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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Color won't matter. The Beavers are going to clean your clocks, and I'm going to love it!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Go away little kitty; there are FCS teams that are actually competitive with some FBS teams. Unfortunately, you're not one of them.

Las Vegas, NV

Why black? This has never, in any way, been a color associated with BYU. I know they will say they aren't copying other teams, but its a hard argument to make. I think solid white or solid dark blue would look just as good and be relevant to the schools colors.

Morgan, UT


Oregon has really changed the face of football uniforms and I am glad the NCAA allows it but...do not allow anyone else to change the color of their football field from traditional green to dark blue, rummy red or peacock purple .

Spanish Fork, UT

If this were clever or original it might be fun, but even then probably not. What self-respecting cougar fan would think this is a great idea after the Utes have been doing it for the last few seasons. As a season ticket holder I would rather see them knock some dollars off the price of a ticket rather than buy new uniforms an gear they will only use in one game. Lame.

O-town, UT


Weber State played the Sugar Bowl Champion Utes 37-21--better score than BYU posted against the U that year. They were beat on last second plays by Wyoming and Colorado State. I think they would beat Hawaii this year. The Wildcats played BYU better than Hawaii did. Ask Riley if he doesn't think Weber State has some tough players--poor kid has never been the same.

Have fun with the whole independence and black jersey thing--adorable, really, just too cute!

Replace "Rise and Shout, the Cougars are out" with "Tuck tail and run, let's all have some fun (with a green-light game)."

BYU Independence--GO WITH IT!

Burley, ID

I think going Black is a grave mistake.

Ponte Vedra, FL

@A1994 And just which schools in the SEC pay for their players?

Under Armour enters into a partnership with the respective universities so I'm sure they are incentivized on some level.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Comparative scores are the most meaningless statistic in sports.

Suffice it to say, BYU and Weber State have played three times, and the scores have never even been close:


O-town, UT


Glad you are happy about BYU's record over Weber State (an FCS team). Hold onto that!

I know my most of my Cougar friends who would be happier playing in a BCS conference rather than looking up and posting the scores of their triumphs over an FCS school throughout the years. Oh well, such is BYU now. "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad."


Danbury, CT

Sorry to break it to all of you who never leave the Wasatch Front, but these kinds of uniforms have been around for years. And even as an old guy, I'm really glad we lost the powder blue (royal?) years ago. You would think black uniforms and navy uniforms were invented by the U and USU.

It is well-known that if you want to see what style people were wearing 10 years ago, go visit Utah...

Springville, UT

Two for flicking

...that is selling out."

And what would you call Utah's acceptance of two scheduled Sunday basketball games?

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN

What happened to "loyal strong and true, wear the white and blue?" Our uniforms looked great before. I don't like the change. We should only use our real colors (blue and white).

Bountiful, UT

I absolutely HATE gimmick games. Blackouts, whiteouts...just play some football and win the game. You look like a complete idiot if you lose. It also turns into a distraction no matter what they say. It's stupid.

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN

What happened to "loyal strong and true, wear the white and blue?" Our uniforms looked great before. I don't like the change. We should only use our real colors (blue and white). TRADITION, Spirit, Honor.

Iowa City, IA

Wow, so many ute fans chiming in...amazing they care so much about BYU...I wonder why? I mean this is just a uniform article? Can that fan base really be so shallow?

O-town, UT


Big Sky Football titles: 3 (1965, 1968, and 2008)
Big Sky Basketball titles: 19

Just an FYI. At least they will have the guts to play in a strong conference...not run away.

I am only talking smack about BYU because they make fun of Utah joining a BCS conference, but were too scared to do so themselves. I thought it would be neat for the state of Utah to have two BCS conference teams, one big mid-major, and two big FCS, but if BYU is scared, that's alright.

Don't worry about the perennial top 25, that won't happen with BYU anymore with their week schedule. USU will pass BYU up for second program in the state because BYU chose not to man up and join the Big 12 and compete for top dog with Utah.

Oh well, enjoy the black jerseys and the green-light games, just don't expect respect from everyone when they aren't impressed with wins over Wazzou, Weber State (even though we are great, great, great ;-)), and the weakest Hawaii team ever fielded.


pocatello, ID

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN
What happened to "loyal strong and true, wear the white and blue?" Our uniforms looked great before. I don't like the change. We should only use our real colors (blue and white). TRADITION, Spirit, Honor.


It's a NIKE experiment. I wish they never got the uniform contract for the NFL & NCAA. What is going on at Oregon is only the beginning. They want to radicalize most every uniform. What is traditional will eventually be changed. Or they will try anyway. There are uniforms that should not be changed - Dallas Cowboys, Steelers, Notre Dame, USC....Some of the design concepts are awful! I can see changing elements here and there, but not radical color & logo changes. The only exception would be a 3rd jersey.

People complained about the Washington Huskies black uniform, but now they like it and has become their 3rd jersey. Who knows, if it looks alright, the black on BYU could become their alternate uniform as well.

Orem, UT

What an incredible waste of money. The tens of thousands BYU spends on these one-time use uniforms would be better spent in the school scholorship fund.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Christy B

I think you need to re-read my post again, this time with some comprehension. I will say that your claim of BYU wearing multiple shades of blue back in the 60s/70s is completely false. I also didn't say a thing about Utah St.

@ sammyg

Utah's Olympic sports have been playing on Sunday for years. I don't see why a public university would have any conflict accepting a schedule with a couple of basketball games on Sunday. If fans and donors choose not to attend those particular games for whatever reason, that's fine. I don't see how that could possibly be considered selling out though.

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