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Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Well done Mitt.

Obama Gone 01-20-13

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

Questions to ask oneself when voting:

Am I better off than I was four years ago, or are you just treading water?

Has your home gained value or have you gotten a raise?

Does your raise help cover the extra costs of gasoline and food?

Does it bother you that the current administration has borrowed 16,900 for every man, woman and child in four years, even after Obama said Bush was "unpatriotic" for borrowing less money in eight?

Does it bother you that even though the president promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay he hasn't really done it yet?

Does it bother you that unemployment has never really gotten below eight percent, and that the only reason it isn't higher is that government keeps excluding long term unemployed?

Like the vice president said, the middle class has been buried for four years. Mitt has actually employed people. He helped turn around businesses. Businesses that created goods and services that people actually bought, paid taxes, and employed people. Please, beyond SpaceX and killing Bin Ladin, point out one thing pre or post presidential that Obama accomplished (GM was a boondogle)

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

Oh yeah, one more thing. Does it bother you that even almost four years after he became president that he still blames George Bush for everything? It is almost as if he wants people to think that Bush is still president and that Obama is running against the incumbent! I would think that after four years he would start to take responsibility. But, nope, he is still staring at his shoes.

Provo, UT

In an interview with Hannity on Fox, Mitt Romney apologized (sort of) for his 47% comment, that his top backers went to great lengths to defend!

Romney said, ""Well, clearly in a campaign, with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right," Romney said. "In this case, I said something that's just completely wrong."

Good thing Chritie, Limbaugh, and countless others spent so much effort trying to convince us all how RIGHT his comment was!

So Romney published a book recently, "No Apology: the Case for American Greatness". This was his snarky way of taking Obama to task for "apologizing" for America (which, of course, Obama didn't do).

I think Romney's next book should be "No Apology: How to Denigrate Half of Americans and Make Your Fellow Republicans Look Like Fools".

I also think Jon Huntsman's observation about Mitt's "weathervane" characteristics were spot on!

Jon, where are you now? We miss you?

Saint George, UT

Which romney?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Obama isn't the same man he was in 2008, and in the opinion of Democratic strategist James Carville didn't bring his A-game. Even the liberal news media was left with no option but to call it the way the undecided voters saw it. Obama had the look of defeat.

Maybe, as Al Gore suggested, the high elevation in Denver deprived him of oxygen.

Sanpete, UT

We all know it was the altitude. It's impossible for your body to adjust when you go from an airplane "up to 5,000 feet".

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

For Obama to engage in debate fact-checking would be a serious mistake. His own performance during the past four years is painfully apparent to Americans. The people who watch the debates only need to look at their own lives in the last four years to decide how well Obama has done. That's the real fact-checking; not the spin.

Eugene, OR

In an Ipsos/Reuters poll taken right after the debate, Obama improved his favorability rating with independent voters while Romney did best with...other Republicans. Among independents, Romney's favorability has remained unchanged.

And I'm sure that the DN will give us a screaming headline about this morning's unemployment level being at 7.8%. That's the lowest level since Obama took office.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Say No to BO,

"For Obama to engage in debate fact-checking would be a serious mistake. His own performance during the past four years is painfully apparent to Americans...."


A little fact-checking of what was said in the debate doesn't make me nervous. I think it would be good for both sides.

Cedar Hills, UT

@ I AM LDS 2 - so, you don't like what Mitt said about the 47%, but think the right thing for him to do is stand by his horrible statement so his big-name supporters won't have their feelings hurt? Why don't you just be honest and admit that you're disappointed he apologized for his comment because standing behind it would have been devastating to his campaign?

Romney's 47% comment was a bad mistake, and he was right to apologize for it.

BTW - what's Obama remorseful about? That he hasn't explained his awesome policies well enough, which are always right for the people, but that we're just too stupid to understand and support without his improved explanations. I've yet to hear acknowledgment of any other error by Obama.

At least one of them is man enough to own up to his mistakes.

Eureka, UT

After watching the debate I wondered how Pres. Obama could prepare to debate Romney. I mean if Pres. Obama pressed on an issue that Romney had stated and supported during his campaign, Romney would change his position or say he didn't say that or make some other excuse or wouldn't answer with anything of substance. He looked good doing that but I was left wondering what does he really believe. I think many of us who are LDS are projecting on Romney what we believe he should say and if he's elected, we'll be very disappointed in what he does.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: KJB1 Eugene, OR
"And I'm sure that the DN will give us a screaming headline about this morning's unemployment level being at 7.8%."

I don't believe everything I read, especially when it comes to unemployment numbers. Anybody who thinks the 7.8% number is genuine isn't in touch with reality, and that number doesn't reflect how many people have given up looking for work.

Our economy is on a caffeine high and ALL the economists say we're facing serious trouble. The liberals just hope it doesn't happen until AFTER November 6th.


To Instereo

Please enlighten us all about the times when Romney said he would create a $5 Trillion burden on the budget. He didn't. Obama and his willing media accomplices have done their own math to project that narrative onto Romney's campaign, and have apparently duped a lot of gullible people into believing it has always been part of Romney's plan. Now Romney correctly claims he never said that, and they pretend he has changed his plan. And you fall for it.

If Mitt's history holds true, he'll turn a failing economy into a successful economy. He'll take something that's flatlining and make it grow.

Yeah - we LDS people would really be disappointed if Mitt does what his record shows he can do.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"Which romney?"

You keep repeating that question as if repetition will make it relevant.

Anyone actually paying attention can see that Obama swishes around as much, or more, as anyone.
(Reagan changed is mind too - it is not a criminal thing to do)

The real concern is that Obama campaign surrogates are blatant liars (particularly Axelrod and Cutter).

Actually I am not LDS and I think you should more concerned about what Harry Reid does - which is clearly NOT the image that most LDS people I know wish to "project"

West Valley City, Utah

The fictitious Romney created by the media disappeared and in the debate as voters saw the real Romney knock Obama's socks off. Excuses, excuses for Obama. Nothing is every his fault.

Provo, UT

Red Headed Stranger Billy Bobs, TX

Well, it's very clear that you liked George W. Bush. Keeping that in mind, four years ago everything was fine except it was 2008 and within a few months the bottom fell out. This was before Obama was even elected, so it is important to remember the timeline.

Although growth has not been such that we are back to pre-2008 conditions, the stock market is soaring and things are getting better -- unless you simply are opposed to Obama and are in love with Romney. If that's the case, then there is no discussion to be had.

Things got really bad in 2008. Congress did little to improve the situation. In 2010 a Republican House made things worse.

As for borrowing money, if I remember correctly, there were two unfunded wars continuing to go and a massive tax cut that was supposed to end after the current administration took office. I know it's boring, but the particulars are important in understanding how we got here from there.

Ford DeTreese
Provo, UT

Can anyone say Etch-a-Sketch?

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Romney has that uncanny ability to look you straight in the eye and deny that he said what he said last week and tell you the exact opposite of what he said yesterday.

It's called salesmanship.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....I think many of us who are LDS are projecting on Romney what we believe he should say and if he's elected, we'll be very disappointed in what he does."


Our faith must be in Christ, not in man.

I too wonder how Obama could prepare to debate Mendacious Mitt. His views turn on a dime. Romney came for an ambush and Obama came for a debate. I think the President knows better now. Nothing Romney says can be taken at face value. Regardless of what he says today, you just don't know what he'll say tomorrow. What the President needs to remember in preparing for the next meeting is to not take the bait of playing a wholly reactive role. He's up against a corporate shark.

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