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Published: Sunday, Sept. 30 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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This Juab coach has shown poor sportsmanship all year long. With a large lead in the score, most coaches will put there second string players in to get some playing time. Not this coach, while the losing team puts their second teams in, this coach will keep his first string in, kick on side kicks and call trick plays to continue to run up the score. This coach needs to learn some sportsmanship. I completely understand and side with the South Sevier folks on this issue. Come on Juab you can do better!

Bountiful, UT

I've been on both sides of lopsided scores and I always say the same thing..."It's not their team's job to stop themselves" and "It's not my job to stop myself."

Salt Lake City, UT

It is a sad thing when boys become tools of men's egos. It reflects on the sad state of those men's inner life.

Richfield, UT

I saw both these "programs" up close this year as my kid played them both. The details of the story actually sounds exactly like both programs. I saw Juab call time out up 3-4 scores to get the ball back with less than 30 seconds to go in the half. The other team had yet to get a FIRST DOWN. I told my kid that "yea it was classless, and I hope your coaches would not do that, but it's within the rules. You can whine about it, but then they're classless and you're still a whiner. Just make a good mental note." I then saw one of the main guys for my kids team leave the game and ultimately the season on a hit that seemed normal. The kids talked about how "under the pile" the tackling kid was twisting his neck and helmet. Again, I'm not sure what the truth was, but a serious neck injury later it makes you wonder. This looks like a situation of a bad combination of some silly coaching. I mean "why" was an onside kick called and "why" were kids taking pot shots: SImple answer: coaching.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Little league football game in Fillmore turns ugly"

Why tag Fillmore with this misconduct? The culprits were not only from out of town, but out of county. It had very little to do with Fillmore.

DN's thoughtless title unfairly tars innocents with too broad a brush.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

How is this a news story again? Parents behaving badly at a jr. league football game? And the Deseret News runs a spread on it this large? Really? I kept reading, waiting for the brawl or assault to occur, but it didn't. It was just a bunch of sour grapes on both sides. What a waist of time. I give this article a 0.

Rock Springs, WY

They learned well from the coach at Utah

Sugar City, ID

Vinnyb3, In my current situation I am unable to access the research but I was in student government/activities for over 20 years, read the research, and was always frustrated that sports got such a disproportionate % of the money and attention while, of all the extracurricular activities, athletics actually was the poorest predictor of long-term success. An argument could be made that students who are inclined to participate in debate, music, drama, etc., already have the kind of personality that would make them successful anyway and that their participation isn't a factor. But, we don't know this. We do know that some undesirable traits are found more often in athletes (cheating, aggressiveness, etc.) than in the normal population. (I don't notice that professional athletes are people of sterling character.)It is true that athletic participation is beneficial to some students. But, if it is beneficial, then it ought to be available to all students who want to participate and not be arbitrarily limited primarily to very large kids.

county mom
Monroe, UT

I have a couple of questions.
First, why was the first string quarter back for Juab put back into the game when his own mother said she talked to him and he was not making any sense? He most likely should have been taken to an emergency room and examined.
Second,when players are spearing(helmet to helmet contact), doesn't this hurt the neck of the one doing the spearing most? The one who has his head down hitting the other players is the one doing the spearing. Right?
The coach that was out on the field yelling at the South Sevier players was not their own coach, and the players walking past heckling the South Sevier fans were not South Sevier players. I was there, no one spat on anyone and no one threw anything! Just saying.

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