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Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Obi-Jon Kenobi
Bountiful, UT

. . . you know, other than coming into it with such miscues as Obamacare, one of the most corrupt administrations in U.S. history, and a $16 trillion debt.

American Fork, UT

I'm sure our president will do fine. In 2008, President Obama had to debate with a very talented politician who knew a lot about foreign issues, who was great presenting specifics about his plans, and wasn't just focused on getting a narrow percentage of people voting for him. President Obama came out ahead when he had some talented competition, so, there is definitely nothing to worry about this time around.

Salt Lake City, UT

After the whole Joe the Plumber thing I'm sorta expecting Romney to namedrop Thurston the Venture Capitalist.

Springville, UT

The headline should read, "Obama hopes to avoid discussion of his miscues in upcoming debate." Unfortunately (for the American people), the press (including the DesNews) refuses to accentuate how poorly Obama has performed in his first--and hopefully only--term in office.

It has been a horrible four years. Let's not make matters worse.


I'm sorry, but the American people have no idea just who Brack Obama is. He is our enemy pure and simple. His refusal to meet with foreign leaders is based on his deep contempt for their theologies. His lame handling of the assault on our embassies, not to mention the cruel murders of our Ambassador Chris Stephens and the three other diplomats ought to be a huge red flag. Why was he determined not to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack? He doesn't want it to appear that the war on terror is not over, as he has claimed. But the liberals prefer to pretend that all is well and that their dreamboat is going to make it all right in the end with more "free stuff." Dream on! America is in real crisis and Obama is the reason! If the true facts of Obama's agenda are revealed in the debates, wise Americans will not vote for him. Sadly, that means he could still win. Wake up, America, and educate yourselves on what is really at stake here. Our very existence as a free country depends upon it.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

barack will be allowed to make all of the errors that his incompetent mouth will utter. Thanks to having rich backers that own the main stream media that will filter out errors, flaws, mistakes, misquotes, bad numbers, bad policies....he shouldn't have a problem.

Mitt on the other hand could have a perfect performance, and the media will state that he is a failure. They'll find something wrong with him. He had a hair out of place, he didn't smile enough, he waved too much, he made too much sense, too rich (how is that a flaw?), not caring enough, murdered people (indirectly), could have given more to charity....

Yep, Mitt was right. There is a certain percentage of people that have their minds made up. No matter what happens. They will follow their leader off the cliff, "Forward!" he yells and
"Forward" the lemmings chant. Followed by "yes we can, yes we can, yes we can" and "hope, change" "hope, change" followed by "free obamaphones" "free healthcare" "free mortgages" free foodstamps" "more welfare".....

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

He needn't worry.
He's going up against the worst public speaker ever to run for pres.
Romney hasn't a clue about anything of note...foreign policy, tax reform, funding education.
He will get skewered in this debate.
It's over for Romney...this will just cement it.

middle class
Cedar City, 00

President Obama inherited huge debt, a housing crisis underway, an international string of market failures, GM and Chrysler facing bankruptcy, gas at $4/gal, and a myriad of other serious issues. Not to mention 2 very wars with marginal chance to win anything.

He has done a marvelous job getting us back up to where we are. He deserves our respect, gratitude and vote. And 4 more years.

He has the potential of being the best president in many years.

Sandy, UT

@Caprice, What exactly is the war on terror? Are you under the impression that terrorism can be beaten? Or that crime can be beaten. When will crime end? When will the war on drugs finally be won?

As long as there is people there will be conflict, but we could help ourselves out if we stayed out of other peoples lives and stopped trying to make everybody like us.

Leesburg, VA

I am looking forward to this debate.

It will be good to see the candidates face to face and without the support of their aids to come to their rescue.

Our country deserves a great president. President Obama has done a fantastic job under severely adverse circumstances and I hope he wins.

If Mr. Romney is able to produce a valid strategy, explain it to the people and sound as someonewho knows what is he talking about. Well, I'm sure he will preserve his base and may be add others.

Personally, I will listen to Mr. Romney, but if he mentions:
- He will abolish the Health Care Plan
- That he will fight for DOMA
- Favorable taxes on those who are holding their money and not investing in the country
- That he will stand against Same sex Marriage
- Cuts to students loans and military benefits

Then he will just lose.

President Obama promised change and many, many people are better off because of his policies.

If Mr. Romney is going to offer the same failed strategies of Ronald Reagan and the Bushes... Then, I'm sure he will have four more years of President Obama to finish his job.


"I'm sorry, but the American people have no idea just who Brack Obama is. He is our enemy pure and simple."

Watch that 2012 movie huh? Funny how some people will let information in so easily and let other information not get calculated.

Springville, UT

@middle class

Please get your facts straight, rather than repeat the mantra (as Liberal Ted pointed out).

Obama did inherit a huge debt (approx $10 trillion). But rather than reduce it, he nearly doubled it ($16 trillion)--and didn't even know the number when asked recently by David Letterman. Oops.

The housing crisis was underway in 2008. Why? Mainly due to banks being forced (through government regulation) to lend to millions of individuals who otherwise would not have been found financially able to borrow. Thus, when it came time to pay, they couldn't. Thus, prices drop.

Gas was at approximately $1.80/gallon when Obama took office. It's now nearly $4/gallon. During the past four years, Obama has made clear his intention to shut down our accessing domestic energy resources (including coal). That drives prices up. Duh!

Two wars? I concur on Afghanistan.

I also agree that he has done a marvelous job of destroying our nation. But for that, he gets anything but my respect, gratitude, or vote. If you want four more years of this, you must like pain.

Obama will never be regarded as a great president. Jimmy Carter will rank higher.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

@middle class
Have you been paying attention the last 4 years? The cost of living is sky rocketing and wages are flat lined or declining. 4 years ago I had enough money to put aside for my kids college, retirement and other things. Now I'm just lucky to make it from payday to payday. Best president in many years? That's the silliest thing I have ever heard.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I expect to hear the off screen commentators speculate on whether Michelle and Ann picked out their husband's neckties. If they don't, that will be a first.

Nibley, Ut

Middle class,
According to the Energy Information Administration the average amount for a gallon of gas when Obama took office was $1.84. The highest average for the Bush Admin came in 2008 at $3.055 per gallon. The only year that the average went above $3/gal in 8 years. The average for 2011 was $3.155. 2012 average so far is $3.56, well above 2011. It has been above $3 for two of the four years Obama has been in office.

GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. Chrysler was purchased by Fiat. So much for the private companies not wanting to invest in them.

The Nations Debt is almost $6 Trillion more than when Obama took office.

Lowest Labor participation rate in 30+ years

Highest number of people living below the poverty line since they started tracking it 50+ years ago.

"he has the potential of being the best president in many years"
It makes one think what on earth people could possibly mean by statements like these. Everybody has potential, that doesn't mean everyone will be successful. If, after 4 years, we are gauging Obama on potential, then he hasn't done much.

American Fork, UT

I'd bet mitt is also writing lines over and over again on a chalkboard..."I will not mention 47 percent in the debate"

middle class
Cedar City, 00

Mitt vs. Barack.

Mitt born into wealth. Went to elite private schools. Part of the elite LDS heritage. Never even heard of worry over money, worry over a medical bill, worry over what to eat, how long will the 15-yr old car last. His inner thoughts about the 47%. 4 mansions. 6 houses. Money stashed, etc.

Barack born into a fractured family. A minority. Criticized all his life for being black. Spent his early career working in tough neighborhoods. Helping downtrodden. Having to prove his birth. Cheerful, even with his sorrows. Great father even without the role models. Optimistic even against great opposition. Loving even when hated. A faithful Christian even when wrongly accused.

I respect charity, integrity, character, endurance.

I question inherited wealth, elitism, someone with dark views of others. And a mindset of Mormon as victims. I, too am an active Mormon. But, I'll choose Barack.

Salt Lake City, UT

His speech writers and handlers have a catalog of responses they will put up on the teleprompter. He last thing they want him to do is speak for himself. That's when his whining voice takes over, "you didn't do that...." comes out and his hatred of for those who worked on their own for success will show through.

Springville, UT

@middle class

Just like the media, you left out the fact that those people who raised and tutored Obama ("Christians" you called them--how did you come up with that?) were radicals and communists. Further, through the ensuing years, Obama has continued to surround himself with radicals and communists. Just a minor point.

Do you disdain capitalism and people earning the fruits of their labors? That view was held by those who raised Obama--and many of his advisors today.

Yeah, I'll take the person who worked his way to the top over the person who is driving us into the ground.

Salt Lake City, UT

At the end of Bush's presidency the national debt was approx. $10 trillion. Each man, woman, and child citizen of the US personal share of that debt was approx. $31,900. At the end of Obama's first term, the national debt increased to $16 trillion, each citizen's share is now $52,000. Given another four years Obama will likely tack on another $6 trillion bringing the national debt to around $24 trillion. Children born today, and for the next 4 years, will come out of the womb owing and estimated $76,000 of the national debt.

A question for all those that plan on voting for Obama, Sure he is a likable guy but would you pay $24,000 to have him as president for another 4 years? Personally, I do not care for Romney, but I think that he does have a better intellect for business and economy. There are other candidates running, but then a vote for them is a vote for Obama. I'm starting to feel nauseous.

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