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Published: Sunday, Sept. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

Just as the children of Abraham so many years ago, the people in our country wanted to be like the other countries with the liberal laws and lower moral standards than their religion allowed under their type of rule, law, and order.

We are coming into a position where we already robbed Peter to pay Paul, as Congress has been borrowing from the "overpaid" Social Security sacred funds taken from people's pay checks for two generations. The "baby-boomers" wouldn't ever become retirement age as the "Woodstock" generation would fade away and no collect on their "Social Security" process. However, due to the great medical programs we have and the disability, Medicare, Medicaid and great additional state and local programs, private and public, we have people living beyond the 1930 Social Security life-span. Congressmen and women who started the process of taking from those funds to pay for other government programs are now six-feet deep. The rest of us have a government that is 20 feet deep in debt. People are paying now for wanting to be like their neighbor countries instead of being the country of our Founding Fathers. In 240 years, we forgot them.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

If you pay for something, you’re entitled to it. The arithmetic being used to say the nation cannot afford the current system is a bogus argument for not making good on the investments of wage earners. Sustainability is a matter of priorities and commitment. But Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan, and others mask their social restructuring agenda in cause-serving manipulation of the numbers. We’re capable of doing the math ourselves.

Kaysville, UT

Fiduciary responsibility falls squarely on the Government and that involves auditing, scrutiny, and other accepted forms of control. Both bureaucratic and elected officials have the requirements on their shoulders to ensure a safety net for the people that entrust them to make reliable judgements for our future. The system is not to be a Lehman Brothers and AIG type of process. Anything can be bought from those companies but not necessarily what someone wants in 40 years after working and inputting a lot of trust in the government.

I do not trust individuals as power corrupts. There needs to be a system that is not corruptible. When Social Security was started it was not designed to be robbed to pay current bills or expand government at the cost of those who paid into the Social Security system. The trust of those who robbed went with them to the grave. We still have some of those that robbed while in their elected and appointed government offices knew the bill would come due sooner or later. Sooner is now here and I am glad for people like Romney/Ryan who will look at this and hopefully will not become politicized by robbers.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


".....When Social Security was started it was not designed to be robbed to pay current bills or expand government at the cost of those who paid into the Social Security system....."

Precisely. But as long as the Social Security trust fund after all the doomsayer's hullabaloo about its impending insolvency is STILL being dipped into to pay off program deficits, guys like and Romney and Ryan are going to find me a hard sell in persuading that current entitlements are not sustainable. Especially when they start calling for a two trillion dollar increase in defense spending beyond what the Pentagon is asking for.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Idaho Falls, ID
My point in sharing these real life scenarios is simply to illustrate the ironies of the system, the waste and abuse that goes on. I don't have the answers as to "how" it should be done, but the system needs to be tightened up so that the help goes to those who really need it and that our tax dollars don't get fed to the ducks.
8:34 a.m. Sept. 24, 2012


Let me get this straight you are worried and outraged about your neighbors "wasting" your tax dollars feeding a few ducks?

For the life of me, I can't honestly imagine how you must be feeling right now about the $2 Trillion for Middle Eastern wars.
[FYI; For a little perspective -- that equates to every man, woman, and child in America each feeding a loaf of bread every single day to ducks for the next 20 years, and that's without paying the interest. But I haven't heard your outrage about that.]

Talk about irony.

Idaho Falls, ID

LDS Liberal...of course I'm outraged at overspending in every case. Some aspects of the wars were unfortunate but not totally unnecessary. Right now I'm outraged at so many things the current POTUS has done that I can't fit it all into the space alloted by DN. But that's not what we're discussing at the moment. May I refer you back to the topic of the article? Entitlement reform.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

OK then --

I'm for a Flat tax.
But uber-Rich like Romney don't want one. Why?
Because it takes away all the Deductable goodies they become entitled too gor decades.

When 1% owns 80% of everything, they need to pay 80% of the taxes.

That's HOW a Flat system works.

The RICH tell you not to change it, and scare the "little people" into not supporting it.
So, the Middle class ends up getting cobblered.

Romney's tax releases so far prove my point.
They one he's keeping hidden would spark a American version of the French Revolution.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" again with the lies.

Lets look again at the stats on the top 1%. According to the NY Times and various other sources the top 1% own 40% of the wealth in the US. However, we do not tax people based on their wealth, but their income. If we look at their income, they take home 16% of all income in the US.

Ok, now we know how much they own, and how much they earn. Lets look at what percent they pay of all federal income taxes. According to the the IRS, those same top 1% pay 40.4% of all income taxes in 2011. So, according to your reasoning, the rich pay their fair share. If you base it on income they pay more than their fair share.

Since they pay their fair share according to your standards, does this mean that you will no longer complain about the taxes that the wealthy pay?

Can you please pass that along to Obama.

Does 20% of your income go to Federal income taxes?

Do you also promise a chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway?

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't believe that half of all Americans don't pay taxes. it has not been proven at all! Besides, there is something wrong here if there are that many people with no money! When the Wal Mart family owns more of our country than 40% of of our population, and we are giving them all the tax breaks, there is something wrong! Who are the ones with entitlements? So, it makes sense to say that the people who have the least are the ones causing all the problems? Gee whiz, I guess most of us should expect nothing , should we! They are talking about us~! It isn't your poor neighbor that they refer to. Take a look at the wars we have had! Do you think that may have contributed to our financial problems? What about all those wealthy bankers and the automobile industry. I guess that didn't hurt our economy either? Maybe if big business would pay a fair wage, we wouldn't have so many poor people. HAve you ever thought of that. Something is wrong with this story!

John C. C.
Payson, UT


You believe that an increase in capital gains tax will stifle job creation. Wrong. Historical data show that, allowing for a 6-year lag between the cuts in the capital gains taxes and the resulting unemployment, the low rates begun during the Bush era are actually behind the last two decades of job stagnation. Google "capital gains correlation unemployment" and you will find plenty of rhetoric on both sides but little evidence on yours.

If corporate bigwigs see a big difference between regular tax rates and capital gains rates, they start sucking money out of their companies by exercising stock options, etc., so they can enjoy a lifestyle fueled by high, low-tax incomes. Their businesses stagnate and do NOT create jobs.

Today's capital gains tax rates are the lowest they have ever been in over a century, except for the years preceding the Great Depression.


Roland Kayser: What would you do to bring our medical expenses back in line, or make them comparable to the rest of the 'developed' world? Maybe first off would be some form of tort reform?!

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