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Published: Thursday, Sept. 27 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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I agree with everyone who pleads for BYU to pass the ball. I prefer Lark in there because I think they will pass the ball more with him in there. BYU is wasting some of the best talent that weve ever had at the receiver position....real sad. Doman needs do dig a deep hole and BURY the Riley Nelson playbook. PASS PASS PASS the run will open up as they pass. The option isnt an option as it has been stopped all year.

If Taysom can throw the ball throw him in. If not give him back to Stanford. We need a QB

I agree that Nelson is on BYU's internal Injured Reserve report and that Bronco wants to keep Norm Chow in the Dark. Problem is is that he's already said that he's going with Taysom as the #2 because he can keep the plays the same.

No real advantage. If they are preparing for Riley they are just preparing their defense to catch some Balls.

Mcallen, TX

Utah State did well with a freshman quarterback last year. Our freshman quarterback is almost twenty two years old, and I think could be ready to take over.

How old was Heaps?

Vancouver, BC

I feel for Lark as well, but has the coaching staff really decided that the O-line is so weak that they MUST have a running quarterback? i.e. if they put Lark in, he'd be sacked too many time?

Ivins, UT

Bronco needs to act like a coach, he's been out coached in the 2 losses this year and now he's saying an less than perfect quarterback would do better than a backup. Good Grief Charlie Brown, Lucy always pulls the football away every time. . . . your just to predictable. To Mr. Lark, make some cookies for your Coach and OFC, maybe they'll play you.

Somewhere, UT

I don't get the advantage of not saying Taysom is starting. They are the same type of players so the defense will prepare the same. The only thing they might change up is the defense may not spend so much time learning to catch the ball. If it was between Lark/Munns and Riley/Taysom then the defense would need to prepare differently. Just make a decision that gives BYU the best chance to win. I'll give you a hint anyone of the 3 but not Riley.

Holladay, UT

BYU'S is favored by 27! Does it really matter who plays QB??

O-town, UT

I think any QB could beat Hawaii. I think they could put Riley in a back brace and crutches tonight, and they would still beat Hawaii. Poor Chow was left nothing. Nevada DBs were baiting some passes and then jumped the short routes for interceptions. Losing 69-24 on the islands--ouch!

This looks like a repeat of last year. Heaps played the big games and lost, so they put Riley in for the "murders row" of the WAC and cleaned up and everyone thought he was great. Hill will probably look great tonight, but so could any intramural flag football player.

Well since Lark isn't getting any playing time, when Hill loses to ND, GT, Oregon State, and possibly USU and SJSU, who is next on the depth chart (4th and 5th)? Who will BYU fans be cheering to go into the game? Where's this year's Thomas Young?

I think some patience with Heaps--with some play calls from an OC that isn't a running QB could have yielded better results this year. Oh well, should be yawner tonight anyway.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lark getting the shaft you diagree with? it isnt little league? huh?

The most popular guy at BYU is always the back up QB. Lark didnt get the shaft because he was never even introduced to the shaft. He never even got a chance!!! thats the whole issue. How can BYU hose over a kid that bad? I understand if he was given a chance and didnt perform then got buried on hte depth chart. But not even a chance after being there 5 years to an unproven Freshman that hasnt played in 4 years?

But what are all you band wagoning loving the next QB fans going to do if Hill sucks it up and throws 5 INT's? You will all call for Lark! Most of you loved Riley after Wash State. Now you want a change. You want Doman, Weber and Bronco gone. Most of you need to get a clue.

Hawaii is awful (69 points by Nevada) so I could play good against them. Which sets up all you know more than Bronc-ites to yell for Hill and bench Riley forever.

BYU fans are classic. May the whining continue....

Syracuse, UT

Why is BYU even running the option, the QB just gets hurt, and it hasn't worked yet for BYU this year. The only reason to not play Larks is because the offensive line is so bad they can't keep people from the back field and thats why they need a more mobile QB.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

I hope Hill starts so that the Aggies will have more film on him for next week. Hawaii is a very poor team and regardless of who starts, the y will roll. Either way, go Rainbows!

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