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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Does anyone know the last time byu beat a team that ended up in the top 25?


Want to know how I knew byu would lose last night?

Boise is a good team.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow. Even Vai is second-guessing Pony Boy.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"It can be done because it has been done"

I disagree complete.

25 years ago Lavell was ahead of the times and his offensive schemes could make up for BYU's lack of true athletes.

Unless a byu coach can find a way to revolutionize the game, yes winning a championship and having firesides ARE mutually exclusive.


You think BYU will EVER have the talent to complete with the likes of Alabama(as Utah did), Florida, LSU, Oregon, USC?



Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu fans will look back at how close you were to a BCS game after this season.

Other than the loss to Utah
and boise
and notre dame
and georgia tech
and utah state
and Oregon state

Other than those - you had a BCS game in your reach!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Home schedule is greatly improved. The Y now has a chance to upset Utah State and Oregon and the last game of the season should be a classic with arch rival and independent foe, Idaho!

Can BYU say "buy-out"? ESPN surely can.

Sandy, Utah

You're a good guy Vai, but I'm constantly surprised to see how hard you try to stir the mud without success. On the 2 pt conversion play, it WAS a run pass option. Most likely they were planning on Hill running it, they just were planning on Stringham forgetting he was supposed to block on the play and allowing Boise's d-end for force Hill wide and attempt a longer pass. They tried what you thought they should try....

Saint George, Utah

Brave comments especially when you know coaches so well. This offence doesn't look like BYU of Old, it plays out like Skyline HS. Riley Nelson was clearly rattled and reckless in his play. Trying to run over LBs is insane when your trying to move the ball and you're the general. Those defenders will take you out in one hit. QBs job is to move the chains. It requires patience in the pocket to throw.

The fact of the program is not just coaching, but it's recruiting. You have have the players. This issue about Lark not even getting a chance is arguable. However, what are you going to tell recruits?? At the other schools here in Utah; the best kid plays. I hear of a lot of politicizing within BYU. Should every kid have a chance on the field?? The reputation with some players is the coaches are not as honest with their kids as other programs. Would you want your kid going there?? Depends on which coach.

Chandler, AZ

Wow Vai, that was a little harsh. I get the frustration, beleive me, since we have to read Chrissy B's ridiculous comments and his constant hate, but I'm not sure I am with you on the comparison to Lavell. This is a different era and a different college football environment. I don't think the comparison works.

Having said that, the biggest issue for me was, why no on-sides kick attempt after the botched 2-pt attempt? Did the coaching staff just hang their heads and shut down?

Also, just how long do we put up with Doman "learning" how to be an Offensive Coordinator and "installing" his lousy offense? C'mon man, it's like Unlce Rico re-living his HS glory days.

Sandy, Utah

@Chris B, time to go for a walk or rewatch a Utah BCS game or something.... Your comments are not nearly as witty as you seem to think with all your "LOL"s and what not...

Salt Lake City, UT

The thought that BYU can win another title because they won in 1984 is like saying Spain could again become the most powerful country because you read about the Siglo de Oro. As long as BYU enforces the honor code, they will never win a title.

Alaskan Ute
Fairbanks, AK

Wow - strong comments. Bronco must be feeling the heat today. Vai's correct though - huge mistake not to kick the extra point, failing program, etc. I repsect the fact that Vai would be so blunt.

Murray, Utah

"Why not roll him out on a run-pass option and let him choose Boise State's fate?"

Uh, Vai, given your knowledge and experience of the game, you may know better, but to THIS particular fan it looked like that play WAS going to be a run-pass option until #99 of Boise State ran BYU's right guard 8 yards into the backfield like nothing.

Sandy, UT

Chrissy B - obsessed much ? Get a life and worry about how you lowlife team will do on Sat.

Vai - BYU's ESPN contract is for 8 yrs. Don't need to worry about a new contract in year 2.

South Jordan, Utah

Chris B - your comments are getting old, although I don't know what you said. Without fail I see your name and pass by the post without reading it.

As far as Vai is concerned, I am disappointed in your 2-point analysis. The call was clearly for Hill to roll out, with the option to run or throw. Unfortunately, his offensive line did a horrible job protecting him and the play was doomed from the start.

I have watched BYU sports for many years and remember all too well the "vanilla" label applied to Edwards. The fans used to get upset becasue Edwards was too predictable. He never took a chance or took a risk. It was refreshing, even thought it failed, to see BYU go for 2. I support Bronco 100% in that decision.

BYU had the momentum, the first time all night, and I liked our chances at a 2-point conversion versus sending the game into overtime. However, not even OT was guaranteed. There was still well over 3 minutes remaining when BYU scored - ample time for Boise to score again.

Bronco made the right call in my humble opinion.

Provo, UT

@Runner, I thought the same thing about onside kicks, both in this game and the Utah game, but when they didn't even mention it as an option during the post game show, I knew something was up. The NCAA changed the rules this year and basically made the onsides kick impossible to execute successfully.

Somewhere, UT

The two point conversion was completely the wrong call. BYU had finally moved the ball on offense and the defense played lights out all night, take your chances and go for OT. Boise obviously didn't want the game to come down to field goals. As a coach you have to know what your teams strengths are, for BYU right now that strength is defense so let them try to win the game. If they were going to go for 2 they should have at least run the play away from #99 he played a fantastic game and blew up the play forcing Hill to pass. I think he really wanted to run but was forced to far back off the line.

Saint George, UT

I usually find myself agreeing with Vai.


I can't remember any sports team ever signing a contract where they guaranteed a certain level of performance. ESPN are big boys. ESPN and BYU signed a contract because it was good for both parties.

Albany, NY

Vai hits it out of the park; again

Kick the PAT. Let your defense, which had been stellar all night long, stop Boise St. Play OT on a short field. BYU had the FG kicker advantage.

South Jordan, Utah

Disappointed to see Vai resort to the "blame" card. The play was clearly an option for Hill to run the ball if the pass wasn't there. However, the center blew the block causing Hill to lose the run option. Seemed pretty clear to me.

If BYU had been successful on that play we would be praising Hill, Bronco and Doman for the guts to go for it. Vai, you've played ball long enough to know that things don't always work out the way you expect.

It is so easy to criticize after the fact. I really expected more from Vai. You you should know better.

As always, go BYU!

Cedar Hills, UT

This continues and the rest of the byU alumni will come out and say the same things.

On the radio the other day, Jason Buck was hinting to the fact that most alumni are not happy with what the program has become. He said that Lavell "compartmentalized" the football and religious aspects at byU but that Bronco just can't do it.

There have been some great firesides in Provo lately but just not very many great wins.

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