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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

Imagine that, an elected Democrat deciding to caucus with the Democrats.

Obviously the voters of the old 2nd district thought he represented "Utah values" (whatever that means) because the continued to re-elect him, or are they not part of Utah?

The new fourth district now gets to make that distinction.

omni scent
taylorsville, UT

Funny thing: after the last election, Matheson did NOT vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. So, the premise of this letter is wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Rep. Jim Matheson keeps crowing about Utah values, but when the House meets to organize at the start of every Congress, he votes to caucus with the Democrats."

Well yeah... because on the ballot it says he's a Democrat. I mean... it's pretty straight-forward.

Sandy, UT

Michael, when you repeat the phrase "Utah values" you are speaking code for North Temple. I personally prefer to join the nation in progressing through the 21st century rather that going back to the 19th.

spring street

So he should run as a democrat and get elected by the people of his district as a democrat then turn his back on the people that voted him into office as a democrat and caucus with republicans?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

EVERY Congressmen is elected to represent the people of his STATE, not the people of his district. There is no Constitution subdivision of a State. Representatives are allocated according to population, not to "districts".

Jim Matheson has not served the people of the State of Utah. He has served a small minority of the people of Utah who agreed with his principles of taxing others to pay for their personal welfare. He supported Obamacare, no matter how many times he denies it. Had he had the back-bone to stand up for the Constitution, instead of standing with Ms. Pelosi, we would not have to repeal Obamacare.

He stands for big government. He stands for government handouts. He stands for SOMEBODY ELSE PAYING for those costs.

No man that I know would expect a neighbor to be taxed for his own personal utilities or mortgage, yet that is exactly what Jim Matheson is doing. He agrees with Mr. Pelosi and with Obama that students should not have to pay for their own college tuition. He wants to gives away something of great value to those who will not work for it.

He deserves to be fired.

Salt Lake City, UT

Excuse me, but since when do you have to be a Republican to have values! Pat yourselves on the back. You must really think a lot of yourselves. You don't care about the poor. You don't care about the phsically or mentally handicapped. After all, they make our government to big! Guess what, the first people you pick on are the ones who need us the most. Oh yeah, republicans preach and preach and preach, but their actions show what their values truly are.See, doesn't it sound stupid to acuse one party of not having values! There are good people with values in both parties. I am sick of people slamming this stuff in my face. I am a democrat and I do have values. You need to look in the mirror. Maybe some of your own values need improvement

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Huh? What's wrong with what Matheson is doing? Where was this letter writer's outrage when Chaffetz, Hatch, etc all went to Republican caucuses?

Oh, i get it, it's okay to hang out with your party... As long as it's Republican?


What great logic...

Provo, UT

Shocking! He actually caucused with Democrats! How could he! Who knows who he'll caucus with next!

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