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Published: Thursday, Sept. 27 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

What does this article give us that hasn't been hashed over and over in other articles? I really don't see any new information here other than Hoffman trusts Hill.....

sacramento, ca

not only is there NO new information......but it also has Doman talking about offense being easy....how pathetic, he can't call a play to save his life and he's talking about it being easy. I'm sure he's a great guy, but an OC....not good at all. Oh, and lest I forget...Webber is just as bad an O-Line coach as Doman is an OC.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Why isn't 5th year qb James Lark given a chance to start? He has been on scholarship for 5 years and, other than carrying a clip board, has not done anything to warrant being on scholarship and getting a free education.

Draper, UT

Please pass the ball!!! Throw it to Hoffman, Apo, Friel, Wilson, and use the talent that's there. If a couple of yards is needed, let the running backs get it. Keep the QB healthy. If he has to scramble, great. Let's NOT run him by design. BYU isn't built for that. Throw the ball!!!!! The run game will open up and then Hill can stay healthy.

Sandy, UT

Dixie Dan I totally agree. Just last December Bronco told Lark and the public that Lark was one play away from his lifelong dream of playing quarterback at BYU. Lark also passed on scholorships to Stanford and other PAC schools to play at BYU. After five years of working and waiting Lark gets passed over at the last minute for a talented freshman.

Bronco says he values hard work and loyalty. His actions show otherwise. Lark earned a shot. It's disgraceful to see this treatment.

Las Vegas, NV

the seniors ain't good now and future, time to move into the future

Salt Lake City, UT

They obviously can't give a rip about Lark. Sad really. I would turn in my Jersey and tell them thanks for all the years and summers broken promises.

Sorry Lark. I feel for you. Not even given a chance is the sad part.


I have the inside scoop and I'm sure Jeff Call does also. Hill is starting. They've prepared all week for it. Jeff doesn't want to share what he knows because he doesn't want to make Bronco and BD upset. But my inside source confirmed its Hill starting the game. Hopefully this will be the end of Riley. I won't even begin to hint who my source is - I don't want them to get heat over the leak.

Danbury, CT

Bronco's comments make no sense at all: holding out all week and practicing the iffy Nelson with the 1st team won't prepare us as well as practicing the healthy QB all week with the 1st team. The common denominator here in our problem is Doman. He did the same thing last year to Heaps who crumbled after the first month of play. No preparation, doesn't know how to call plays, not the right guy to teach our QB's. Please, please hire an experienced OC - don't hand the keys to a kid who's never driven before.

Sandy, UT

I guess they've determined that Lark can't run the option so it's time for Hill. Here's some advice, shelve the option and use the quality receivers you have to THROW the ball down field.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I love Riley's moxie and spirit, but his lack of velocity or flatness (as opposed to rainbow-like, wounded duck) on passes longer than 25 yards not so much. The fumbles and INT's are fun and make the game really interesting for the other teams fan, I can live without the self destruction that is part of each game vs a decent team. In light of the fact the guy won't be back, would it not seem reasonable to get a very gifted Freshman started onto what I know will be a glorious career? I'm all for being nice but I my only desire for the football team is to win, to represent the school with class and dignity, to graduate players, and to develop fine men to go onto great things in life. Winning is Job #1, I certainly have little confidence in Bronco's gameday critical decisionmaking, but I'm not an Organizational Behavior person who strongly believes that winning or losing is decided on the practice field before the game. I think winning or losing can be reduced to no more that 5 important choices during the game itself.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I love Hoffman's quote. Nice to read he's still on the team. I haven't heard much about him the last few weeks! Talk about a team in offensive disaray. In Hoffman and Apo, you've got two pretty skilled players that you can't get the ball to. But at least we get to see Doman called his new found QB Draw play time and time again. Come on, Cougs. Let's get this ship going! Memo to Coach Bronco: Please go for the PAT this time around ... if we score.

Somewhere, UT

Hoffman's quote is the new information that comes out in the article. I like the quote and if you read between the lines he is saying Riley can't throw me the ball and Hill can please start him.

Herriman, UT

Huh? Bronco says "If he's close to being able to go, we'll play him." So if he can't quite play, we'll play him anyway? I am BAFFLED by the decision-making here. He is hurt, sit the guy. It isn't worth a permanent injury to him and another poor outing from our QB.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I trust T. Hill and make sure he starts. R. Nelson, look at Broco eyes that you won't play tonight. I trust Hoffman believing in T. Hill.

That 95 yards he was very panickie half way there but after that he was getting more time looking for his receivers which show things starting to clicked as a Offensive Team. It was too bad some OL Guys wasn't on the ball for two point conversion. He will be fine tonight and ESPN guys will be happy.

Boise, ID

Enough about Lark getting the shaft. This isn't little league. Most teams have 3-4 qb's and most of them don't get real playing time. Go with whoever is the best now and gives BYU the best chance in the future. I think that is Hill. Hopefully the pressure and inexperience explain his inaccuracy against BSU. Go Cougars.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Please win tonight cougs. You need to do better so that it means more next week when the Aggies shut you down. It is not that fun beating a lame horse.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


Thanks for the confirmation that Hill will be starting.

Brandon, Bronco, and Hill have been hinting as much all week, but for those who are complaining about Brandon and Bronco being wishy-washy about deciding, it was obvious to anybody who could read between the lines, that the decision to start Hill was made last week. However, there's no upside for BYU to announce that decision publicly.

North Salt Lake, UT

Aren't true freshman right out of high school? His last start was 4 years ago, how can he be a "true freshman"?

Orem, UT


"Enough about Lark getting the shaft. This isn't little league... Go with whoever is the best now and gives BYU the best chance in the future. "

Couldn't agree more.

Although I admire Riley's grit, Lark's dedication to BYU, and Bronco's loyalty to Riley's hard work, Bronco needs to decide what's best for the program now and in the near future. It's time to forget about politics and play whoever gives BYU the best chance of winning NOW and next season.

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