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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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You mad, brad?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

At USC they are suspending reporters who report what they see if it involves injuries. First offense is two weeks shut out of team practice. I take it if you keep it up, the sanctions become more onerous. Pretty soon journalists will be running gassers and doing pushups because they've upset the coach.

I hope Larry can step in and put some sanity back in the system before this gets ugly.

West Jordan, Utah

Whttingham is "alright with it if everyone else complies". Everbody never always comlies. Lokk at Bill Belicheck in the NFL. At least Mike Leach says before hand he won't comply.

Being forced to list injuries is not really needed for the fans except for fantasy football in the NFL, and all the money that involves buying a ticket to see someone play that won't.

In college, I think it benefits deeper squads to have a rule put in place to list injuries. If a star player at Washington State is out, teams can prepare entirely different, knowing that Washington State will have a major weak link to expose. But even with deeper teams, a QB injury is almost always something you want to hide.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I get where Whittingham's coming from 100%. Not only does a team with a major injury suffer by not having the player play, but any last advantage is lost when the other team can also game plan against that news.
Whittingham has said he's all for disclosing injuries as long as it's a rule that other teams must do the same. It makes total sense, make sure everyone is playing by the same rules, otherwise hold that card close to your vest.
I understand why Brad Rock is bugged by this and trying to take cheap shots - he's part of the media. But come on Rock, acting as if million dollar boosters are going to be up in arms over a decision that Whittingham feels is important to WINNING GAMES is flat out ridiculous. All any Ute fan cares about is Whittingham doing what it takes within the rules to win games.
Until there's a rule in place, I'm all for keeping the injury thing a mystery. Nice job as always Kyle, keep up the good work!


Rock-So What, it's none of your business until kickoff. It's part of the game.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

David Locke criticized Whit for violating HIPPA laws but the media keeps asking about injuries. Maybe if you guys (the media) realized they can't talk about other people's injuries, you would get over yourselves.

Holladay, UT

Brad you are always unhappy about something that is none, yes none of your business.
You represent you. Okay you're a writer, but you stay in your area and let coach stay in his.
You change more than the wind. Today one attitude, tomorrow another. Coach is consistent.

Idaho Falls, ID

The PAC is such a clown show!

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