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Published: Thursday, Oct. 4 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

I can hear it now,

"and the utes are PAC 12 south champs and will play Oregon for the rose bowl"

I called it!

Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

Was I right ?

Or was I right?

Or was I right?

This place is rockin louder than anytime since our last bcs season!

The future of pac12 football is the university of Utah!

Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

I will accept your apologies now byu fans.

Another big game tomorrow to see who reigns supreme in the WAC.

Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

I didn't rush the field against byu, but you better believe I am tonight.

Utes 27 USC 21
Ogden, UT

Duck, Sammy?

Where are you guys? We miss you.


Ute nation.


As a BYU fan I just want to say - Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

The Refs have been the key in every USC scoring drive.

West Jordan, UT

Utes 27 = Chris B. = Aggie84

Counting little swooplets before they hatch. Still a half to go

IRS Agent

@Utes 27 USC 21.

Oh you were right. Oh baby were you right.

Didn't you say you were serving up crow tonight?

How does it taste?

Did Utah get a single first down in the 2nd half?
Great "in game" adjustments by Coach Whit.

It looks like the real coach at the U is coaching in Logan now.
Can anyone question who was really behind the success at Utah. Compare the performance of the two teams since Anderson left. It is all very clear now. Anderson was carrying Whit for years.

IRS Agent

Nice of USC to spot the Utes 21 points (14 to start and 7 at the end). Utes still were never in the game. Pathetic.

Mcallen, TX

Good week so far. Two down and one to go.

USC 38----Utes 28
Romney--five touchdown winner over BO.


BYU 24---USU 10

Farmington, UT

"What to watch for....." was for USC to spot Utah 14 points and then clean house.

Good call, whoever predicted that outcome.

0 - 2 in PAC 12 play, Utah will be smelling roses only if they attend the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. (But hey, parades are nice.....)

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