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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

We need to cut spending. Sequestration will do that.
Not thrilled with where the cuts will be? Tell your congressmen to find a better solution.

Why could they not? Well, because they will not budge on raising taxes from the lowest levels in 60 years. And because 238 Reps and 41 senators (virtually all Republicans)have signed a pledge against raising taxes one cent. Sad that raising spending isn't in the pledge.

Talk about having your hands tied. Talk about not compromising. Talk about holding party over country. That is today's GOP.

And they are ruining this country

Moab, UT

Congress is currently crafting a bill to "kick the can down the road" for six more months.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Joe Blow,
the house has passed budgets, they die in harry reid's senate. Tell harry reid to find the solution. Better yet, tell harry reid to let the solution come to a vote.

Talk about having your hands tied. Talk about not compromising. Talk about holding party over country. That is today's harry reid.

And he is ruining this country

Far East USA, SC

Lost - at least be honest in the discussion. You know how it works and so do I. So quit making it sound like this is some huge revelation.

The house is controlled by the R's. You, me and them, knew that the budget had no chance of passing in the senate. The house budgets have been one sided, as expected. The dems would have done the same thing had the roles been reversed.

But, those budgets were a waste of time. They were not done with any delusions that they would get passed. They wasted everyone's time in order to make a partisan point. Like Children.

They are not governing. They were playing politics and it happens on both sides and is why congress is dysfunctional and have the lowest approval ratings in history.

So, drop your talking points and talk reality.

Taxes are at an all time low and spending is at an all time high.

The majority of your side continues to spend money but has pledged to not raise taxes.

Yes, the refusal to compromise is squarely on the Republicans. You know it, I know it and more importantly, the nation knows it.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

please tell me where I have been dishonest. I do appreciate you aknowledging the dems have culpability; I acknowledge the repubs also carry some blame.

Has harry allowed one vote on a house-passed budget? He did allow a vote a BO's proposed budget and it had, what, 90+ votes opposed to it? Who is playing politics there? Who was wasting time there?

Under the constitution, spending bills originate in the house. They have done their job. You say the budgets had no chance of passing - perhaps you are correct, but harry has not allowed a vote so his members will not be on record voting one way or the other. Who is playing politics there?

You say the refusal to compromise is squarely on the repulicans. I guess that's why when Boehner and BO had a deal worked out last summer, BO's political advisors told BO it made him look weak so BO, at the last minute, added what BO knew would be unacceptable to Beoehner. THAT is BO putting party and politics ahead of the nation's interest.

The naiton may blame the repubs, but only because the dems own the media.

Far East USA, SC

No lost, You are not being dishonest, you are just not telling the whole truth.

Your version
"Has harry allowed one vote on a house-passed budget?... " They have done their job"

The complete picture.

Per constitution, spending bills originate in the house. The house, being GOP controlled has proposed partisan budgets which incorporate Republican ideology with little compromise with the democrats, hence garnering ZERO Democrat votes.

These budget proposals then move to the Democrat controlled Senate who then make the partisan move of not allowing a vote.


Yes, you can say Harry is playing politics. Tell me one person in Washington who is not.
But, at the end of the day, Harry blocked a vote on something that would not have passed.

Boehner, Canter and Ryan proposed and passed a partisan house budget knowing that it would never pass in the senate.

Is that not also politics?

The real problem is now this. The GOP has backed themselves into a corner with the Grover pledge.
Adhering to that pledge is unreasonable and is the single biggest roadblock to getting a compromise budget that this country desperately needs.

The country will penalize them for that stance.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you say the pledge is the biggest impediment, I say harry reid is. I'm sure there is some truth to both statements, but you justify harry in being obstructionist.

I would say that Ryan's budget was not playing politics because it actually requires something of people - it does not continue to feed their sense of entitlement and dependency. It was politically risky. THAT is NOT playing politics.

but I am sure you will disagree.

Let's talk about the pledge, shall we? Even under BO's proposal to raise taxes on job creators, it would garner an additional $80 billion over 10 years. That's not even a drop in the bucket when BO is running annual deficits in the trillions. BO is playing the worst kind of politics, divisive class warfare, when he puts forth proposal HE knows will not pass the house just so he can posture himself politically. THAT is playing politics.

BO is doing exactly what you accuse Boehner, Canter, and Ryan of doing because BO puts an unacceptable tax increase in every proposal he puts forth.

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