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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

Excellent article. These are the results documented. No disrespect to Riley Nelson who is a terrific individual. There is a reason he was lightly recruited out of high school. And, Mr. Shoemaker, it's a shame you never had the shot you earned.

Layton, UT

It's time to bring some of the boys from the 80s back to coach the team.
We need a Steve Young coaching quarterbacks. We need our great receivers coaching. etc. More than likely they would love to do it.

There was a day when BYU passed first and always. The pass set up the run. They beat great teams doing that... Remember the Miami game??? We need to get back to hard nosed fly boy ball and a swagger that says "we are going to score and you have to out score us if you are going to win." We have lost that swagger. Time to bring it back.

Ontario, CA

I agree with this article. As much as i like riley, he doesn't have the skill set to beat big teams. Also, domans play calling is killing me. We have sooo much talent on this byu team that we don't even take advantage of. Instead we just run the option or a quarterback draw.

Clovis, Ca

Every comment stated thus far would be far better than what we are probably going to see on Friday. Unfortunate and sad. I like Coach Mendenhall, his defense is amazing, but he needs to make mulitple changes on offense now.


In general the poor passing decisions that Riley makes aren't enough to help the poor teams beat BYU, but against better teams those poor passing decisions become decisive and often result in points.

At the same time simply replace Riley with Lark or Hill is a little simplistic. BYU's o-line is still a problem with the better teams; trick running plays and 2 second quarterback pass decisions would need to be the norm for any of the quarterbacks.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

If Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles part ways at the end of this season, could Big Red find his way to Provo?
Rumor was that he was the first choice when Bronco was finally hired.
See Vai Sikahema's column this week. Real progress might come only with a new head coach.

Cedar Hills, UT

Neither - How about give Lark a try? Couldn't be much worse. For next season I would bring in a new Offensive coordinator and then go get a JC transfer for Spring ball.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Lark, Lark, Lark! I pay to see the offense play as good as the defense and that will only happen with Lark. Let him call his own plays since no one else seems to have a grip on it.

Frisco, TX

BYU should have / could have beat Utah and BSU even if Nelson played like he did against TCU or Tulsa (neither of which were great). However, his play against the Utes and Broncos was the worst I've seen him play.

Please play Hill or Lark against Hawaii and give Nelson some time to heal. Bring Nelson back against USU and if he continues to struggle, get Hill or Lark back in there.

I don't think BYU can beat ND regardless of QB. I'm also doubtful against Oregon State. But I'm still optimistic about our chances against USU and GT. I think our defense gives us a chance in both games, but we need more offense than we've gotten the past two weeks.

Temecula, CA

It's time to say thank you to Riley, start Hill and build for next season. Next years schedule is tougher and offers a chance(small) for national recognition! Don't start a unproven Sophmore Hill next year with a stable of good receivers and tight ends. Start Hill now let him learn the offense(hopefully quickly) and build for the next three years now. If not next year will be a disaster with the schedule!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Start Lark. He's worked hard. Hill is too young and Nelson cannot compete.

newhall, CA

It has everything to do with the offensive coordinator and frankly this offense is offensive to the eyes. Doman is a nice guy, but he is NOT a good coach, especially as offensive coordinator. BYU needs to find and hire one with a proven record. Doman should resign and go work for a JC for at least 5 years then maybe he might be ready for Division I. What was so disappointing about the Boise State loss is the call to go for two when an extra point would have sufficed and then overtime. Obviously Bronco was thinking too much. He might be a great motivator, but he really does choke in big games. BYU is a mediocre team with a mediocre coaching staff with mediocre QBs

Prep Fanatic
Los Angeles, CA

And thus we finally can see that Jake Heaps got screwed for Riley Nelson! Last year, Jake played against the competition, while Riley got to cruise to the end of the season playing the bottom feeders of the WAC. Jake also would have had great numbers against that competition as well. Bronco has a love affair going for Riley Nelson, and that is why he will continue to start for the remainder of the season. I too agree, that it is time that we say thank you to Riley, and turn over the keys to Lark or Hill. I belive Lark also has gotten screwed at the Y, and I give him props for sticking it out. Doman needs to be fired, as well as Bronco. Bronco is a great defensive coordinator, but not a head coach. If BYU continues to lose, I predct that allot of alumni's will get involved to replace the coach. ESPN also said on national
tv, that BYU is wasting talented wideouts in order to run the option. BYU has no faith in the passing game. Bring back the BYU of old, and throw thr football!

Omaha, NE

Some coaches can't bring themselves to make the right decision. The other option is just schedule mid majors and boast how many you win.

Pleasant Grove, UT

You have to go with HIll, I like Lark but we are talking about game experience for next year. BYU will get their 6 games and go to the same bowl as if they win out the rest of their games this year. It is all about getting Hill ready for next year, or it will be uglier than this year and then I can listen to all the BYU fans call for Bronce's job.

Logan, UT

We blew it, we should have kept heaps!

Layton, UT

Are you trying to get the poor kid killed? The O-line is having problems snapping the ball and not jumping before the snap. They haven't graduated to advanced skills like run, pass, field goal kicking (or any other) blocking yet. They couldn't even protect Nelson against Weber State.

Nelson has got hurt due to the sub-average O-line that isn't competative. But don't you remember how they were less fat, a little fast (jumping) and "they look better."

Whoever is QBing doesn't matter with that O-line, but don't kill the future. Let the Seniors play. A freshman isn't getting any experience when the other team is constantly putting the QB or RB on their backsides. Put the Seniors in. It will allow them to run around, until the line gets fixed.

Farmington, UT

And thus we see that everyone is a coach.

65,000 coaches and "officials" watch every home game in Provo. But that's your right when you buy a ticket.

The O-line has contributed more than it's share of woes this season already. Is it coaching, or lack of the same? Very possibly........

Saint George, UT

Haven't we seen enough of what can happen when a freshman gets too much shoveled on his plate too soon?
Start Lark. He's earned it. He's worked for it. He's ready and able. This weeks game against Hawaii is a perfect time to do it. Nevada's run and pass game shredded the Bows with less talent. Hill has three more years to do his thing. James has a partial season and should be given the shot.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Nice article, but Riley's record is much worse than indicated. Even against the weaker teams he has thrown passes that should have been accepted and fumbled balls that were recovered. The problem is what does he really contribute other than fielding punts which apparently is very important to some on the coaching staff? I've read about his "leadership" but I don't accept this as real. Certainly he is a loud mouth and may on occasion inspire other players but that time has long since passed. How can he inspire either the defense or offense given his propensity to lose the ball and his lack of both throwing and running ability? No matter much raw raw he may give his team mates, they don't enjoy loosing. Riley has been used poorly. We would have been far better off with Jake Heaps, MVP of the New Mexico Bowl, starting and Riley filling in at certain spots. Had Jake been supported and guided by the coaches as he should have been, last year would have gone better and this year would have been spectacular.

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