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Published: Monday, Sept. 24 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Coach Biff
Lehi, UT


High Point, NC

I agree with everything except this:

It would have been different if anyone but Nelson were under center.

Riley was personally responsible for NINE turnovers in BYU's last 3 losses going back to TCU. The last 2 were 1 possession games, TCU was 10 points. Turnovers take points off of the board.

Hill and Lark have shown that they can at LEAST get the ball down field...


Thank You! We finally have some common sense being stated about the qb situation in Provo. Nelson as stated is a below average qb against good competition. He continues to struggle when really challenged and he makes countless mistakes and takes gambles that rarely pay off. If we are looking big picture, which at times is hard to do. Then Hill must be our guy. I doubt that Jim Harbaugh (old Stanford coach) saw a mediocre qb when he offered Hill a scholarship out of college. Harbaugh is a qb guru and knew he could turn Hill into something special. The only question is does BYU have the coaching to do so?

Loveland, CO

why are we not also hearing about Doman and his play calling? That is second string in my book. if I have to watch another running of the option where we lose 5 yds, I may just feed my Y jersey to the chickens. Let's be honest - this is not all Riley. Doman is calling plays that don't seem to fit the talent base. You've got two hugely talented, NFL level wide outs (Apo and Hoffman) who get 2 or 3 throws a game? Seriously? Do some bootlegs, have Riley run out and give the WRs a chance to dominate. Ditto for Friel/TEs. Instead, we run the option 15 times and use Apo and Hoffman as blockers? Bush league

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Give Riley a baseball cap and let he and Hall help the other quarterbacks do what Nelson never will, win a big one!

St. George, UT

Spot on!!! Get Hill in there now to give him experience. Nelson, if it is possible, is very overrated. He hasn't done much against quality opponents. (While we're at it. Can we replace the O-coordinator with someone? Please!!!!!!!!)

Tucson, AZ

Amen Grouper! BYU should fire Doman just like they did Jaime Hill a few seasons ago and let anyone else take over OC duties because Doman couldn't call a decent play to save his life. He likes to run the option so much because it was so succesful when he was running it at BYU. Well, Doman there is a reason for that it is called Luke Staley.

Can we please can the Riley Nelson experience? It was great to get one decent come from behind victory from him last year (Utah St.). However, by giving us that one victory, we handed him the keys to the team and he has single handedly cost us three games (TCU, Utah, and Boise St.). Anyone knows that any of our qb's last year and this year could have beaten the teams Riley Nelson helped us beat (2011 - San Jose State, Oregon St., Idaho St., Idaho, Hawaii, & Tulsa, 2012 - Wash. St. and Weber St.)

I just hope the coaches don't play him this week to give us this false sense of security going into the Utah St. game because any qb will have a good game against Hawaii this week.

Salt Lake City, UT

James Lark has paid his dues. Time to give him a chance. Put in Hill for his "package" but make Lark the starter and let's get our WR's going and go over the top! I don't want to see the Y devolve into a spread, run first offense.

Murray, utah

Personally I would like to see Lark start the next two games. He has shown talent in the past for passing and has better than average running skills. Since when did BYU become a running team? We certainly don't have the O-line for it. I think the 2 point try last Thursday night would have worked if the BSU nose tackle hadn't been in our backfield. The O-line is just plain bad. I think Hill could be used for several plays in each of these games for a change up while Lark has the majority of the snaps. Riley is great in many ways but unfortunately being a big time QB isn't one of them, healthy or not.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Play them all on a rotating basis.

Everett, WA

1) Although Hill absolutely looks like he would be an improvement, it won't happen if Nelson is "healthy." Bronco has already stated and committed to a "healthy" Nelson after the last game. That is a Coaching Problem.

2) Even if Hill does play, and plays amazingly well, he likely won't be able to win the bigger games against ND & GT due to the poor offensive schemes and play calling. The passing game promised by these coaches have been completely abandoned. Again, another Coaching Problem.

Coaches should be graded for how they perform against worthy competition. Worthy competition is definitely top 25 material (ND, Boise St) but also includes teams that are closer to our own player talent level & abilities (Utah, Utah St, Oregon St, Georgia Tech). If coaches lose 50% or more of these games, a few years in a row (which they already have), they should be in serious trouble.

Spanish Fork, UT

Disagree on the fact that we would have the same record with any of the qb's. I think they play any of the other qb's and BYU is 4-0 this year. Riley is the reason BYU is not undefeated this year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Start Lark and please stop running the option. We lose more yardage than we gain.

Nampa, ID

The season didn't turn around because of Nelson last year. It turned around because we finally got a Alisa at running back. Heaps and Nelson were crap because there was no running game. When Alisa stepped in, the Defense had to paly both the run and the pass.

But I think you guys are right with Doman. The dude isn't a very good play caller. He needs to go. I think we need to keep Bronco because of the Defense he puts out there, but Doman is not a very good OC at all.


Nelson is clearly rattled in the big games, and he looks completely lifeless and dejected. Alternate Lark and Hill. Start using the big receivers and TEs. Mix things up because clearly our O-line and QB are not getting the job done. I love BYU football but this is painful to see, especially with what could be possible

Spanish Fork, UT

Love to get Paul's take on this: Why not start James Lark -- more reps in passing -- and bring in Hill sparingly as needed, get him time, but let Lark be the consistency? Sounds unworkable especially for a coach who rarely is bendable. Anyone who would let a student-athlete determine whether he'll start by the look in his eye and him saying he's healthy enough would make a 2 pt conversion call when unnecessary.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Lose the option. It has been a disaster!! BYU has recurited both WR and OL to pass the football. Now all the sudden we are an option team. (A bad one at that) Not working and any deadhead can see that. Hill is a huge improvement over Nelson because he is taller, quicker, with a quicker release. However, the small sample of playing time shows he is the same type of QB. I hope to give Lark, who is a drop back and pass the ball up the field type of QB, a chance and evaluate him on his results. If he fails, we have the young, quick Hill to go back to with two seniors on the bench if needed. Let's give the WR's (and fans) something to be excitd about. Does anyone remember what BYU football looks like?

Murray, Utah

O-line, O-line, O-line. I know we're trying to create a QB controversy here, but I'm more interested in how many seconds the QB had to make his reads in those losses compared to wins AND if the O-line was able to generate a ground game against those teams. I think you'd be hard pressed to say ANY QB would do very well if the O-line couldn't generate a ground game and only gave them 2 or less seconds of pass protection.

Somewhere, UT

Most teams that run the wildcat bring in a different type of player to run the play. BYU brings in the same type of player (only better) to run the play. This does nothing to get the defense on their heels they simply run the same defense they would have. It is time to start Lark or Munns and use the teams best asset, Hoffman, Apo, Friel and company. It is sad when your opponents say that they look more like BYU than BYU because BYU. Keep using Hill in the wildcat to get him some experience.

Spanish Fork, UT

There seems to be an assumption that Hill can't throw. That he is just a bigger, faster Riley. Not True.

Hill did pull up tight on his first few passes, but he has tons of arm strength and has much more natural passing ability than Riley. Give him a few starts and I expect he would settle down nicely.

I like Lark and wish he could have had his chance. But it doesn't make sense to invest in him starting now.

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