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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

Easy fix for the offense. Bench Riley, a glorified linebacker playing QB. And play, hill. Call up heaps and apologize for picking Riley over him. Playing Riley has been the biggest mistake in cougs history. Alex Kuresa could lead the cougs past, hawaii, weber state, and washington state easily with a W. so lets put in Taysom please, and get back to winning some games. against teams in the top 25, not teams from the wac

sacramento, ca

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....same ol song and dance. Are you kidding me, all I hear is excuses. This pathetic O starts with the pathetic OC. These coaches are pathetic, they decide who play and right now, they are banking on a guy that is hurt, are you kidding me. C'mon Doman, find another job and please take Weber with you.

South Jordan, UT

I respect Brandon Doman as a player and a coach and dislike all this trash talk about him. In fact "talk is cheap!" He actually should have a QB coach and not have to do dual jobs, but that is not his fault.

My suggestion to Coach Doman is: While you are "toughening up the O line", please work on "toughening up" the play calling from the booth. Be creative and imaginative and not so predictable. Please don't play Riley Nelson this game. Let him heal for Utah State. Why continue to have him get banged up and then possibly be out for the season? Let Hill play and get experience. He is young, eager, and very good. Riley can be a cheerleader on the sideline. He is always involved in the game on or off the field!

Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

While I am sure much more took place at practice than revealed to the media. However, it's hard to imagine that great strides can take place over the course of the next two weeks, after spring and fall practices have gotten the offense to this mediocre point.

I am very surprised at the number of times we read about the loud crowd noise disrupting their efforts. Geez, what do they it's like at Notre Dame and SEC or ACC schools stadiums? Oh, wait, they're going to find out in a few weeks/

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

The problem is if they start Hill, or play him more...like in an overtime, and he does well, that will make the coaches look bad and more fans will want Hill over Riley. I don't think Hill we be allowed to show what he can do, just as they put the brakes on Lark when he came in and did well. Bronco will protect Riley at all cost...he fields punts you know.

Temecula, CA

The BYU Winning Plan: Play Hill. Fire Doman! Against Utah at least 7 off tackle QB options for ZERO yards! Then calling for a 2pt conversion on a Touchdown at Boise St? Give us a break. Get Hill ready to play and hope he progresses fast or at least he is ready for next year's tougher schedule. He will have 3 wideouts and two real Tight Ends to throw too next year!

South Jordan, UT

I'm not too worried about the QB situation. If Riley's healthy play him if not Hill will do good enough against Hawaii especially with some starter's rep under his belt.

What concerns me is this offensive line. Pretty sure the girl's soccer team plays rougher and tougher than this group of guys. We have a stable of stud RB's and they're being wasted.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

What type of comment is this: "That's why he got the offense together on Monday and told players they have to practice harder, execute better, score sooner, be nastier and more determined with a greater sense of urgency." The issue is the play calling and management of the offensive game by the OC and the Head Coach. When will the AD get involved with this trainwreck and get things going. This has happened the last 2 weeks. Yes, there are QB's there that can run an offense but the OC needs to be able to call plays and manage the game plan. I have seen the Cougars now on TV and in person. I am not sure things are going to turn around anytime soon. I would not look past Hawaii at this point, after that, the schedule does not look pretty.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

DN, why did you censure my last post?

Is it because I called these posters vultures and I would rather sit in the middle of the MUSS completely decked in all my BYU garb than to be associated with this bunch of anonamous bunch of vindictive buzzards?

Maybe it would have helped if I gave my real name. I'm Mike Brame, class of 85 ish.

This isn't thoughtful football debate, and it isn't even smack. If most of you had the chance to say to the face of the coach or player the things you are blathering here, you'd snivel away quicker than suspended boy after the Utah game.

I am ashamed, but not of Riley, not of the coaches, not of the team. I am ashamed of the people posting here and posing as fans.


BYUalum - Have you seen a BYU game? Doman is the OC and is in the booth. The Unofficial QB's coach is Max Hall (Grad Assistant). He is the one on the field coach the QB's. Really what needs to happen is this... #1. Weber needs to go. O-line has been going down hill since he started...Lance R needs to take his place. The guy can fix anything that is broken..I love Lance R. #2.Then a real OC and a REAL QB coach needs to be hired and come up with an offensive scheme that will not pigeon hole BYU with only a running QB. Doman was a good player however he thrived under Gary who loved the running QB and he like Max Hall does not really know how to read a defense...Doman needs to be mentored just like everyone else and a good solid QC would help that. #3. Players need to be to play because of their talent...not their toughness and leadership...toughness and leadership can be taught...talent can't. #4.It maybe close to be collecting a short list of HC candidates in the next two years.

Washington, UT

In 1984 Robbie Bosco played hurt, but did not hurt the team, he played great dragging that leg around against Michigan. But Nelson hurt the team against Utah and for certain against Boise; he couldn't run, he couldn't throw, he couldn't keep the ball out of Boise's hands--he hurt the team. Come on coach, this is a no-brainer. Sit Nelson for this week, no contact, no pads, no nothing; let the guy heal. If he doesn't heal, then we've given Hill some important experience, experience he's going to need over the next five weeks.

Richland, WA

Practice is not part of the record. New OC

Draper, UT

Is this whole program infected with Bronco business book speak? "I am the leader, so I'm master of the design. You are perfectly designed to get the results that you get, and the results we are getting are not what we want so we have to change the design." What? While that my be conceptually true, how about some English? Bronco is ultimately accountable because he's the head coach. He should be highly involved in this. Why is it every year by the third or fourth game the coaches are "soul searching" and "realize they are accountable"? How about some straight talk. We aren't good and offensively we are going to pick a philosophy and stick with it. Get an OC who hasn't run option his whole life.

Agree with another poster, blah, blah, blah, blah. Riley Nelson is an incredibly tough, outstanding individual. He's not a D1 QB. Move on. Get rid of the option to the boundary side. Start throwing the ball. Taysom would have been in a pro-style offense at Stanford and would have been great. Do the same at BYU. Get to a creative pro style offense.

Salt Lake City, UT

The offense won't be fixed until it is back to what it once was. In the "good old days", if we had the ball and 2 minutes left in the game, there was no doubt that we could score the winning touchdown. Now, we have an entire game and are lucky to score once. Doman's definition of offense does not match the traditional definition of offense at BYU. BRING BACK BYU'S TRADITIONAL OFFENSE!!!!! Anything less and the fans will not be satisfied!

Murray, UT

Accountable???!!!! Since when has anyone been held accountable and changes made because they were found lacking at that place down south? Doman, rest easy. Bronco isn't going to fire you because he can't do your job and doesn't even have the interest to try. By the way, the two of you ought to get together some time just for fun. Get your stories straight at least.

And do you think you are out-foxing Norm this week by not letting on who will start on Friday? Get real. Hawaii has no defense but lucky for Norm they won't need one against us. We beat ourselves long before the team ever runs out on the field and the diehards start beating their chests, pretending we are world-beaters.

This is all so pathetic. A real administration would've let these inept guys go long ago. Instead, we continue to wallow in less than mediocrity since that's perfectly acceptable down south.

Tokyo, Japan

Having only read the headline, I'm assuming that Brandon Doman has resigned...

Cinci Man

I see that BYU coaches believe that BYU played well against WSU. I didn't see it that way. I saw the WSU is a very bad team and BYU was just enough better to win the game. This past weekend Colorado, arguably one of the very worst teams in college football beat WSU. So BYU is at the level of CU, arguabkly one of the worst teams in college football. Beating WSU and Weber State (0-4) will not move BYU ahead of many lower tier teams. They need to beat Utah and Boise St. Oops. Now I see the problem!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Doman is going to be a good Offensive Coordinator. I'm not giving up on the guy yet.

Apo and the other kid are being wasted (see, I can't even remember his name). If Riley is limited, he shouldn't play. If you want to use your receivers, go with Lark. Otherwise, let this Hill kid loose.

I love Riley's heart. But a healthy Riley is probably bearly good enough. A limited Riley is not.

Danbury, CT

The best thing you could do to help the offense is turn in your papers and let someone with experience take the job. Why we took a guy with no experience whatsoever to run our offense is a mystery.

However, I know a great coach that's available: Ty Detmer.

Herriman, UT

After all the positive spin that can be placed on "if" and "could have been" the bottom line is that the offense is not prepared to play.
It appears that Riley is hurt, continue to play him at a mediocre level or hold him out to heal up? Play him hurt and risk losing him for the season?
Everyone wants to see the new guy play, granted I think he is great too. Didn't we go down this road with Heaps? If we play the new guy without bringing him up in the system and getting his feet on the ground may prove to do the same thing as happened with Jake.
We have a back up quarterback that can throw the ball down field. We have a few long threat receivers that can get down field. We have another bunch of tight ends, backs etc to catch the ball in the flat. Why aren't we using them?
I believe that Lark could do the job just fine and give Taysom some reps to help him get firmly planted in the position of Quarterback for next season.
Hopefully these questions can be answered this week.

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