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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

@Rock of the Marne "Glad to see Y fan delusion alive and well. Your team was losing 24 to 7 against Utah and never led in the game before a lucky come back that still wasn't enough."

Ok, so, I never comment on Utah board, but for this, I'll make an exception...

Are you serious? A "lucky comeback"? U DO realize that BYU's offense outscored Utah's offense 21-17 in that game, right?

U DO realize that the difference in the game was the gift botched snap to Riley that our guys didn't fall on and Utah scooped it up and scored on?

U DO realize that your longest drive on offense that game was 39 yards?

U DO realize that BYU did everything they could to give the game away for the first 45 minutes of the game, and still almost beat U at home when they finally played one good quarter of BYU football in the 4th?

Even the local sports media, who have been hyping the Utes all year, talked about how BYU gave that game away and how tonight's game between USU and BYU is for best in state.

Omaha, NE

I love BJ, but he needs more mentoring before he is at the level where he can scheme for his own teams strenghts and weaknesses and in turn scheme against the opposing team for the same. GO UTES!!

Provo, UT

@Rock of the Marne continued

However, the one thing I AM glad about with the loss to Utah is that we have made U fans happy. Regardless of what happens the rest of the year, U got the win against BYU, and that's all that matters :)

I hope the Utes have success the rest of the year and can make it to a bowl game. K Whitt's the coach to do it. However, from what I've seen, he's got a tough road ahead. U have the same offense that ranked 107th in the nation last year, only you now have a 25 year old OC and a worse offensive line.

If the Utes reach a bowl game, it will be K Whitt's best job yet.

Best of luck to the Utes.

Go Cougars! Battle of the Best in State starts tonight...let's beat the Aggies!

Salt Lake City, UT

We nned a win. Where's BYU on the schedule when you need them?


IRS Agent

How long is Hill going to stay with the interim head coach? It is obvious that Gary Anderson was carrying Whit for years. Look at the two schools performance since Anderson went to USU. The secret is out. We now know who the real coaching genious was at the U.

St. George, UT

Time to play Wilson. Don't argue.

Salt Lake City, Utah


You're lucky you got the win; don't press your luck.

The Utes will be 2-5 by late November, and your bowl prospects will be hanging by a thread.

West Jordan, Utah

USC did not spot Utah 14 points. Utah took those points. By that logic, you could say Utah spotted USC points as well. Hays threw a pick six. Blechen drops an easy INT in the endzone where USC later gets a FG.

The TD called back before half was a blow for Utah. Was it legit? I don't know. Still, the game was 24-21 with 12 minutes left. USC makes two big plays and blows the game open, but it wasn't a blowout.

I will tell you this. Utah's offensive line play was real good. It was their best performance against the best team on their schedule. ASU destroyed Utah, but if the line played this way against USU, Utah would have won easy.

I figured even with all the Ute hype to start the year (and I mentioned it then) that Utah's Offensive Line was a huge question mark. They lost Bergstrom and Cullen, and the studs to replace them got hurt.

If White IV runs like he did yesterday and the line keeps improving, Utah will finish right about where they did last year (about 7-5).

West Jordan, Utah

BYU has a solid defense but is not the steel curtain. Boise State didn't score an offensive TD against Michigan State either and barely beat New Mexico by three. Boise is down this year.

Utah is sub par and they are the only legit team BYU played. Yes that game could have gone either way. Here is my beef. BYU fans comparing Utah's record vs. the PAC 12 to theirs is not relevant. Utah plays these schools week in and week out. That is very different to playing one of those teams sprinkled in your schedule in between the independent schedule thing. The next four weeks will tell BYU where they are at. Then you have three patsies to close the season.

Record comparisons sound good when comparing them to stats that favor one's team. I have seen some legitimate stats from BYU fans that make them look superior to Utah. Look at conference championships there. Their are other stats though. From 2000 to 2010 (before Utah went to the PAC 12), the Utes had more wins versus BCS schools than any other non BCS school in the nation. PAC 12 play is constant now.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah was 4-5 in the PAC 12 last year. They are 0-2 so fat this year. They are 4-7 combined. That said, if you compare that record with BYU's of late, you are missing fair comparisons.

It does make a difference when you play PAC 12 schools each week rather than having one or two sprinkled into your schedule with Idaho and New Mexico State.

Case in point, when Utah was playing a MWC schedule and playing a few BCS schools on the side, look at Utah's record. From 2000 to 2010, before Utah was in the PAC 12, Utah beat more BCS schools than any other team outside the BCS in the country. That includes Boise State, BYU, and TCU.

During that same time, BYU won more conference titles. And Utah won more head to head games with BYU. And BYU had more 10 win seasons. And Utah busted the BCS twice ect... These stat things get old, as does the rivaltry at times.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


U DO realize that even the MUSS tried to "give the game away"? Next time you should get someone from the MUSS to kick a field goal.

I think Utah played much better than we did @ASU. We have to win the next two games against better teams, @UCLA and @Oregon State. If not, then at 2-5 I think we can all agree that its time for Travis Wilson to take over.



YOU DO realize Utah scored more points than byu did, 24-21 BYU CANNOT BEAT UTAH. So you guys have to jump on the backs of other schools. Boy you have got to be broke, all those PAC12 T-Shirts. 3 in a row, 8 out 11, 13 out of 20 it's not just you trucoug1 it's all of you blue boys. You guys are nothing but a bunch of excuse mongers-YOU DO realize that.

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