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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

Thanks for the love Edwards and DNEWS. After Logan's shakey win over Roy would of thought the CATS would be higher? Oh well expect another lopsided win for the CATS against Highland Friday. Go WX!! Go CATS!!

Bountiful, UT

As an avid Woods Cross fan, I myself ask why you dont calm down a bit, JustSayin? They are having an awesome, exciting year. But no need to worry about rankings. They will prove their worth on the field.

Provo, UT

just sayin, ya man just wait for playoffs

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Highland!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Where is BigBenzo88??

Last week Bingham, Timpview, Lone Peak and Mountain Crest were all "suspect". Yet they all won.

Orem, UT

@ Just Sayin': WX is #11 in the overall ranking. What are you complaining about?! WX is good but they beat up on a winless Clearfield team. I am curious...of the ten schools ahead of WX, who do you think doesn't belong?! I like WX--they seem ranked about right to me (somewhare between 11-15).

Orem, UT

"just sayin": While Logan did struggle with Roy, the Royals are much better than Clearfield---Roy beat the Falcons 42-9 the first week of the season!

The Top-25 poll isn't perfect but it's not too far off what most people think. The differnece between WX, Bountiful, Herriman, Mt. Crest. and even Highland is minimal. All of those teams had similar Parry's PG ratings last week.

Just wait...East's last three games are at Bountiful, at Highland, and at Logan. WX still has Highland, Bountiful and Olympus. Those are all tough matchups.

Provo, UT

@Parry is a Farce
Well knowing Benzo and his boundless option he most will likely say he won't mind going 8-2and then winning two more playoff games. But man that loss really hurt Herriman. They are not even mentioned is the coaches poll on KSL.

Orem, UT

@ Benzo
Sorry to see Herriman drop a close one to Skyline. I think they will rebound quickly.

Herriman, UT

I didn't know I had such a following...LOL!!! It was a disappointing loss, but both losses by Herriman have been the result of a failure by Herriman more than being outplayed by Riverton or Skyline.

I would prefer Herriman to be 6-0,2-0 and they should very easily be there. The prestige of being Region 7 Champs has an appeal to it...and in fact depending on how Herriman vs Olympus and Skyline vs Olympus turn out...Herriman could still win the Region 7.

In regards to the playoffs...some unique scenarios are created. Since Region 7 is paired with Region 6...if Herriman gets the #1 seed...using current standings...they would be in line to play home games against Highland and Orem...teams they have already beat...and then advance to Rice-Eccles to play East. If Herriman gets the #2 seed...they would play Woods Cross at home and then travel to Timpview and then play Logan or Bountiful at Rice-Eccles.

#1 seed would almost guarantee a trip to Rice-Eccles, while a #2 seed would be a harder path but result in a less difficult opponent in the semi-finals.

Orem, UT

I looked at the UHSAA website at the playoff brackets...Region 6 is paired with Region 7, while Region 5&8 are paired together.

Region 6 (East, Bountiful, WX, Highland) vs Region 7 (Oly, Skyline, Herriman, W-lake)
Region 5 (Logan, BE, MC, Roy) vs. Region 8 (Tview, Orem, MMtn,T-nogas)

I give the edge to Regions 5 & 6 in nearly all the matchups.

Provo, UT

i think whoever could be the second seed team in region 8 could be legit and make it to the quarters.

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