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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Heber, Utah

Haha, I thought it was Riley's horrendous play that was ushering in the next Golden Boy

Frisco, TX

Nelson's being generous by saying he was at 65% against the Broncos. I wouldn't put his performance at 50%.

Let's make a logical decision against Hawaii. Does Hill have the ability to beat Hawaii's weak defense? Probably. Would an extra week of rest benefit Nelson? Definately.

Giving Nelson the week off and getting him healthy improves our chances of winning against the Aggies and the Beavers. Besides the experience would be good for Hill.


Some body needs to man up and make the hard call ! I believe that job belongs to the head coach. No one is questioning Riley's toughness or his abilities as a QB, anybody who has watched him knows he is the guy.

The team will rally around the leadership of Riley, whether he is playing or leading from the injured reserve. The season can not take another loss.

The TEAM needs the COACH to step up.

Washington, UT

Bronco, Bronco, you don't win games by pretending everything is ok, and make a last minute QB change. You should have made that decision today, give Nelson a rest, this week off, let him heal. BYU can win on Friday with Hill, then if Nelson is 100% on Monday and you still want to go with him; I'm fine with that, but your decision to go with Nelson against BSU cost us the game--clearly. He should not have been in that game. Surely you are not that slow of a learner. You're going to make the same mistake two games in a row?

Fred T

This highlights how dumb the current Thursday night college games are.
No way a team should have played late Sat and then the next Thurs.
Not enough time to get healthy and to prep for the next game.

Instead, each team should not play the Sat before a Thurs game.
And of course they shouldn't play the Sat fallowing a Thurs game.
This would eliminate a BYE week since the BYE week would be embedded in the two weeks surrounding the Thurs night game.
Then both teams would play up to their standards.

Same for the pros: The Green Bay and Chicago Thurs night game was horrible.
Why? Because of no rest or healing time at all.

Will S.
Los Angeles, CA

Three thoughts: 1. Riley Nelson is selfish and he ruined the team's chances for a win at Boise by refusing to let a healthy QB play from the start. 2. Coaches Doman and Mendenhall are blinded by their loyalty to one player rather than doing what's best for the team - even when we now know that Riley mislead the coaches by saying he was healthy enough to play. 3. BYU's team doctor and trainers are derelict in their responsibilities by allowing a player, who by his own admission was only 65 percent healthy, to play.

Alexandria, VA

The longer they draw this out, the longer the problems with this offense will persist. I like Nelson, and if he was healthy I'd want him to start, but he's not healthy and shouldn't even suit up for the game. Hill should start. Give him the most reps this week with the first team.

Alexandria, VA

Just read the entire article. Yes, Nelson is a tough dude. He's proved his manliness time and again. If we could be given points based on how tough people are, we'd be undefeated. But that's no reason to play him as QB. This team isn't about proving who is toughest - it's about winning, and with Nelson at the helm hurt, he gives us a poor chance of doing that.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

1. Sixty-five percent of a quarterback who is short on talent and long on grit is not enough for him to succeed against any but the most mediocre of teams. (So far, 100 percent of Riley hasn't been enough against good opponents.)

2. By his own admission, Riley will never take himself out of the lineup.

3. The BYU coaches' collective "bromance" with this particular player threatens to rob an entire team of its chance to win any significant game.

4. Riley doesn't want to miss out on any of his senior year. How many talented young players will flee BYU for other programs out of frustration with coaches who are more loyal to their pet players than the overall good of the team? How many recruits will turn away for the same reason?

5. Are we watching the end of the Bronco Era at BYU?

Saint George, UT

Why Hill? Lark has been there longer and probably knows the system better. And he's pretty good.

Richland, WA

A freshman is more prepared than Lark? Best for the team?

I am no longer a Doman supporter. Poor decisions are a habit.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

What happened to James Lark? i thought he was #2 on the two deep.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Great! Riley Nelson is tough as nails...but also extremely selfish. If he think that he gives the team a better chance to win at 65% than another QB who is 100% than he is delusional as well.

Unfortunatley is appears that the coaching staff shares his delusion...

Springville, UT

Excuse me, did I just read an article about Utah?

I'm disappointed that Riley played and was allowed to play when knowing full well that he was not 100% in the health column.

I'm beginning to think some of the Cougars and coaches are as inept as the supposed 'big boy' team up north. Problems like this are the difference between winning and losing games.

I'm shaking my head about these losses to the Utes and Boise. They might have been avoidable had some men put on their big boy pants and made a simple decision like...

Don't play an injured QB and have some faith in your backups.

I bet Lark really feels appreciated.

Come on Cougars, fix this stuff.

Mission Viejo, CA

I'm hoping Bronco is just bluffing.

As for Lark - who has ever seen him play? Other than the quarter vs Weber State has he ever taken a snap? Why does he have so many fans?

However, I'd like to see what a passer could do with those receivers.

Cache county, USA

How about a new coach?
Andy Reid will be available really soon.



Come on sam leave the Utes out of it for once. Utah beat byu, Boise beat byu. Those enept coaches have now beat the y 3 in a row, 8 out of 11. I do not understand why you would even bring the U coaches into the discussion. Those so called enept coaches at the U do not play injured players.

I look foward each day for your entertainment, you are trully the #1 HOMER. Enept, team up north, big boy pants. I shake my head everyday too.

Come on Sam, fix this stuff

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Look, Riley is playing pretty much up to his best. I assume that any time he plays there will be 3 interceptable passes and one fumble. That is his norm. Against good competition like some of the teams coming up he'll do worse than his par. No matter how poorly he does, Bronco will start the guy...did he promise Riley's folks something before Riley transfered? Not sure why, but it is a shame to waste good receivers and a good defense just because we like a guy's mouth. Riley talks a great story, but the performance has never been there.

Cedar Hills, UT

(And because of his fierce competitiveness, Nelson said he would never admit that he isn't able to play. "I don't think I could ever bow out," he said. "I don't think I could ever throw in the towel.") You know Riley I love your toughness...however, you playing hurt could have cost us the Utah and Boise State games...! I truly feel Taysom could have came out with a win in both games. Come on Bronco make the right call for once...( frustrated fan )

Cache county, USA

Get norm chow back to run the O

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