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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

"Romney focused on the roles of parents and that they can't always pick and choose where their children would be educated at. Instead they should lift the schools their children can go to."
I absolutely agree with mitt to this point of the article, but then he loses me with...

"Mr. Romney, whose education plan is centered on expanding charter schools."
Great.. more vouchers for the people plan?
Not good for "lifting the school" where their children attend.

"And, drawing on his stump speech rhetoric, he railed against teachers unions."
Unions give the employees a voice, something owners and management hate (legislators included.)

Bluffdale, UT

more corporate welefare and capitalism like early 1900s. company housing , stores and schools. we pay tax money to oil companies when they are making record profit
more for the rich the working class can pay or die that is Romneys future for us.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The parents role in education? There only role is to choose the school? If he would read the research he would know that when parents are involved in the students education they do much better regardless of the school they attend. Then Mr. Romney turns to his republican playbook for the obligatory bashing of teachers unions.

How about instead of blaming (I know that's hard for a republican) we try to come up with a plan where teachers students and parents all work together? Scapegoating teachers unions does nothing to solve the problem.

Do some charters perform better than traditional public schools yes. Do some charters perform worse yes. Do charters have students and parents who on average are much more motivated than public schools YES!. Should charters as a group perform higher than YES! Do they NO!

There is no magic pill to improve education. It will take hard work by everyone, policy makers, educators, parents and most of all students. Blaming unions isn't doing one thing to improve education, but it does play well to the republican base.

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