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Published: Thursday, Sept. 27 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

I'm in the Lavell Camp. I don't think it's a good idea for Freshman to start in most situations. I have no problem with them playing at the end of a game in mop up duty.

Had Jake Heaps stayed and redshirted this year, we would have had (going forward) - 2012: Senior Nelson, 2013: Junior Heaps, 2014: Senior Heaps, 2015: Junior Hill, 2016: Senior: Hill, 2017: Junior: Mangum, 2018: Senior: Mangum. On paper, this looked ideal.

But then Heaps transferred, Nelson got injured, Hill passed Lark for the #2 spot and BYU's QB rotation is in chaos.

If Nelson is anything less than 100%, Hill should be starting against Hawaii. Another week of recovery will help Nelson be ready for USU.

But can we please stop running Nelson and Hill into the D Line and LBs every play. Even Hill said he was beaten up after the BSU game. If we keep putting our QBs in harms way, we could be moving 5th string Kuresa back to QB from WR by November.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hill is not Detmer. Detmer was a PASSING QB and not a RUNNING QB like Hill. There is no comparison. Detmer was able - even as a freshman - to throw the ball down field. Hill can't. BYU needs to recruit a JC QB for next year and get a new offensive coordinator.

Uncle Gadianton
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Well, that was certainly useful information," he said with sarcasm.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If Nelson's not 90% or better he shouldn't start. Let Lark have a shot at it!

Somewhere, UT

BYU does not need to start a freshman quarterback on Friday. They can start a senior quarterback, let Lark have his chance use Hill as the wildcat.

rock springs, wy

@ Patriot

The knock on Detmer in the NFL (and I was a big Detmer fan)was that he couldn't throw deep. But he was a fearless in-the-pocket passer who could find secondary and tertiary receivers, a talent that Nelson clearly doesn't possess. Along with others, I predicted that Nelson wouldn't finish the season because of injuries and that either Lark, Munns or Hill would take over. A player of Nelson's physical stature, even if he is very tough, cannot withstand the hammering that defenses give him week in and week out. Hill is running when he is in because those are the plays coming from the booth. Hill is a better passer than you think and, given some time to develop, should have some Steve Young-like performances. He certainly couldn't do any worse than what BYU has now--an injured quarterback who can't seem to get the ball to some of the best receivers in the country. Maybe Hill or Lark can.

Salt Lake City, UT

What we as fans think is irrelevant because Doman is determined to change the culture of BYU football into a run first offense. Another problem lies in the fact that no matter what Doman does against Hawaii and their weak defense, he will probably have success which will give him a pass for another week. It will be a long and frustrating season for Cougar fans. All that we can say is, 'maybe next year'.

Holladay, UT

It is absolutely horrible how Bronco and Doman have treated Lark.

Lark should be starting. and should have started last year. Nelson is really a backup and nothing more.

Hill can get plenty of time backing up Lark, especially against the weaker teams on the schedule.

It has not done any BYU freshman any good to be thrown to the wolves as a freshman.

even detmer struggled.

But Lark is a senior and has earned the time.

Give Lark his earned opportunity.

Stop with disingenuous nice talk and let lark Play.

St George, Utah

@ Patriot

How exactly do you know Hill can't pass downfield? He has thrown exactly 14 passes in his collegiate career, most of those coming in the final drive against Boise St. Due to Doman's play-calling, Taysom is pretty much exclusively used as a wildcat running Qb. And he clearly does that well, or did you miss him carrying 4 BSU players into the endzone for what should have been the game tying TD?
Hill is a better runner and passer than a healthy Nelson already, but lacks the experience and leadership in game situations. It appears Doman has zero confidence in either Qb to stretch the field, but I can almost guarantee Hill's long ball would blow Nelson's out of the water. Until Nelson can come back 100%, let Hill get some valuable reps and game experience, because I can guarantee we will need him to step up again before the season is over.


I like the idea of having a passing QB for a run-first offense. It keeps the defense honest. If you have a running QB and a run-first offense, the defense just loads the box and wears the offense down. You want the run game to succeed? Play a throwing QB.

Layton, UT

Hill does actually have a cannon of an arm and with some more experience can improve his accuracy. Regardless, BYU just needs a quarterback that will not turn the ball over. Plain and simple.

Nelson turns the ball over too much and the liability of that supersedes any perceived skill or ability people might think he has. If the QB just stopped giving the other team points from QB turnovers BYU is undefeated. The BYU defense is good enough to win games for the cougs despite offensive struggles.

Cedar Hills, UT


Hill "tried to throw" the ball to wide open - and I mean wide open - receivers and the wobbly ball bounced off the turf about 5 yards in front of the receiver or was thrown way behind. Most high school QB's could complete those 10 yard passes. Hill is exactly what Bronco and Doman want - a running option QB that can throw .. sometimes... and therein lies the problem with BYU. BYU is NOT a running team. The O-lineman are not run block type linemen but Doman is trying to force this issue and that is why the Y had 59 yards passing last game. This is not a fixable situation without a new QB and a new coordinator.

Baton Rouge, LA

Free Lark!

St George, Utah

@ Patriot

Out of Taysom Hill's 14 total passes were all of them perfect? No. But he has yet to turn the ball over, and he almost single handedly put BYU in position to win the game @ BSU. He was thrown into the fire @ the smurf turf inside the 5yd line twice late in the game after the 5th turnover. And what did he do? He marched the offense 95yds in 11 plays and carried 4 defenders into the endzone. I dont think anyone is saying the kid is Payton Manning yet, but you really can't judge the kind of QB he is or will be off what you have seen so far. Prior to the game he had been solely used in designed run and pass plays, and was taking 3rd team reps behind Nelson and Lark. I do agree with your assessment on Doman's playcalling however, the option will never be effective at BYU due to the O-line issues. Doman needs to stop forcing the issue and tailor an offense for his talent

Habib Assi
Salt Lake City, Utah

Patriot: I beg your pardon. Hill can run for sure but he is not primarily a running QB.

HIGH SCHOOL AND PERSONAL DATA: ...was named 5A All-Idaho Player of the Year as a senior after quarterbacking Highland to its first state title since 2002...completed 166-of-258 passes (64.3 percent) and threw for 2,269 yards and 18 touchdowns as a senior...also rushed for 1,491 yards and 24 TDs, averaging 10.2 yards per carry and 124.3 rushing yards per game...holds school single-season and career records for total offense.

Somewhere, UT

I still say give Lark a chance and see what a throwing quarterback can do. It has been strange to me all season when BYU goes to the wildcat. Usually a wildcat quarterback is someone who is not like the starting quarterback but BYU brings in a bigger faster version of the starting quarterback. The defense does not have to think or change what they are doing so the wildcat really isn't making any difference other than getting more talent on the field.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Black&Blue amd Habib Assi

Don't misunderstand me about Hill - he is a heck of an athlete - perhaps the best on the team but when I talk about throwing the ball I look at a QB's mechanics and go from there. Hill has suspect mechanics - he sort of short arms the ball and his anticipation is far behind what Jake Heaps had as a true freshman. Anticipation is key for a passing QB - understanding where to throw the ball to ... or better still simply having a feel for the game and knowing when to let it fly and where to put the ball. No freshman is going to be polished with this but with Hill - you can tell - is much more comfortable just using his legs and power to run the ball rather than checking down his receivers. Hill to me is a Tim Tebow type player and I really think that is exactly what the coaches at the Y want. Remember Tebow won The Heisman! I do think however that Hill could be a really good passing QB in time .... under Robert Anae and perhaps Ty Detmer as his QB coach!!!

Mcallen, TX

Our freshman quarterback is a twenty two years old. Give him the ball.

Somewhere, UT

I say give Lark the ball and use Hill as the wildcat. If you can get a large lead then let Hill have the mop up time and work on him continuing to gain confidence to be ready for 2013 or 2014.

Mcallen, TX


Good point

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