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Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

@kargirl - here's the scoop on disabled spouse on medicaid - the "able bodied" spouse IS NOT counted as a member of the family towards the spouses medicaid benefit providing that the spouse is unemployed BUT once the spouse goes to work the spend down goes way up as that person all of a sudden becomes a member of the family because of its income. I know this as it has happened to me and my better half. When I worked his spend down has gone up to over $600 a month and I could only be making $1000 a month. And at the same time I don't qualify for regular medicaid but my income can be used towards his spend down.

I don't know of anyone on SSI whose check was reduced because the spouse worked.


Addendum to my previous post:

Of course Hollywood set an impossibly high cost of marriage in that disagreeable movie "Father of the Bride", although it seems to have been made clear even in that flick that the couple themselves would have been happy with an elopement.

It costs only a small amount to marry, I think it was about $30 or so last time I checked, in Salt Lake County I believe. It is unnecessary even to purchase a wedding ring to be legally wed, and an engagement ring is optional. No ceremony at a church or elsewhere is mandatory and no formal dress can be legally required especially an extravagant outfit that will often only be worn once. Expensive weddings do not make marriages last any longer; arguably they set marriags up for failure in some cases by starting off in debt.

As has been mentioned wedding (verb) can actually save couples money and, if based on a well matched and mutually caring couple, a legal wedded relationship may create emotional stability. Having said that I'm afraid earlier generations were led to expect Ward and June Cleaver and were served up Mr and Mrs Roseanne Barr.

Salt Lake City, UT

As I've read this article and the one about poverty being passed down from 1 generation to offspring, I sit here flabbergasted. Times when I've needed the system, it was there to help me for my children. I dont see the sense of blame or finger pointing for being poor. As far as marriage, it's $75 for a marriage license and dresses can be found at the D.I. or Salvation Army for less than $100. As far as punishing single parents by giving them less because they are single-FOR SHAME for thinking that way. I did not ask to be single, as I'm sure many other did not due to serious circumstances. I'd love to find a loving, hard-working, good. kind, responsible man to be a part of me and my children. There are no easy answers for the problems in our culture/society but the solution is in unity, the giving, and the knowing what to give and when, graciously receiving, working hard at raising the children and/or providing for them, to reach a position to then give in return. (my heart n' hands are in the right place.)

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Why the sudden fixation about poverty at Deseret News?

Durham, NC

I think that question is backward. Can poverty ruin a marriage. I think that is a lot easier to answer.

USS Enterprise, UT

Someday we will look back on this and be ashamed of how we allowed society to become so self absorbed that women would place a fancy wedding above the futures of their children.

county mom
Monroe, UT

People living in poverty do not marry because marriage would reduce their access to government programs and entittlements. A single woman with a number of children gets far more entittlments then a married couple. Our own government encourages unwed parenting and living together.

Taylorsville, UT

They are asking the wrong question. The real question is why are the poor choosing not to get married, or get separated or lie about not knowing the name of father of their children?

The reason is money, and lots of it. Utah has the most generous welfare and richest poor people of the nation. Those in poverty and on welfare are the richest residents in the state of Utah.

A married woman with children can't get welfare or health care for their children, but a single mother with fatherless children and resident boy friend (father) can make a killing off of welfare, $50,000+/yr on fraudulent claims in addition to their working income and multi billion dollar Romney/Obama health care scam Utah spearheads. Being poor in Utah is a billion dollar high income job funded by the tax payers.

Getting married cancels all this wealth the poor have in state benefits. And its a closely guarded poor class collaboration scam involving news media, state government, education, business benefits (subsidized labor), illegal foreign nationals, and Mexico's cheap labor suppliers. Remember the 1300 illegals committing fraud and ID theft exposed and covered up by all government agents?

clovis, CA

Oh please. These couples who can't "afford" to get married are having sex out of wedlock, right? Cry me a river! If they think they can afford to fornicate, instead of getting married, they'd better think again. This reminds me of a Catholic coworker who insisted that he and his "fiance" were going to marry, but that they wanted a big wedding, so they were waiting until they could "afford" it. I figured he didn't want to marry the girl, just sleep with her, and that at some point he would break of his so-called "engagement" and move on to the next idiotic girl who would be stupid enough to fornicate. I was right. He eventually dumped the girl and moved on. By the way, he makes a good living and there was no reason for him to refrain from marriage other than he prefers fornication.

clovis, CA

A Catholic coworker who was determined to fornicate under the excuse that he was saving enough money for a wedding also used that old trite expression "it's just a piece of paper." I tried to talk to him about the holiness of matrimony, seeing as he is Catholic, but he just brushed me off with, "I know that." Yeah. He knows what God expects and he went against God anyway. There's one person I will not be surprised at all to see in hell. Eyebrows raised at the stark reality? How could I mention hell? Well, everyone knows that the Lord will not be mocked. And He won't.

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