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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Good article.

At work I'm amazed at those people that have such a high opinion of themselves that they show up sick, spreading their germs, being and making everyone so miserable to be around them. They get little done.

Excuse me while I 'manage' my sick time, stay at home, get better and let my team move on without me.

I trust the coaches and players to make the best decisions. Please work on this the best you can.

Holladay, UT

I don't think it matters at all this week who BYU lines up at quarterback. They are playing a bad Hawaii team. A 65% Nelson will do just fine. So what if you only win by 20 instead of 35. It will matter more against a real team. Perhaps this article should have been held up and posted next week.

Spanish Fork, UT

Agree. You've got to know when to hold, when to fold them, when to walk away. Reilly should NOT be the decision maker. That's why you pay coaches. Never let the inmates run the asylum.

Bountiful, UT

The coaches blame Riley while Riley blames the coaches. In the meantime Riley puts his own selfish interest ahead of the team And they lose two very winnable games in the process.

Who are the leaders of this team? Bronco praises riley's leadership. Riley puts his interest ahead of his teammates, That's not much of a leader. Now they're both pointing the finger at the other guy. I guess this is what happens when winning is not a very high priority.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that Riley realises that he erred. Give the guy a break. He is 24 years old (I hope his older coaches can show some discretion though). I am a huge Riley fan. Huge. But I think that if he is not 100% for Hawaii, he should be resting on the bench. 65% is way too low. I believe in Riley more than most of the guys in their Lazy-Boyz, but I need to believe in him as well to rest himself to prepare for some larger games. Who knows, maybe they just need to let Riley get his long power-hair back.

Wally West

re: BigCougar

Do I think Riley is blameless? No. But, he has done his best IMO with all obstacles placed before him.

I see parallels with my favorite NFL team... Riley = Chad Henne, Doman = Dan Henning, Bronco = Tony Sparano. That scenario worked out for the best; didn't it?

Draper, UT

I would expect the Coaches to discuss with the Team Doctors as well as Riley and make the decision. Riley is a warrior and only 24 years old, of course he wants to play. Coach Mendenhall and Doman need to man up and do their jobs. Consult with the Doctors and review the tapes from the previous two weeks. This shouldn't be that tough, but then going for two instead of the tie and overtime wasn't that difficult either.

West Valley City, UT

I'm a Utes fan and I have mad respect for Riley Nelson. He plays the game he loves and plays it hard. He's a tough kid.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Doctors, schmoctors! Anyone who watched the past two games could see that Nelson was way below 100%. For the coaches to let him lose those games is inexcusable.

Responsibility for this trainwreck begins at the top. Open your eyes, Bronco!

rock springs, wy

If other playerS were at 65%, TheY would be sitting on the bench, maybe not even in uniform. Coaches decide who will play, but then, these coaches haven't been making very good decisions lately, so why should this one be any different?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I do NOT mean to overlook Hawaii. They have spanked us before in similar situations.

Riley is my qb. He's earned it, he deserves it.

But if he is not 100%, then he isn't ready to prove he is 100%. Time to rest and heal and let the other men take the shot. After all, they've earned it too. They deserve it.

And please don't underestimate the pressure of this decision on all concerned. Ultimately it IS Bronco's call, and yes it IS just a game. But it is a game that shapes men and builds character. That IS his priority, and that is why he IS the right man for the job at BYU.

Best possible outcome in a game, or the best possible outcome in the lives of young men. I trust Bronco to make the right call, and hopefully the right call can have positive results in both arenas at the same time.

Ogden, UT

Do the rational thing, for heaven's sake.

Playing hurt is salving the ego, not helping the team.

The bigger man recognizes the team is more than the individual players.

It's time to cheer teammates from the sideline; that's where they need him now.

Nelson came in for Heaps when he was faltering and Heaps was healthy. Surely he can understand to step aside now is the bigger thing to do.

Imagine the resentful feelings that the other excellent players would understandably feel toward him for taking way their major reason for playing, if Riley forces his way into the starting lineup.

That, together with the message coaches would send to his teammates if they cater to the personal agenda of a sixty-five percenter.

Herriman, UT

I just don't understand why the coaches feel they owe Riley Nelson all of the benefit of the doubt here. Yes, he worked hard, but I have never heard anyone say that Lark, Hill or Munns have worked any less hard. Don't you owe it to them to let them do their job when the first stringer is hurt?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I see one really big problem with the coaches this week, they're giving most of the reps to Hill to prepare him in case he needs to play. By doing this they're not going to be able to accurately critique Nelson which means that Nelson will look like he's better than he really is. And since Nelson won't say, hey Coach, I'm only feeling about 70%, the coaches will think that he's fine. Best case is he limps the Cougars along and worst case is that he gets beaten up even worse. I agree that Nelson needs to know when to step aside. And the Coaches better get with it and make that seemingly hard (but should be really easy) decision to go with the backup. They should have seen Nelson's limitations in practice and sat him rather than playing him to two losses. But Nelson's got to make it easier on the Coaches by saying he's not 100%, this is a TEAM sport after all.

az roadrunner
Apache Junction, AZ

Another baseball icon besides Lou Gehrig who knew when to step down was Mickey Mantle: "I can't steal second base when I need to; I can't go from first to third on a hit to right field when I need to." He meant, of course, "I can't steal second base when the team needs me to; I can't go from first to third on a hit to right field when the team needs me to." Riley Nelson should be saying, "I can't complete a forward pass when I need to."

Bloomington, IN

My favorite part of the Boise game was watching Riley celebrate on the sidelines after the touchdown. He was out there supporting his teammates with all the enthusiasm that he plays with. I don't know him personally, but I know his heart is completely about helping the team, and he's willing to sacrifice himself to do that. I don't see this as an ego thing, just a demonstration of his desire to compete. He's still the team leader, the coaches know this, and even though I've lost some confidence in the decision making with the team, I'll still trust them more than I trust any of us who sit around not playing the game.

Somewhere, UT

RE: 86&90 UTE

I have to disagree with you on this one. A 65% Nelson couldn't throw the ball over the linebackers last week to hit wide open receivers. Why would this week be any different. If Riley plays more than half the game on Friday BYU will lose. Riley is already a below average quarterback so if he is at only 65% then it is like putting a decent quarterback out there at below 50%.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

If Riley were playing at 165% he would still be slow and unable to pass the ball more than 15 yards. I have never been able to understand why he is on the team anyway.

Ogden, UT

@Wayne Rout
If Riley were playing at 165% he would still be slow and unable to pass the ball more than 15 yards. I have never been able to understand why he is on the team anyway.

I agree 100% with your comment. I'll tell you why he is on the tema. It's because he is a good boy and does what he's supposed to etc.

Bronco needs to stop trying to be the Bishop and start being the football coach and if he doesn't want to start, then maybe BYU needs to look at re-hiring Lavell Edwards, cause we know that he will get the job done.

Farmington, UT

Isn't Riley a pre-med student? His football career obviously isn't going anywhere, so it seems to me the risk of playing isn't worth it if he wants a long and successful career as a doctor. I don't know how much he is hurting the team since there is plenty of inexperience at QB but I think you can certainly make the case he may be jeopardizing his post-football career. Put it down Riley for your own good.

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