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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

This is sad however with attendance at the HC at record lows maybe its not as bad as it sounds?

Highland, UT

I doubt it will even matter. No one goes to the hc for games anyway unless BYU is visiting.

Provo, UT

If a basketball is played and no one is there to watch it, was there really a basketball game?

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Sports is the predominant religion in Utah and America. The NBA has no problem with Sunday games in Utah. Neither do the loyal fans. The Energy Solutions arena does just fine on Sunday.

Salt Lake, UT

How could they?

I hear they also sell Dr. Pepper.

South Jordan, Utah

This is exactly the reason BYU was not, and never will be invited to the PAC12.

Morgan, UT

This is just the beginning of the end...

Salt Lake City, UT

The silence at these games should be great examples of the reverence that should be evident at places of worship throughout the state. The U should be thanked for setting such standards of religious observance

Frisco, TX

This should be a real concern for Hill and K2. Attendance could drop from 2,000 to 1,000 severely affecting the revenue of the school.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

not a big deal, it will be fun to watch my utes play after church on the PAC 12 Network! (unless it interferes with a Football game.)
Go Utes

jim l
West Jordan, UT

And we thought that just winning 6 games last year was a low point.

Dietrich, ID

Larry Miller tried to avoid Sunday HOme games in the Delta Center. Could not control playoffs though. Other things of his stayed open. HC probably won't be as packed.

Sandy, UT

It doesn't matter...no one goes anyways

Salt Lake City, UT

Possibly Utah's sporting events will help bring this state into the 21st Century. We are a laughing stock of the nation with our parochial attitudes and values. Not only are these values out of synch with national norms, they are not observed by most anyway which opens the doors to judgements of hypocrisy adding to the laughter.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is not new at the U. Last seaon, several of the women games in mulitple sports and a few baseball games were played on Sunday. What is sad is the hateful comments by some of the posters about religion and BYU. All the talk a couple of years back about Utah and Colorado being added to the PAC but not BYU because of academics and other stuff like that was simply blue smoke hiding this real reason. Balan is right, BYU will never be in a conference where they would be forced to play Sunday games. What he/she should have also said it is BYU's choice. He is also right, they never will, again their choice.

Chaliceman is also right in his/her comment, but I personally am not sure that a godless society where the world is headed is good. Not sure one always has "to be in sync with national norms" if it means compromising one's values just so you can belong.

Idaho Falls, ID

Why does it matter? Nobody attends utah basketball games anyway.

Idaho Falls, ID

College of Idaho? What, was Northwest Nazarene booked?

In but not of
Lehi, UT

Brilliant idea, go ahead and alienate half of your fan base when you are already struggling with attendance. It is a good thing that we have such insane amounts of TV revenue coming in the near future, and yes, it will be a net positive even with declining attendance, but it kind of shafts the loyal fans.

Larry Miller had the guts to influence the NBA to not have the Jazz play at the ESA on sundays very often. Too bad Chris Hill's guts are not similarly influential.

Richmond, VA

Ain't freedom of choice a wonderful thing? God has given us no better gift than that. Those members of the state's dominant faith who want to honor the Sabbath can choose to stay home and not go, and those who opted not to are free to do as they please. God will judge us in the end but in the meantime we are free to enjoy life as we please. For me, I'm content to be on the Lord's side, and it won't bother me one bit, nor would I care to pass judgment on others of my faith who many choose to do otherwise. To each his own, and that's exactly the beauty of God's gift of free agency to us and the way He wants and intended it to be.

Good luck to the Utes! And go Cougars!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Not like anyone did not see this coming.

You can still be a Utes fan and not attend the game. If I were in SLC and had season tickets these would go unused. But I would be at the other games win or lose. A fan is a fan.

Maybe they should have an area conference at the HC just prior. Concessions may suffer but at least someone would be there.

Get used to it Ute fans. It will only get worse. Too bad a compromise could not have been reached.

Hope the Utes do better this next year. Guess it could not get much worse.

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