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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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CBS and NY Times are two of Obama's biggest cheerleaders. The citizens aren't fooled quite that easy.

I suppose the survey respondents were asked "would you rather have a root canal or vote for Barack Obama"?

What amazing results!!

Provo, UT

Finally, some good news in this election season.

Cedar City, UT

I still cannot figure out why anyone would want to vote for Obama. What is this country coming to? He has spent half of his time in office campaigning instead of doing his job. I don't mean my comments as an insult to anyone who would vote for Obama. I am simply not understanding their reasoning.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


Don't worry, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to assure you that the polls are "over sampling Democrats." KSL is already running with it.

Cinci Man

A vote for Obama is a vote for $6 - $8 gasoline prices. He took us from $2 to $4, an increase of 100% almost overnight. We have no new energy initiatives. He promised new energy sources and he hasn't kept that promise. Unemployment has risen and never dropped. He promised he would own and repair the economy and put Americans back to work. He promised the unions he would picket right with them, and once again, he didn't keep that promise. He now says he wants us to trust him to rebuild America. His shovel ready jobs never appeared, except for one. He promised unprecedented transparency, and we got backroom deals. One thing he promised that he truly kept. He promised more food stamps and welfare giveaways. But he forgot that he promised to get deficit spending turned around into balanced budgets. He promised affordable health care, but instead delivered soaring costs with fewer insurance coverages. But of course, all his failures are the fault of the Republicans. That's another promise he kept. Why do so many Americans want to give him another term?

Mesa, AZ

We are a polarized nation of makers and takers. Soon, we will find out if the takers continue to outnumber the makers.

Cache county, USA

This is all in the bible.
Things aren't supposed to get better.
Just prepare, and get ready to defend your home.

Idaho Falls, ID

Don't fall for this one folks...This poll was HIGHLY SKEWED toward Democrat voters. The internals tell the story. Of those who responded in Florida, 28% were Republicans and 34% Democrat (+6 D); in Ohio 26% R and 35% D (+9 D), and in WI 28% R and 32% D (+4 D). When asked whether they considered themselves Strong Republicans versus Not Strong the breakdown was 73/25, 63/35, and 71/27 respectively. When asked if they were Strong Democrat versus Not Strong, the breakdown was 73/25, 73/26, and 77/23. Turnout will not mirror these numbers. When you run the numbers based on an average of who ACTUALLY voted in 2004 and 2008, Romney wins in landslide. Voter turnout will more likely be similar to 2010, a Republican rout, and could even be WORSE for the democrats than in 2010 because Obama has dropped even more in favorability since 2010 with no turn around in the economy. So, you can take this attempt at conservative voter suppression with a grain of salt...i.e...this poll is, otherwise, meaningless. And prepare yourself for cooked positive numbers in the economy in October as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey, I'm a Romney supporter, but go ahead and vote for Obama---what do I care? I've got MY Social Security and Medicare checks coming along nicely, and, I can afford higher gas prices. Also, my private practice is doing quite nicely. It's you younger (Obama) supporters that may pay the price for continued deficit spending.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

The best indication of polling results is to check out the average of many polls. RealClearPolitics has a daily average of the top polls which tends to smooth out the inherent errors of polling. The RCP data shows Obama up by 3.6% nationally and doing even better in the swing states. (They even include the right biased Rassmussen and Fox polls.)

Romney is clearly having problems with his campaign, it will be interesting to see if the desperation starts to unhinge his efforts, or if he can turn things around. Let's hope Mitt has more luck than King Canute.

Saint George, UT

1conservative brought a welcome laugh this morning. Anyone who thinks Obama will make things better with a more republican and conservative house and senate is kidding themselves. The gridlock is going to wonderful to see, at least from the standpoint of a conservative who knows that government is not the answer. His election will only hurt those who can least afford it, the poor. So much for Democratic compassion.


The race remains close and Obama still has to overcome Republican's voter suppression efforts.

Eugene, OR

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but these forums are going to be a blast after Obama wins...

southern heat
Hurricane, UT

Nice to see that some out there understand what a "survey" really means. The media pump out these surveys and make sure they say what they want them to say. Was watching the news last night and it said, just 10 hours ago, that the races were neck and neck and now the DN says Obama is "widening his lead"...what lead? Maybe they can run a survey that shows how spending trillions of dollars has helped us??? We are no better off than when Obama first started making his promises. Maybe they can run a survey showing how we actually are worse off. Go figure!!

Burke, VA

It's a slow morning so I really appreciate the comic relief reading the comments. I heard a discussion last night about how the right is planting seeds of doubt about political polls so that if President Obama wins the election they will already have a foundation for claiming the election is not legitimate. And then Cinci Man reiterates the common Republican mantra of how everything wrong with America is the President's fault and everything right has happened in spite of his efforts.

I wish the right would just accept that a young man whose father is from Africa and whose mother is a white woman from Kansas really was born in the United States, really is a natural born citizen, really did work hard in school and eventually found himself at Columbia University and then Harvard Law School, and yes, rather than take a job with a high powered law firm, he chose to be a community organizer working with people whose circuimstances were less than positive, and finally, after winning a state and national senate seat, was elected by a majority of Americans to lead the nation. Just get over it.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

The gap will continue to widen.
While I had looked forward to Romney taking over Bushes job of providing endless material for comedians.
His daily comments have become less humorous and kinda sad in showing just how disconnected he actually is.

Mcallen, TX

Through out history, most people have lived in poverty.

At some point, they were deceived into excepting corrupt leadership.

Like a mouse walking into a trap, the people of America are marching into poverty. A government, which is in debt sixteen trillion dollars, will not be able to sustain the handouts, and the reactions of our citizens won't be pleasant.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

@Mayhem Mike
That's one think I don't understand. Why are the younger voters so enamored with Obama? It's painfully obvious that he is destroying all hopes for a prosperous future for them. Even though I am middle aged and debt free if Obama wins it is going to be very painful. I've already had to cut my spending cause of the skyrocketing cost of living and no wage increases. If Obama wins there will be a lot of his young followers living in their parents basement and delivering pizzas when they get out of college.

Durham, NC

I love it.. it you don't like the news, discredit the messanger. Today's RealClearPolitics survey of polls has every source including the conservative favorite Rasmussen Tracking having it at a tie (only Rasmeeusen has it that way) or a widening gap. FoxNews has Obama up by 5%. In North Carolina the swing in RCP pool averag has gone from Romney +6 to Obama +1 in the matter of two weeks.

Will the pools change more - of course. They don't indicate anything yet other than trends. But to discredite the results because you don't like them... good grief. Are we saying FoxNews has swung to pro-Obama?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The forecast models assume that record numbers will turn out to vote for Obama again. Not likely, though Obama is doing his best to scare people about losing their entitlements.
And Independent voters are not impressed with Obama.
Conservatives are more reliable when it comes to turn out and they clearly won't vote for Obama.
It'll be an interesting election.
Remember, it's all about electoral votes so urban precincts have the advantage.

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