Comments about ‘'Dirty Jobs' star Mike Rowe joins Mitt Romney on campaign trail in Ohio’

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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hank Pym

@ jpjazz

I was thinking the same thing.

Durham, NC

Hawkyo - you do realize that taxes are on Income or even more accurately, profits, not net worth. If you have a certain amount of income or profit, you are cash flow positive. Therefor, the idea that if a small business with profits more than 250,000 dollars a year is gong to be run out of business by their taxable rate on the top end is going to drive them from business either means the business owner is the luckiest person in the world not knowing the most basic principles of math, or they have the worlds worst accountants, or they are just plain fibbers.

Small businesses are taxed on profits... pure and simple. The net worth of the individual makes no difference what so ever.

"I know dozens of small business owners who on paper and thus on their taxes qualify as millionaires, but they can't afford to have their taxes raised and keep their business profitable and competitive"

Frankly that little bit right makes no sense. Being a millionaire has nothing to do with your tax rate. I am a millionaire on paper via property holdings. I also on paper make no income from these properties.

Casa Grande, AZ

Wow, I hope they make a video of that dirty job. I knew there was somthing wrong with the guy when he started shilling for Ford.

Wanda B. Rich
Provo, UT

Sounds like Mitt needs an expert. His campaigning has been getting him pretty dirty. Of course, Mike Rowe's expertise isn't in cleaning up dirty jobs. It's glorifying the dirt.

Kaysville, UT

Mike Rowe knows good businesses and the Ford Motor Company didn't take American's money through the Auto crisis. Their long standing business practice of having a relative of Henry Ford be the chief of the company even went away prior to the significant problems to keep them a viable company and produce great products.

Ford is what America is all about, making a product that is useable, sellable and what can help people and businesses in their pursuit.

They have had their Edsels but they have their F150s that have been the stable market for many people.

They win and they may lose once in awhile, but that is what America is about. It is not government controlling every aspect of a company, corporation and those that make decisions to make the company a great place to work and help people live. The subcontractors that produce parts for those vehicles and the people in all aspects selling and repairing those same vehicles make money and serve our communities all around the United States of America. When I lived in Venezuela, a man from Spain who wanted a better life said, "If Ford made it, it is great."

Columbus, OH


You seem to think we're talking about people who's businesses take in a million dollars. I'm talking about people who's take-home pay is making them millionaires. Taxing their income, not their business's profits, is what we're talking about. That in no way inhibits their ability to run their business. If that money was critical to keeping the business going, it wouldn't be withdrawn as income.

If you were indeed referring to the actual millionaire small-business owner, as you argue in your second post, then why would they not be able to take the hit financially, like the "big-wigs," and why would you choose a farmer as your example? Sorry, you're not making any sense.

Columbus, OH

re: JWB

Keep in mind that Ford also fully backed the auto bailout because they understood that without it, all those subcontractors you praise so highly would have gone under. GM is the major customer, and Ford relies on their presence in the market.

The reason Ford fared better is that their new CEO, Mulally, already implemented the very things that the auto bailout forced GM and Chrysler to do--sell off under-performing brands (Jaguar, Land Rover, etc) and increase production of fuel-efficient cars. In other words, Mulally is praised for doing the same things to Ford that Obama did to GM and Chrysler.

Saint George, UT

Not once did I hear Mike Rowe say vote for romney.

Kaysville, UT

re: OHBU

Ford may have done the required business practices before the real hit but that is what businesses are supposed to do, especially with a century, almost of working at it. Mulally is a good business person and government should not have interferred with the process of business.

The unions were a big part of what Obama did. He knew their support would be needed in this election year as the 2010 election was a big blow for the Democrats, but you know that as Ohio is deep into all aspects of the auto and union industries.

Pocatello, ID

You are da man, Mike. I often ride on a highway and am suddenly seized with the wonder of men and women who have created it. I would have no idea how to drive the heavy equipment, dig the necessary dirt/soil/rock, carry out the plan that slopes the road just right. And, folks, I'll take my garbage collector over an NFL football player any day of the week. My hat is off to all of you hard working Americans who make life easier. Thank you so much.

Xenia, OH

I remember when women's groups tried to break ground and get women into better paying "men's jobs" like construction and other trades. Those jobs paid more than the typical pink collar jobs; even those that required a degree. Despite programs like ONOW, TAPS, MAGIC and Building Trades I've seen more polar bears than I've seen women in the trades. There are all Hispanic male work crews (Per Jose Mas, Chairman of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition 2/3 rds of Ohio Hispanics are illegal) and still no women. Unemployment is high and groups that supported getting women in non traditional jobs now fight for illegal aliens ( term used by Sonia Sotomayor) to legally keep their jobs. What happened?

Las Vegas, NV

Mike Rowe must have inhaled too many noxious odors over the years to believe that America's economic plight would be alleviated if certain skills or trades were more "celebrated." Will the GOP wackiness ever end?

Martin Blank
Salt Lake City, UT

So Mike Rowe's casting his lot in with a guy who was so in touch with his blue-collar landscaping company that he "didn't know" they were employing illegal aliens to cut his lawn? The guy who likes to fire people? The guy whose former company is under investigation for trying to pass off regular management fees (income) as capital gains? Skilled labor certainly does need a voice in Washington, but I don't think a guy who has to keep taking the silver spoon out of his mouth to stick his foot in it is the right voice for labor. Maybe that's just me.


Amen, Mike. Spot on.

york, SC

I admire Mike Rowe and MITT ROMNEY! I am a single mom, (getting no child support or gov help)and have spent many years working construction DOING plenty of Roofing, Painting and sheet rock etc. "dirty jobs",to make a home for my son's. I TOTALLY understand the NEED for All businesses of all sizes to thrive and produce jobs for my son's whom are entering the job market. Especially since I am now struggling to make a living in construction.
I DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THE 47%. I will vote for Jobs and Business. I KNOW Mitt is the right choice for all American's that still BELIEVE IN America and freedom and WORKING.!

Foothill Ranch, CA

The A students go on for more school
The B students end up working for the C students
The D students own the business

As a design engineer I have learned that the best ideas come from the people making my designs. A skilled technician is worth their weight in gold. They are the ones making it work and adding value to the product.

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