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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

Love it!!! Too bad it is wasted on a regional game which will never be seen outside the little Mountain West region....

High Point, NC

People need to read the press release. They're wearing these for ONE GAME and then selling them off to Cougar Club members and others to raise more money for the program. Besides, a change is fun and cool every once in a while. And these jerseys are aesthetically pleasing.

Cedar Hills, UT

byU in black? I can't believe Bronco caved! Very bad omen.

Highland, UT

I'm not a big fan of going all black but I don't care all that much. I'm much more interested in the game itself. I'll have to see how the uniforms look in real life before I make any final judgement on them as far as how good/bad looking they are.

I thought the all black uni's utah wore a couple of years ago looked pretty cool, and red goes well with black, but I thought the ones they wore last week against asu, with the stupid looking mat helmet, were ugly. We'll see how BYU's turn out.

Allen, TX


The OSU game is scheduled for ABC or ESPN. You DO own a TV, right?

Allen, TX

Correction: Next 4 games...

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Not underwear armor like some teams use, this is a Nike effort. All the gyrations of Oregon's uniforms are quite silly. Personally, I really liked the tan accent BYU used in the early years of this century. Black, though, just for the sake of doing something faddish, is a real turn-off. I guess it's fun for the juveniles though.

South Jordan, UT

From what I am reading USU is the team that created the BLUE and the Utes started this black out game idea all other schools have copied them dang are we all in great company or what oh I forgot tongue is firmly implanted in cheek

Syracuse, ut

Relax everyone, it's just for one game. I'm cool with it, wish it was a night game though. Oh well. GO COUGS!

And Utah fans, sorry to break it to ya, the U wasn't the first team to wear all black uniforms, and the "U" sign everyone does during the game? Well the University if Miami has been doing that since the early 80s. So what that means is everyone copies someone at some point.

O-town, UT

It is appropriate they are wearing black to mourn the death of their once proud football program.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Dear BYU...
Most colors are not copywrited, yet if they were, a small amount of pigment gets you out of copywrite infringment and yet will look the same.
Most everything in football is copied, even down to plays. Its hard to be totally original these days, especially in sports.
That being said, you can and SHOULD keep originality when you can especially between in state schools.
Utah doesn't own black, you are 100% free to use it. They were not the first to use it, not even the first in the state, I believe that was SUU but not sure.
The black uniforms look cool but Utah does that already. Your blue uniforms look fine but U State does that already (re read pigment comment above).
Keep your originality, keep your base colors. Accent colors can always be added for a cool "new" look without copying everyone (even fans ie boise state did the stadium color thing the week before).

Just be original, I am betting most BYU fans would want the old Royal Blue and I bet Nike could do something cool with it.


Salt Lake City, Utah


How embarrassing it must be for you to have your football team destroyed by a program that is on death's doorstep.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I've been checking color charts and haven't been able to find any mention of Aggie Blue or Utah Black. I do find it interesting that the Red on Utah's helmets doesn't match their Red jerseys, but we all know that the MUSS lives across the Green, and that the Aggies love Thistle, so all is good.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


You are missing the point. For all of BYU's bravado about tradition, the Cougars seems to change their colors quite a bit. Could you imagine Texas changing to a different shade of orange or Michigan using a different blue? No, because they have a ridiculously strong tradition. BYU on the other hand has shown that they are willing to change colors (and logos) on a whim just for the sake of grabbing a few extra dollars. That is not tradition; it's called selling out.

As for Utah, their helmets and jerseys match perfectly. One year (2004) Utah's helmets were a darker shade of red, but pretty much every year before of after that Utah's red helmets have been the same as their jerseys.

Murray, UT

The KSL web site reports that the BYU blackout uniforms will be sold and the money given to the BYU football program. Let's see, I guess the money coming from that ESPN TV deal is not so great after all. And I was led to believe that BYU had plenty of money in their football coffers and didn't need gimmicks like a blackout game to raise money. I guess that I was misled again.

Roy, UT

Team with the prettiest uniforms will win, so what's O-State wearing?

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Two For Flinching

You're obviously totally clueless about BYU's "tradition" of using a particular shade of blue. If you did even a cursory search of past BYU uniforms from the 60's, 70's and 80's, you'd find that there's absolutely no consistency, in fact, different BYU teams during the same season often wore different shades of blue. That was one of the reasons BYU adopted a standard shade of blue a few years ago. The fact that BYU decided to go with a dark shade of blue similar to the blue used by Utah State had NOTHING to do with the Aggies.

btw, If I were U, I'd be doing everything I could to dump the lyrics from that dated 1800's drinking song and come up with something that isn't so embarrassingly comical.

Alpine, Utah

Whats next?
The Oregon Ducks wearing new Nike uniforms with Oregon State Black and Orange?

Find an identity BYU and find it quick!

You are a laughing stock!

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Dumb move. costly and accomplishes nothing. if you want to change uniforms, go to the royal blue - that's REAL BYU. But black? another me too promo. You have to wonder what goes through the minds of the execs at times in Provo.

O-town, UT


I don't think an FCS team losing to an FBS team is embarrassing. Weber State is in disarray, no doubts there; However, I don't think they will declare independence, leave the Big Sky, schedule the weakest FCS teams and a few Division II to pad the schedule and try to back into a playoff spot.

The Wildcats will face the challenge of rebuilding their program while being in the best conference in FCS. If only BYU would show some fortitude like that and step up their game and play in the Big 12--don't have the guts to do that I guess. If BYU were in the Big 12 like TCU, the only teams I think they could, and I mean COULD beat are Kansas and Iowa State. They could be on the big stage--no not 10:30 ET start times on ESPN, the real big stage--and build a better team later down the road that wins a Big 12 conference. Instead BYU wants to pound their chests over beating FCS teams, Hawaii, NMSU, Idaho...etc.

BYU independence--GO WITH IT!

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