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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

What about the LDS players? will they be forced to play on Sunday? It isn't a job. Well, just another reason while active LDS atheletes should attend the Y (Not claiming the the Y or the students are perfect).

Who wants to be in the PAC 12, 16, or 37 anyway? One bastion of liberal bias is pretty much like another.

Arlington, VA

Krystkowiak said. "I know one game is at 7 at night and there's not a whole lot of other things going on Sunday night other than '60 Minutes.' So hopefully we can get them in there."

This shows just how clueless Krystkowiak is about LDS standards when it comes to attending athletic contests on the Sabbath. The dismal attendance at the HC will be even more dismal for those Sunday home games.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Jonathan Eddy

"Sports is the predominant religion in Utah and America. The NBA has no problem with Sunday games in Utah. Neither do the loyal fans. The Energy Solutions arena does just fine on Sunday."

You're obviously just making stuff up, because the Jazz play very few Sunday home games during the regular season.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Haha. Not smart, it's the Sabath. Are best team and best player ever makes it all the way to the sweet Sixteen.

Cedar Hills, UT

The usual suspects on here first spouting "love" for the program they aspire to be.

If you sign up for college athletics, you should plan on either practicing or playing some games on Sunday. All athletes who are at the collegiate level dream and aspire to play on Sunday whether it's football, basketball or golf. And they ARE being paid to play. Do you think scholarships are actually FREE?

Coach K is doing things the right way and I can see things improving.

Go Utes!

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

Very disappointing. This Mormon Ute season-ticket holder will not be attending those games.


The issue people have here are with the Utes, not Sunday play. I don't hear people being this dramatic when the Bees play one of their 25 Sunday home games.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nice dodge, but this is an article about Utah not having the guts to fight for a little consideration for a significant portion of its fan base.


"Coach K is doing things the right way and I can see things improving."

The only reason Utes have a chance of winning 10 games this season is because coach "k" scheduled the most cupcake OOC schedule in the entire country. There are high school teams in Utah that could win 10 games playing Utah's schedule, and that's not just a bunch of hyperbole.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

It is very difficult to get good teams to come to Utah for pre-conference games. BYU struggles also. But BYU will at least pay teams decent money to come and also do home and home games with them, some at the ESA. Utah puts its money into football and thus they are at a disadvantage in even trying to schedule decent teams to come. Wins may give one confidence but you still get a real slap in the face when conference play begins. As for Sunday play, no surprise, everyone makes their choices and lives with the consequences.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

PAC 12 commissioner will be shocked when he will find out how empty this hc going to be. This will be interesting. Stanford and Arizona going to feel like their home field advantage.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

johnnyjingle: bees are not a state run entity
Salt Lake City, UT
Possibly Utah's sporting events will help bring this state into the 21st Century. We are a laughing stock of the nation with our parochial attitudes and values. Not only are these values out of synch with national norms, they are not observed by most anyway which opens the doors to judgements of hypocrisy adding to the laughter.
i don't beleive you have ever lived outside of slc. no one cares what is taking place in utah let alone laugh at it. i have lived in the south and northeast. i have NEVER heard anything close to what you are saying. another made up story. lol


@UTE ALUMNI - So since the U is a state run entity, they should conform to the standards of a local religion? Nice try.

If you don't support events on Sunday, then don't go. There will be plenty of people there to take your place.

Freight Train
Houston, TX

Tough non-conference schedule this year!

Prediction #1- the Utes will win more games this year than last. It certainly helps when I've never even heard of 10 of their NC opponents.

Prediction #2- Dec. 8th: BYU 102, Sabbath-breakers 39.

Salt Lake City, UT

Not a big deal. If you have a moral conflict don't go. if no conflict exists enjoy yourself at the game.
By the way, it is nice to see that usual suspects are back sniping at the Utes. After 2 demorilizing losses they cowerd in the corner. I am glad to see they have stepped away from the cliff.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

What a shame but I guess the U got what it wanted, more money. Not sure I'd trade integrity for money, though. I wonder what the older, predominantly Mormon segment of the U's alumni group thinks of this.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

Considering how well the Utes have placed in recent seasons, Sunday play will be inconsequential to attendance.

Herriman, UT

One more reason to choose BYU over Utah for LDS youth. What great mission prep would it be for a future missionary to play on Sunday!

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

The article mentions Sunday games. The real story is the woeful condition of Ute basketball. Those preseason teams are a joke, almost unbelievable. Several junior college level games. And they were scheduled on purpose. One would rather go to a Judge-Juan Diego game -- on Sunday -- than any of those.

One has to wonder about the new coach and his strategy. Are Ute fans concerned? Do they care?

Murray, UT

Whooooo cares?

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Freight Train
I almost chocked laughing at the sabbath-breakers comment...very funny

People it's basic math 1/2 of zero= 0 hope Chris Hill at least shows up.

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