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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I am beginning to question Doman's ability to be a leader and make tough decisions. With him as OC, will we ever be able to recruit a pocket passer? Lark has worked hard for many years, been loyal and look what its got him - no chance to prove himself at all. If all Doman wants is a QB like he was, then I suspect BYU football may be in for a rough ride over next few years.

Springville, UT


My new favorite Ute stalker. Shouldn't you be nursing those damaged egos and helping the fans uncurl themselves from the fetal position?

Here are today's Utes lotto numbers...


meridian, idaho

Lets not put all the blame on Riley, Most the blame should be on the head coach anc the offensive coordinator. They should of realized that it is better to have someone at 100 percent than to have someone at 50 or 65 perecent, Any coach would understand this position. That's way you have more than one player at each position.
I don't think the head coach is the problem, even though he has the final decesion. The problem with BYU football is that they can't run the football or throw the football and this is, because they lack a line coach and offensive coach. If they want to be a Division I program and a good Division I program they need a change here in the worst way..

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

My vote is Lark. He deserves a shot. I think people will be surprised. Let him play his game. He has been around and knows the system better than others. If and when Riley feels better then let him play until then give the guy who has been there year after year a shot. I really think he will do better than Hill. At least at this point.

My 2 bits

Provo, UT

The Big Boy team up North owns the Y in every facet of the game Sammy...Lose the Hate and grow up, Because I don't believe it's going to change any time soon!

Old Navy
Provo, UT

This article gives BYU a convenient way to bench Riley while he saves face.

Springville, UT


Don't think so little delusional buddy. Go check those stats from the last game we had. You squeaked by with another one but no problem, your team has greater problems than stats.

I have confidence that the Cougars will fare ok this season. Utes not so much and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's "fans" like you that keep coming back for more, pounding your little PAC 10.2 collective chests, that I so enjoy reminding and showing that your team is not that much. 7-37 is a pretty big loss administered by ASU. Utes have lost 9 times in a row to these guys and BYU has beaten them the last two times recently? Wow, go figure?

As its been mentioned many times before, these rivalry games are decided in the last minute, they go both ways. They are great but in the end they are but one game and one game doesn't decide a season.

On the other hand losing to USU and ASU and that blowout score? I'd be concerned and then comes USC, Oregon St, and UCLA.

Uh oh!

sacramento, ca

these are by far the most pathetic decision making coaches I have ever seen. who's running this program? the players or the coaches? you have got to be kidding me....this is a joke, right? Am I really reading this? wow

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

'However, if the coaches decide that I give us the best chance to win, then I want to be out there."

That's our boy, TO Nelson *sacrificing for the team

*any chance to win

Heber, Utah

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but I'm rooting for Riley now. Not really to win as much as just to be successful. IF he wins and looks great, I can't wait to read these boards and listen to all of you hate mongers praise his play and put him back up on the pedestal. In all of sports I've never seen or heard from a more judgmental group than Y football fans. The school is awesome, the people great, but put you guys in a competitive environment and it's like throwing a snickers into the Biggest Loser gym. I hate nothing about BYU, and will praise all of it's accomplishments, but there is just something about Y football fans that just about kill all of the good that comes out of Provo. You know who you are, let the rebuttals begin.....

West Jordan, UT


You sound just like Max Hall, condemning an entire fan base based on a few comments on an internet message board. In reality, BYU fans are no different than fans of other sports teams. For example, I have read hundreds of posts by Ute fans bashing Jordan Wynn the last few years. He was even booed by fans at RES fairly routinely. Then he announces that he is retiring due to a fourth shoulder injury and all of the sudden those same fans flood the message boards and radio shows expressing their love and support of Wynn. And I am not passing any judgement on those fans either, as you are against BYU fans. There is a reason why the word "fan" is short for the word "fanatic", which implies a certain lack of rationality. But It does not mean they are "hate mongers", it just means they are typical sports fans. I doubt there are many BYU fans who actually hate Riley Nelson, though the same could not be said for fans of other college football teams in this state. BYU fans almost universally love and respect Riley Nelson, while recognizing that he is a pretty mediocre quarterback.

Park City, UT

Yankeedoodle, dude you always make me laugh. Snickers in a biggest loser gym? Too funny. But, I slightly disagree with you. Y fans would never put him back on the pedestal as you call it, they would just deny ever saying anything bad him.

The biggest difference I see between the two fanbases is that at the Y, when things are going good, they are riding high and believe that there is nothing better and let everyone know it. When things get bad however, they throw the coaches, players, administrators, even cosmo under the bus. They want to win and win now! At the U, it's a little more even keeled. When things are good we celebrate it to the max, but only with ourselves,and fellow supporters, and when things go wrong, we go have a beer!

RepresentBlue, I don't think comparing yankeedoodle to Maxi was fair. Max said he hated EVERYTHING about the U. Yankee only said he didn't like Y football fans. And I would also have to say that "typical" isn't a fair way to describe you guys either.

West Jordan, UT


Your claim about Ute fans is laughable. When Utah does well they most certainly do let the whole world know about it, especially BYU fans. And when things go bad they definitely are not above throwing coaches and players under the bus. Just this last weekend I have seen a large number of Ute fans going ballistic over the meltdown in Tempe, blasting Whittingham for hiring an inexperienced 25 year old to run their offense, etc, etc. I have even heard a few Ute fans calling for Whittingham's head, if you can believe that. But I know that not all Ute fans act this way and I don't paint with such broad brush strokes as you and yankees27 do. Why don't you both just be content to support your own team and quit disparaging fans of other teams?


Riley is simply making excuses. It's not the first time he's blamed poor performance on injuries. I know his back isn't straight, but that's not why he throws interceptions.

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