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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

Has Dick Harmon moved to Logan?

True, a tipped pass was the difference in last year's game, but the play drew a pass interference penalty that was declined because of the touchdown on the play. Except for an offensive pass interference call earlier, Utah could have won their game against USU. USU also lost a game this year on a missed field goal. Last year they were legendary for turning victory into defeat. They may go to a bowl and Utah may not; no one knows for sure presently.

Sportscasters try to motivate teams by their rhetoric but coaches usually don't bother with such stuff; it only sells newspapers.

I agree it could be a defensive sluggfest, which was the case in Boise for BYU. There are few 3-2 teams that are two plays away from being 5-0. The last time USU was 4-0 and beat BYU in Provo (1978) to be 5-0, they promptly became nationally ranked, got a big head, and started losing.

When USU starts to win about 8+ games a season I'll believe they have a real program; 6 or 7 WAC teams isn't doing it.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Bronco learn by bad experiences? If he does it comes very slowly if at all. But Bronco can hardly be blamed for BYU-inertia, while his testimony like endorsement of Riley Nelson at halftime of the Hawaii game was a real curious action. You finally show offensive life, so naturally Bronco has to throw cold water on the Hill parade but telling the world, "Riley Nelson is our QB, Taysom Hill is a wannabe".
The center of BYU-Inertia is the AD's office. Try and tell me there is anything at all going on there as I hear crickets and see spider webs.
Dennis Dodd CBS sports College football expert- "BYU could be hurt more than any team with the new BCS playoff"s.
PAC commish Scott- "There is nothing stopping BYU from making arrangements with playoff bowls". (if they qualify, the bowl would take them, BSC conf have auto-tie in's or BYU will have to stand up for themselves)
Big 12 Commish- "BYU has never made us aware of what they want to do"
Down on the farm Tom Holmoe says ? Crickets cricking, spiders spinning webs the phones are dead, no activity is taking place.

Provo, UT

This fan wants to see USU clean the Y's clock...Go Aggies!

Logan, UT


2 plays from 5-0? USU is 1 play from 5-0 and beat Utah, who BYU lost to. BYU's offense has frankly been horrid against decent competition... Washington State, Weber State, and Hawaii are not good teams...

And USU lost on a missed field goal? If you don't remember, I'll remind you... The same day Utah State lost on a missed 37 yard field goal... BYU lost on a missed 36 yard field goal...

Harmon moved to Logan??? - The fact is that as far as this year is concerned, so far, Utah State looks like as good or better a team than BYU...

The game will be close... Should be fun.


Come on Dick, you can do a better job getting USU & BYU fans fired up.

This is so simple. If Bronco starts Riley than USU wins. If Hill plays BYU wins.

Why are Aggie fans so crazy now? Utah fans have much better sportsmanship in Provo.
Hey trueblueaggie - your offense will not score anymore points against the cougs than Boise did.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT


If the Aggies show up to the stadium, they will win regardless if Hill or Nelson plays. It's funny that you think USU won't score just because you have held horrible offenses down. Boise is as bad as they have been since before Koetter was there. Weber State, Hawaii really? And Washington State will most likely finish last in the PAC 12. Face it...USU > Utah > byu....but you are better than Weber State.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

you finally win a game against a horrible hawaii team and all of a sudden you are back on a national championship path?

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Better coaching, better qb, better D.

Other than home field, USU holds the edge.

Go Big Blue!!!


See what I mean about Aggie fans? I know you are moving in the right direction, but seriously you guys lose interest in your team after a couple losses. I respect USU a great deal, but it's fans are embarrising. Act like you've been there before.

I never said anything about about a National Championship. I know BYU will lose 2-3 more games this year. And will likely fall to the Aggies because Riley will throw the ball to the wrong team 4 times.

Bring it on Aggie fans! Give us your ugliest pregame trash talk possible.
Just one question: why did you do two-for-one with BYU? Why would you settle for such belittlement?


Sports nuts how long has it been since Hawaii was blanked? How many did they put up against USC?
When was the last time BSU's offense was held scoreless? And if USU were in the P12 do you think Mike Leach would still finish last?

Where is Chris B?

Anaheim, CA


It's been so long since the Aggies were even competitive that it's kinda fun to see a few of our friends from Cache Valley feeling good about themselves. Feel free to under-estimate just how good BYU's defense is and the marked improvement in BYU's offense.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Are you kidding? Hawaii couldn't beat Lone Peak this year. Records from years past don't mean squat when it comes to college sports. If you think that Hawaii, Boise and Washington State are good teams this year, then you have no concept of "good" football. Maybe that comes from watching the cougars this year? And if USU were in the PAC 12 they would finish ahead of a very poor Mike Leach coached team. Once again, live in the present because Leach and his Texas Tech ways are done.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Glad its a home game for the Y. It's also great to see USU doing so well. Enjoy this moment in the sun because it will soon come to an end. In this big dog eats little dog world of college football, other's are also noticing coach Anderson's work. It won't be long before a big program raids the sleepy little town of Logan with the big bucks that unfortunately the Aggie's won't possibly be able to match and then,...... well its back to square one again. The way the Utes are playing right now that big program that wants to take a new direction may not be all that far away. Coach Calhoun of Air Force said it best. He worries that college football has become more football and less college.

Centerville, UT

The game is USU's to win or lose. BYU football fans still think they play old time BYU football in Provo. They don't. BYU has not beaten anyone good in years. Literally. USU should win this game.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Why do sports fans so often say "we" and "you" when they really mean "the Cougars" or "the Aggies" or whatever? Living by proxy? Neurotic need to personalize it, or to feel somehow involved instead of just being a spectator?

Unless you're on the team or staff, it's not "we."

I notice this mostly because it seems that petty comments tend to come up more often when it has become over-personalized.

Go Aggies! Go down and rock that stadium!

Bristow, United States

@ Troy,

Hill is just a clone of Riley.. Does BYU have any traditional QB? You have great receivers but those BYU QBs aren't getting the ball to them

As for 2-1s because it was part of a previous deal. Those days are done. GA has made that clear.

Bristow, United States


ok... where to start...

1. BYU would have had a shorter field, but BYUs current style of play during that drive, would have been more likely to struggle the shorter the field. Not that it matters, the point is it was a close game.
2. Sure we missed a game on a field goal. In one of the toughest stadiums in America. 1 game, against a decent BIG team, a team more difficult than anyone BYU has played to date.
3. You call that game in Boise a defensive slug fest? More like an offensive toilet bowl.
4. We'll win 8 this year for sure. BYU may not even win 6. with potential losses to USU, SJSU, ND, GT, and OSU

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

If Bronco can't see that Taysom Hill is a better QB than Riley Nelson then he has no business being a head coach. BYU already has 2 losses this season - they're not going anywhere. They may as well begin the Taysom Hill era and get him some critical experience before next year's brutal schedule.

I sincerely doubt that Bronco has the judgement to figure this out...

Clearfield, UT

This is USU's year to shine. Love the Aggies. A one loss season is a possibility this year.

Cinci Man

I'll be happy if BYU has been able come up with a couple of offensive plays that work that are NOT the QB draw. I watched the rerun of the Notre Dame / BYU game of a few years ago with Beck and Berry at QB and BYU today is nothing near the caliber of team they were in those days offensively. Doesn't anybody else miss the tight end passes and the flair outs by backs and the great crossing patterns by wide receivers? This will be a tough game for BYU. I hope they are up to the task. I'm anxious to see how the defense holds up against a good offense like USU.

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