sketch.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ SS
"If every single word you said were recorded and displayed before the entire country would you be found as saying things that contradict yourself? "

Absolutely, but when confronted by it I'd make clear if I said something wrong and what I stood by. The reason I hold this against Romney is that if he sincerely misspoke, he wouldn't have stood by the remarks when he held his press conference when this became a story.

"It takes a man to admit when he's wrong."

I guess that means he was wrong about the job creators being overburdened with taxation, now that he's claiming that his tax plan doesn't reduce taxes on the wealthy.

@Anti Government
"The libs complain he said it and now they complain he admitted his mistake and he is a flip flopper for it."

Because we have no reason to believe he's being sincere.

"Do you ever see them donate additional taxes if they are so rich and believe it is the right thing to do? "

I'll get right on that when conservatives give up gov't services since they want to cut spending.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Folks, Romney was simply brainwashed regarding 47% of Americans. Now he's seen the light.

Lafayette, IN

Let's see. People are dis-encouraged from something if they are punished for it. Romney, mathematically, says the truth and is punished. The effect of this will be?

Salt Lake City, UT

"How many politicians do you know who apologize and admit to being wrong? "

A lot when the thing they're disavowing is something that was severely harming them in the polls.

"he still made over 923 executive orders in 3 1/2yrs (21.98 a month) to by pass congress. "

That's false. I assume you got that from a chain e-mail? Well that was factchecked by Politifact where they noted Obama has signed 139 (as of Sept 24). Those sample ones in the e-mail that are alleged to be from Obama... they aren't... those are all from previous presidents, mostly those from the 70s-80s. Bush had signed 160 in the first equivalent number of days that Obama signed the 139. FDR signed the most of any president.

Basically, factcheck shocking claims. A lot of them (from the left and the right) aren't true.

@ SS
"I can't believe how many lefties are on here trying to tear down Romney and defending one of the biggest liars in the history of political arenas. "

That doesn't make sense. You can't defend Romney (one of the biggest liars in politics) while criticizing him.

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