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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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One Observer
Somewhere in, UT

So Perry rates Desert Hills 10 points higher than Stansbury, but JEdward picks Stansbury to win.

Everyone at the DNews loves Stansbury! Is it because that one intern works there?

I have more faith in Perry's power ratings than in JE's pick. My prediction: DH over the Stallions 31 - 20.

Of course all games are played on the field, not on comment boards. We'll see who's right.

Stansbury Park, UT

Stansbury vs. Desert Hills should be an awesome game. Really looking forward to it!


The Northridge vs Syracuse game is going to be a heck of a game!! Hoping the Ridge will come out on top!

Provo, UT

Though Timpview should win the game, Orem will give them all they want and then some.

Provo, UT

That or get completely blown out

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

Let's go WX! The CATS win easily Friday. WX just has too much talent!! Go WX!! Go CATS!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Northridge is the real deal this year.

Orem, UT

@footballfan8 I agree with you. Timpview is the only Region 8 school who has remained strong over the past six years or so.

@eagle Tigers are on a roll but have feasted on Provo, S-Hills, Springville (combined W/L? 2-16). Over that same stretch, the T-birds throttled MV, MM, and T-Nogas.

Fact: Of the eight Region 8 schools, five played games vs. 3A schools in the preseason--the 3A schools won 7 of the 9 games played. (Orem was one of them...lost at home to Pine View.)

Heber, Utah

One Observer- Maybe it's because the game is AT Stansbury? Maybe factoring in a long ride for DH and the fact that Stansbury is undefeated brings them to the conclusion that they SHOULD win. But as you said, the game is on the field and Stansbury can finally silence the critics if they win.

Orem, UT

Of the remaining 13 schools who are winless, at least one will get a win! Will that be all?
Of all the teams involved...here are the best matchups from which to choose.
(0-6) Weber @ (0-6) Fremont
(0-6) Viewmont @ (1-5) Taylorsville
(0-6) West @ (2-4) Kearns
(0-6) Springville @ (2-4) Salem Hills
(0-6) Tooele @ (2-4) Ogden

My picks? Freemont, Viewmont, Springville will get 1st win.

Cedar, UT

This will be the first match up in a long while that pine view will not have 5 or 6 of their starters that were recruited from hurricane! I think it will hurt pine views team to not have hurricane players on their team. Even now Their best player Miller is a hurricane player. well I better get back to my pony's and sheep GO CEDAR!

Salt Lake, UT

Northridge will wax Syracuse tomorrow. If the game was being played at Syracuse then the Titans might have a chance. but in northridge stadium? No way! The Knights are way to talented and explosive to be stopped by the small D-Line of Syracuse. Syracuse is a solid team but is just overated, definantly not a top 5 team. Man for Man Northridge is the toughest, fastest, and most exsplosive team in the state so they will have no problem with the "good" atheletes that syracuse has. With the Blow Out tomorrow we will finally get the recognition we deserve as the top contender with Jordan. Knights= Region One Champions! Go Ridge Go!

Provo, UT

I've seen both TV and Orem play, it should be close, I'm saying within seven points. We'll see who is right I guess, what makes all of this fun.

Provo, UT

Both Orem and timpview have looked really good but you have to remember that Orem has crushed the weaker teams of region 8 and timpview has crushed two of the Better teams in the region 8 so it's hard to say which one is better by seeing.

utah County, UT

The Wasps are going to surprise the Dons tomorrow night... picking my boys to come through!

Orem, UT

T-Birds by 14+ over Tigers. T-Wolves by 7 over MV. Spanish rolls Juab by 14+. Springville upsets S-Hills.

west haven, UT

Shout out to the Logan oficials Friday Vs Roy and great job again monday night in Seattle, might be sad, to see what happens @ Box Elder in a few weeks without you.

Logan, UT

Did I miss something about the officials at the logan vs roy game?

USC Fan in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

Looking forward to the SF v Juab game tonight. SF is playing really well right now and are focused on a region title. Definitely aren't looking past Juab, but I see SF winning by 14 +

Ogden, UT

Northridge has been over looked ALL season! that is fine but, I think they are more than everyone has given credit! Go Northridge! More talent, More drive, More team!

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