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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My view is that a Romney administration would be ab exact repeat of the George W. Bush administration, which was an absolute disaster. As of yet, no one has explained to me how they would differ.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The fact that Romney is financially independent shows he has the ability to successfully run business — to bring people together to work for the good of our nation."

When in all his business career did Romney bring people together to work for the good of our nation? And how does being financially independent demonstrate that quality? His work at Bain Capital indeed made him rich, but it was mostly through taking over, splitting up, and dismantling companies, and eliminating or sending jobs overseas. How would that "work for the good of the nation"?

"Romney has stated that our country is founded upon the concept that we are one nation, under God, with liberty and freedom for all."

If you're going to quote the pledge of allegiance, at least get the words right: it's "liberty and JUSTICE for all." And don't forget "indivisible." With his view that 47% of the citizens are not worthy of his consideration, Romney hardly represents the standard of justice for all embodied in the pledge, and his campaign seeks to divide the nation by economic class. And didn't he pledge his allegiance to Grover Norquist anyway?

Burke, VA

"Romney is the man we need in Washington to lead all our citizens..."

And yet...Mr. Romney himself suggested "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what....My job is is not to worry about those people." So by his own words, he is not going to worry about the folks who cast a vote for President Obama. And even some of those who will vote for him - those who don't pay any income tax - will not be on his mind. I think he was addressing the only folks that he can relate to when he made that speech. In the days that have followed Mr. Romney has tried to assure us that he will represent all Americans but like a Freudian slip, sometimes our actual words say more about who we are and what we think than the things we hope poeple will believe about us.

Sandy, UT

"Mitt Romney was successful in making money using laws in our capitalist structure that I believe should be dramatically curbed. Mitt Romney did not create or oversee the creation or production of any product or service like his father or our capitalist magnates like Edison. Mitt Romney had no innovative ideas that resulted in a product or service like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Mitt Romney went into companies that created something, extracted the wealth, put many in debt, and then left with a bounty. There is nothing with that experience that can solve the myriad of problems (deficit, education, pollution, climate change, healthcare, etc.) we have in America." This isn't even addressing his record as governor.

Springville, UT

Nope. The man refuses to even tell us how and what he would do in office, so we can only judge him by his past, which he also hides. What we do know is he has dismantled companies, sent jobs overseas, and hides his money in foreign accounts. He has done little to actually help the American economy, only himself. There is no way he should serve as President.

Huntsville, UT

Romney certainly has successfully run businesses; he's oursourced the jobs overseas.

Which US attributes do you want outsourced to China next? The congress (heck, maybe China could do a better job than the current Congress of the USA).

What if your job were the job being outsourced by a Romney administration? Would you be so sanguine about it then?

Logan, UT

"He assures liberty and freedom for all."

Unless you're gay, female, minority, poor, elderly, or non-Christian...

Ogden, UT

Romney's tax returns are very much the business of the voters, since they are good evidence of how Romney conducts his financial affairs and the corners he cuts with his taxes (for example, the tax evasion scheme of the Cayman Island entities). Having the actual returns for forensic accountants to examine will show exactly what type of person Romney is.

His "financial independence" came from over-burdening companies with debt, cutting their employees' jobs and benefits, and ultimately taking them into bankruptcy. That doesn't equate with creating jobs or bringing people together. In fact, it shows that he did just the opposite. He would benefit the mega-wealthy to the detriment of everyone else.

As to the third paragraph -- which God? The LDS concept of God? Evangelicals? Catholics? Protestants? Jews? Wiccans? Satanists? And how about agnostics and athiests? Again, this divides and not unites. The US government is secular, not religious.

Romney put the Olympic games back together by getting huge contributions from the federal government, and not by anything else that he did. He insures liberty and freedom for the mega-wealthy; not for all. He is the LAST person this country needs as its president.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Romney got caught lying about his state of residence when he was running for governor of Massachusetts, claiming Utah as his primary residence for tax purposes, while telling voters he lived in Massachusetts.

Paul Ryan noted, prior to being selected as Romney's running mate, that "the Caymans are where you hide money."

Mitt Romney required 10 years of tax returns from Ryan during his vetting process. Mitt's dad, George Romney, provided the public with 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president. But now Mitt Romney, a guy with Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island tax shelters, refuses to provide tax returns prior to 2010. This stinks to high heaven.

Romney's words and deeds have made it abundantly clear that his only genuine conviction is that he should be president - everything else is negotiable and subject to the direction the political winds blow.

I don't begrudge Romney his wealth, but I do object, strenuously, to the rigged economy that he and the GOP want to perpetuate and make even worse.

Romney is simply not a good person to lead the nation.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

We need him in Washington about as much as we need a 3rd Bush term.

As for bringing us together? HUH? When has Romney brought anyone together during his whole campaign? It has been one gaffe, stupid comment, class warfare, offensive comment to other countries, comment after another. From his "I enjoy firing people" to his "47 percent" comments, he does absolutely nothing to bring people together.

West Jordan, UT

Romney is a good man. No one is perfect. O'bama's had his chance. Let's just see what Mitt can do.

Eugene, OR

And if President Obama pointedly refused to release his returns, I'm sure Harold would say that that was "his business" and not worry about it.

At least be consistent, guys.

Far East USA, SC

"The tax returns of Mitt Romney are his and the IRS's business."

Definitely true. And we also continuously hear that Mitt paid all of the taxes that he legally owed.
Something I also believe to be true.

Why does the same not hold true to GE? We sure heard enough crying about GE from the right for exactly the same reasons. Why is Mitt different?

Me? I think both GE and Romney gamed the system.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mitt Romney wants to be President of the United States for the same reason a pimple faced 17 year old wants to be Student Body Officer.

To him, it's nothing more than being in a special exclusive club for the uber-wealthy.

Meanwhile --
Bill and Melinda Gates are using what God has blessed them with to rid the world of polio once and for all, expand access to childhood vaccines, improved agricultural tools and strategies, maternal and child health programs, financial services for the poor, safe water and sanitation, and other effective, low-cost innovations in 3rd world countries were Governments are unable to address the needs of the people.

Bill and Melinda Gates are Liberals who want to change the World,
Mitt Romney is a Conservative who wants to rule the World.

Ford DeTreese
Provo, UT

"The tax returns of Mitt Romney are his and the IRS's business. This type of information is not to be used as a political tool to create resentment toward Romney."

If Mitt were running for the local school board, this statement would probably still not be true. Mitt's tax returns give a pretty good picture of what kind of man he is. His father understood this and volunteered 12 years of returns. Mitt is obviously not his father.

"The fact that Romney is financially independent shows he has the ability to successfully run business — to bring people together to work for the good of our nation."

What, pray tell, does conducting leveraged buyouts have to do with successfully running a business? The corporate raiders may have changed the name, but LBOs are still LBOs, and they are not healthy for an economy or a society.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

I wonder, why does Mitt want to become President?

It obviously isn't because he wants to lead. He has been given ample chance to try and lead and hasn't.

Why then, does he thirst so badly for the white house? Is it to lower his own taxes? Make it easier for his baby, Bain Capital, to outsource jobs and ruin America? Is it to give out more handouts (at the expense of the American middle-class) to his class?

When I consider all the flip flops, all the gaffes, all his class warfare, I seriously doubt Mitt's motives for running as being noble.

What is Mitt hiding?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Yes, we DO need Mitt in Washington.

Spokane. Seattle. Tacoma. Gig Harbor.

Anywhere but in Washington D.C.

American Fork, UT

We do need romney in washington. Maybe as a junior partner in an injury law practice with an office in the back corner of a semiabandoned shopping mall. Someplace he can't wreak much havoc on the nation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama has wreaked havoc on the nation and demonstrated his incompetence in managing the economy; community organizations such as ACORN, Solyndra and other crony capitalism debacles, green jobs outsourced to foreign countries, massive borrowing for doomed programs, bragging about saving General Motors as the company races to insolvency and a confused energy policy that touts Brazilian off shore drilling, but prohibits our own. His VP is a documented embarrassment. With Romney there is at least the chance that he knows what to do in order to restore a viable US job economy. Ryan may be wrong, but at least he wants an open discussion of the deficit. And all Obama's campaign wants to talk about is Romney's tithing. Better than talking about his own performance.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
With Romney there is at least the chance that he knows what to do...


Chance? perhaps, but that's all he's given us to go on.
He's more secretive than Richard Nixon.

I'm waiting - desparately - for the Romney campaign to spell out PRECISELY what he'll do.
No more of this - Vote for me, because I'm not Obama - song and dance routine.

Tell us Mitt, WHY should we vote for you.
Give us some ideas.
WHAT wiil you do to create jobs other than just promising 12 million new ones.
WHAT tax loop-holes are you willing to cut when yo can't name even one.
How are you going to continue the Bush-era tax cuts, AND continue Social Security and Medicare benefits, AND Reapeal or Replace Obamacare, AND increase Defense, AND revivalize NASA,
Balance the Budget?

I don't listen to AM radio,
so please give me a resaon to vote for you Mitt.

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