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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

"I am the leader, so I'm master of the design. You are perfectly designed to get the results that you get, and the results we are getting are not what we want so we have to change the design."

"The script and offense are tailored for Riley right now, and it fits with what Taysom does," said Doman.

How does inserting Hill change the design? Perhaps the OC position needs rescripting.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I'm sorry but any belief one might have in Doman is based on faith, not evidence. He is predictable, he does not throw the ball downfield near often enough, especially give our outside receivers and he is far too willing to put up with illegal procedure calls. and the turnovers, from a senior QB, that should be intolerable.

Upson Downs
Sandy, UT

I do not feel Bronco Mendenhal has the backbone to do what needs to be done and fire Brandon Doman. BYU fans shouldn't have to put up with losses and poor play calling while Doman "grows" into his position and his responsibilities just because he is Bronco's buddy.

Highland, UT


Detmer doesn't have any experience at all, much less than even Doman. Kinda blows your entire "point" to pieces.

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree. I couldn't have said it better myself. I too am concerned about getting the Freshman Star's feet wet too soon and destroying him again (although Taysom is far tougher and more mature that Heaps was). Lark deserves the start. Let him play and let Taysom get some reps also.

I am astounded that Bronco wants to start Nelson even if he is not 100%. I know Doman doesn't. But I agree that Bronco is probably concerned that someone might show-up his boy Nelson. That was evident when he threw Hill under the bus for Bronco's own bad decision to go for the 2point play.

I still think Nelson is the best guy right now for the starting QB position, ONLY IF HE IS 100% HEALTHY. Otherwise he only hurts the team. He should not play this weekend.

Frisco, TX

If Doman wants to fix the offense, quick running designed QB run plays. It's killing the QBs. Use a QB run on short goal line stands, or 3rd and 1, otherwise let Alisa and Williams carry the load. If we run Hill as much as we did on the last Boise drive, he'll be on injured reserve also. Protect the QB, don't throw 'em at D linemen and LBs who want to take their head off.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Althought I don't think they'll do more, I do believe the Cougs will reach the 6 win threshold to play in the Poinsettia Bowl ... barely! But, at this point, that's the best I think they have going for them. There really is not option here. Riley is too hurt to help the team. The only alternative is Hill, who has 4 years of eligibility, or Lark. Give Riley 1-2 weeks to recover. The Cougs offense is the laughing stock of the country, shown in all its glory to our nat'l TV audiance. Egads.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"BYU is a couple of plays from being undefeated at 4-0 instead of 2-2." The sad thing about that statement is that it's true. As terrible as our offense has been, indeed. We're a couple plays away from being 4-0. Sad reality! Then again, we're a "couple plays" aways from being 1-3!

Alpine, UT

Determined to fix the offense? Determined enough to quit.

Iowa City, IA

The arm chair qb's have had their say. Ute fans posting as cougar fans, cougar fans weak in the knees and screaming the sky is falling and questioning Bronco

Here is my question, why do fans not comprehend (I understand critics, but they are small chirping crickets) what BYU has done with it's system? A slew of missionaries, high academic standards, no sunday play or practice, when you put that all together and realize that no other team anywhere even comes to close to fielding a football team under those conditions, what BYU is doing is flat out unheard of in the sporting world. It's incredibly remarkable. Yes, cheating is an option to have success (Ohio St., Miami, FSU, Nebraska, USC, Oregon...) but that's not how the cougars roll.

So when other teams employ the same standards as BYU and have the success they've had, they are welcome to chime in and steer the program from their lazy boys, until then, sit back and enjoy an amazingingly successful athletic program...and soon, soon enough, BYU will be primed to put all critics to rest.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar "fans" now turning on each other.


Springville, UT


Bitter Ute "fans" seeking solace... predictable.

Utes losing the next three games... also predictable.


Use Lark he can stretch the field, hit the open reciever and score points. Use Hoffman and Apo as deep threats. Use the tight ends in the flats and underneath slants and as huge blocking bowling balls down field. Use the RB's on misdirection plays and quick out pass plays. Riley is hurt and needs to rest up.

James Lark either should start or leave. Yes go to his locker close it and not look back. the coach's have been leading him down the prim rose path now for two years telling James how much the team needs him if Riley gets injured. Blah, blah, blah !!!

This coaching staff should be ashamed of how they have miss managed the talent on this team.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: 3grandslams Iowa City, IA - you actually make a very good point here and also hint at something that I see coming from BYU. I believe that we may actually see the slow decline in the athletic programs at BYU until they are actually dropped. BYU is an excellent academic institution. If what 3grandslams from Iowa City, IA states is true about the ability of BYU to compete at this level, combined with an independence status that is going nowhere, the handwriting seems to be on the wall. I would hate to see that, but, it happened at BYU Idaho (Ricks) which was considered a top level JC at the time. I believe there needs to be an overhaul from the top down, starting with the AD and then the football program, if BYU is going to be able to come back to what the program has been in the past.

Cedar Hills, UT

The real question is this - is the BYU offense fixable this year? First off you have to have a QB - they don't. Secondly you have to have an offense that conforms to the talent you have - it doesn't. BYU has two great receivers who never get to touch the ball because no one can throw to them. Doman can tinker all he wants but the only fix is a new coach ... and new QB.

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