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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Looking forward to Friday night. Here's to hoping that Bronco is taking this game seriously and actually prepares the team for the opponent this time around.


@Lightening Lad - Your playoff / conference affiliation speculation is purely that. BYU is a church run school, they're going to keep fans including myself in the dark. Members of the LDS church would be outraged to find out the football coach is being paid $1M+ of tithing money for example. So, would you like competitive sports programs or more transparency?

@VAggie - You can tell yourself that only Hill was a four star Elite 11 QB and I'm not sure Nelson was known by anyone other than USU out of high school. Hill also showed more in one drive in Boise than Nelson has in two years in Provo. Hill will make mistakes and he shows a general lack of awareness in the pocket but, I'll take a lack of awareness as a Fr. over a lack of ability to play the QB position as a Sr.


"As for 2-1s because it was part of a previous deal. Those days are done. GA has made that clear."

USU refused a 2 for 1 from Utah which makes sense given relatively equal No.'s when it comes to fans packed into the stadium. I haven't seen the same news regarding BYU.

Houston, TX

USU is a team that try to lose their games at the very end.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT


Nelson not known by anyone other than USU might be the dumbest statement ever on these boards. Nelson was a Parade All-American coming put of High School so you need to do your homework before you post nonsense. It is funny how so many byu fans wanted to throw Heaps under the bus last year so they could have Riley save them, and now they want Riley thrown away to bring on Hill. I really don't care who plays QB for byu this week, they both bring different abilities to the table. Riley has proven himself, while Hill has had all of one game against a very poor team. I suspect Riley would have put up great numbers against them as well.


Riley hasn't proven himself.

And Bronco is not paid with tithing dollars.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ


You mean that the gate and ESPN money aren't considered tithing? My accountant told me I could deduct my season tickets and cable bill as charitable donations. LOL!

Kamas/United States, UT

This is coming from a Cougar fan, and it is hard to say, but I think that the Aggies win 20-7

Kamas/United States, UT

If Hill start, which we know won't happen, I think we will win 27-24. So since we know that Nelson will start, Byu will barely put up any points, and even though Bronco will put Hill it at the end, it will be FAR too late, probably with 5 minutes left in the final quarter. He'll put up the only points in a 20-7 loss.


Ha ha Mesa Coug.

Bronco's salary comes from a fund supported by a group of wealthy BYU football fans. They were scared Bronco would get hired away. This salary increase was approved by BYU and the church.

Whit got a raise shortly thereafter to ensure he was the highest paid coach in the state.

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