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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

You know Lets debate, I'm not even going to respond to your incredibly rude post.

DSB, is that Governor Romney's plan? To cut 2500 programs? Are there even that many federal programs? But anyway, like I said, Mitt Romney is not serious about dealing with the federal budget. If the only proposition he can put forth to deal with the debt is that old conservative canard PBS funding you know he is not serious.

And by the way, DSB, you know nothing about my thinking on the debt. If my thinking on the issue had been shared by politicians we would have no debt at this point. Unfortunately the Republicans got into office.


@mark - if you're going to mock Romney with your "He will reduce [taxes]. He won't reduce [taxes]. What is it?" pretend confusion, you should inform yourself about his plan, and the concept of fixing the debt by fixing the economy. If you are indeed informed, then you should stop regurgitating the dishonest DNC talking points about how closing loopholes and deductions alone won't make up the revenue difference from lowering taxes. Romney never said that alone would do it. He's been talking about economic benefits of creating a vibrant economy.

And, what part of Romney's explanation about the lack of specifics didn't you understand? Everything's on the table until both sides get together to iron out bi-partisan agreement about the cuts. Further, do you think there is any combination of specific cuts he could cite that would not result in aggressive spin and attacks by Obama and the media - even if his cuts were the same ones Democrats might suggest? Not that they would be, but it would not matter, and I suspect you know it.

You require much more specificity from Romney than anyone has ever required from Obama.

Cedar Hills, UT

To mark,

I suppose you know that Romney is not serious about dealing with the budget because he wasn't serious about the budgets of either Bain Capital or the companies in which they invested. Or, because he wasn't serious about turning around the Olympics, or because he wasn't serious about solving the debt of Massachusetts. Oh wait...

At least on economics, we have one candidate with a history of success and doing what he promises, and one with a history of broken promises and a horribly stalled economy. Anyone who thinks Obama is more serious, or more capable of addressing the budget and debt than Romney is monumentally deluded and living in denial of their clear and proven respective records.

One more thing - if you think buying more art and media should be a priority at a time of looming bankruptcy - no matter how little the cost - I seriously doubt your seriousness about getting our national spending and debt under control.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: mark Salt Lake City, UT

'Lets debate' comments are spot on. One man was prepared when he came to the first presidential debate. The other guy? Al Gore suggests that Denver's high altitude may have been the cause of his lethargy.

Mitt has proven he is good with finances. Obama has proven that he can't balance a checkbook.

Salt Lake City, UT

See this is what I don't get about you guys, DSB. "One more thing - if you think buying more art and media should be a priority "
When did I ever say, or even imply, that the Feds should be buying more art, or that it should be a priority? I didn't. I didn't even make an argument of whether PBS funding should remain in place or not. I said that if Mitt Romney presents that as his only idea to deal with a sixteen trillion dollar debt in a debate then he is not serious. And I don't think he is.

I'm very aware that he is counting on a surging economy to offset his other propositions. But there is is no indication his plan would cause the growth he needs. His plan does not deal with the debt, just tax restructuring. And nothing indicates that will create 12 million jobs, no matter what he says.

Many fair minded studies have shown that he will have to make large cuts in things like the mortgage deduction just to pay for his tax cuts for the rich.

Cedar Hills, UT

So tell us mark, how many of those "fair-minded" analysts ever helped struggling businesses succeed, or turned an Olympics drowning in debt and scandal into a rousing success, or took a state in serious red ink and turned that around? Probably none of them, yet you'll take their word over someone who has succeeded over and over and over again.

Those that can, do. Those that can't, spew a lot of criticism and make excuses. I'll take the guy who can and does.

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