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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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I realize Jordan only lost by 1 point to the team from California, but East deserves the #1 ranking this week for being 1 point ahead of Jordan when the game was called. Many are arguing that an extra point was the difference in the Cali. game, but have already forgotten the same thing happened in the East game. I put Jordan #2 and East #1 for those reasons.

Orem, UT

Some of the movement this week makes no sense at all. Generally, the only way to advance is to win and hope for some teams ahead to lose. Which is more remarkable?

#17 Box Elder LOST a close game to #14 Mt. Crest...and move up 3 spots???
#9 Hurricane WON, beating Pine View in OT and dropped 3 spots.

Not consistent. #6 Northridge lost a close game to #4 Syracuse...fell one spot, which seems very sensible. If anyone should have moved up for losing, it should have been Northridge and not Box Elder.

#11 Woods Cross dropped a 14-0 game to #23 Highland...the Wildcats fell 10 spots!

#19 Pleasant Grove lost on a last minute pass to #20 Riverton...and fell 3 spots.

Lone Peak rallied to beat Bingham on a last minute drive...and jumped 8 spots?!?

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

I agree with hiteshoes, what's with dropping WX 10 spots? Come on!!! The CATS ARE REAL, we'll just win out!!


Timpview and Lone Peak are both good teams, but 4th and 5th seem a little high for their rankings. Northridge and Alta could both beat either of them (Alta DID beat Timpview).

Herriman, UT

@just sayin' - Finally someone who can relate to what I was saying about the Week 3 Rankings. Herriman fell from #7 to #19 after losing to Riverton who was #19 before the game. I was baffled that Herriman could fall 12 spots since the game was played at neutral site, it went into overtime, we only lost by 1 point and Riverton was a ranked team. Needless to say...everyone that posted on DesNews said we deserved to drop...but I didn't agree with it.

Hopefully WX will use the loss and the drop in rankings as motivation to win the next game. That's what Herriman did and they came back the next week and smashed Highland by 3 Touchdowns!!!

Hopefully in the future....DesNews will show their ranking calculator...just like the BCS does so that we can see how it all calculates.

@ProudBigBrother - I said the same thing about Timpview and Lone Peak 2 weeks ago and again...everyone on here said that both schools deserved their rankings. In the end I guess it depends on the playoffs. We are about 3 weeks away and the playoffs will ultimately decide the final rankings.

Provo, UT

@proud big brother
I was actually surprised that timpview was number 4 granted I was really happy but surprised. So I tried to see there reasoning for jumping both north ridge and Alta here is what I came up with for Alta. one of the reasons was that the timpview win at lone peak became more impressive after lone peak beat Bingham at home. Another reason is that Alta got smashed by Bosco is that unfair yeah it is but still that is probably the way they are thinking. Finally another reason they could be thinking is Alta only won by a missed field goal and the game could have gone in a different way. can't think of the reason for northridge except for they loss and the first reason about tv win becoming more impressive. These aren't my views but my rationalization of why they got jumped.

Provo, UT

I think what he meant by tv and lp where to high was now not two weeks ago. The list you where complaining is different then this week

Salt Lake City, UT

How about if Timpview lined up against Alta now? Who is hot and looks great? No brainier. I would take Timpview all day long if it were played tomorrow.

As for WX and others that lost.... Well don't lose. You lose you drop. You win you stay or move up. Not rocket science people.

Provo, UT

I don't think you should show that much confidence in Timpview right now. The last two guys that did something similar (just sayin' and Benzo) Teams lost. I think that may be a jinx.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ football fan

I am not a TBird, so if they lose they really should drop. I see them winning the rest pretty easily and going deep into the playoffs. Still say East is best until someone beats em. Go get em Braves! (Prediction 34-14 East)


@ Everyone :)

I AM a T-Bird, Timpview being my Alma Mater. T-Birds all the way! LOVE that school! But I agree with Foosballfan8 (for once), I think that Alta is getting a bad rap for a loss to a team that would have probably destroyed #1 Jordan, too. Yes, my brother does play for Alta now, so I'm bias. But like Benzo said, 3 weeks left. Time will tell.


The biggest reason that I think Alta should be ranked higher than Lone Peak and Timpview is because of their strength of schedule. Up to this point in the season, I would say that it has been unquestionably the hardest schedule in the state! In their first seven games their opponents included Timpview (6/7), Bingham (5/7), Brighton (5/7), Jordan (6/6) and Don Bosco (3/4), with Riverton (4/7) and Olympus (2/7) filling in the gaps. That's a group of teams that combine for 31/44! And since Alta only lost to Jordan and Don Bosco, 5 of those 13 losses came at Alta's hands! That's a pretty good record against some stiff competition! Can any other team claim that tough of a schedule, at that high level of competition, with as much success?

Washington, UT


Any HHS fan will tell you how bad PV is. You see it all over these blogs. If a team as bad as PV can run up over 500 yds in offense and take HHS into OT, well, you do the math...obviously HHS is overrated.

Orem, UT

This poll is wacked! Bingham's narrow losses to Alta and Lone Peak have it out of the top 10? Timpview is clearly the best Region 8 team but what does that say? The other Region 8 schools are mediocre--they have no signature wins over anyone. Box Elder should have dropped for losing. The Bees are good, but nobody should move up for losing a game to a team who is comparable, as was Mt. Crest.

As for dropping a team who wins?! Maybe in a case where the team struggled with a vastly inferior team only. Hurricane beat a tough PineView, whose PPG rating (81) is much higher than the rest of Region 8. Dropping one spot for a close win, maybe. Dropping three is ridiculous. The Tigers should have held their own.

Jo Momma

@ fender
I hear PV line is as big as BYU but they can't have a winning record. I read all these posts and don't see all over HHS fans saying how bad PV is. Yall need to stop belly achin by costco. A team that big that cant win games. Something is wrong. Don't be mad that all those undersized kids from Hurricane won. They played hard.

Hurricane, 00


if a team puts 500+ yards against hurricane...and still loses to them....really tells us how "overrated" hurricane isn't. so what if the hurricane game went into overtime...they still won...just because a team has a close game doesn't take away the fact that they are a solid and succesful program. even the top ranked schools have close games sometimes. I don't have anything against pine view, but i do have an issue with fans (are you a pv fan?) that call teams over rated because there was that "one" game wear they almost lost

Washington, UT

@Jo Momma

I thought you were busy full time with the sheep and goats up in Cedar? Nobody belly achin' and nobody makin' any excuses and for sure nobody mad...just sayin'.

washington, utah

@ Jo Momma dont blame the team from costco for the loss, the coaches always lose the big games clear back to the Bear River days.

Orem, UT

@fender I saw PV when they beat Orem...with a backup QB. They have a HUGE line & a quick RB. They lost their QB Wilstead (6'6", 200 lbs) in the East game and he missed the next four games with a backup. They have a quick RB who has run for 1400+ yds on 200 carries this season. PV is a much better team with their starting QB in the game. You may wonder about a defense who allowed a back to rush over 300 yds. I wonder how PV only managed 20 points & how the RB didn't reach the endzone. Bend, don't break.

Washington, UT

H-Town Tiger

Nor do I have anything against HHS. I've personally told Coach Homer how much I respect and admire what he's done with the program. Just havin' some fun with the HHS fans who've been trash talkin' the "Costco" school for the past seven weeks. Personally, I think both these schools and Dixie will show up at RES in November. Not intentionally slighting DHHS; it could show up as well. HHS has to be the favorite and Dixie's very good, but with the Wilstead kid PV will be a super tough matchup. Of course that assumes the coach gets his head in the game.

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