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Published: Thursday, Sept. 20 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Chandler, AZ

2-pt conversion, ok, maybe I could see that. I mean didn't BYU kickers miss 4 FG in SLC? I can see that they wouldn't exactly give you a lot of confidence going into OT. But why not go for the on-sides kick? What happened? BYU's defense didn't give up, why did BYU's coaches?

Accountability? Yeah, this coaching staff should be accountable.

St Louis, MO

I'd like to ask Brave Sir Robin one question: Why is it I read about 100X more about "Riley's Heisman chances" from snide Ute trolls than from actual BYU fans? The vast, VAST majority of Y fans sees Nelson for what he is . . a gritty but limited Tebow lite-lite.

Here's the difference between you and me: When Wynn struggled with injury and play, I felt bad for him and always rooted for him to come back and do well. I'm glad Hays is getting his chance and hope he makes the most of it, though I root for the Y. And though it's not remotely a universal truth, I think this attitude kind of defines two fan bases: Ute fans get more pleasure out of seeing the Y lose than they do watching their own team win. Y fans root for their team and are only mildly interested in Utah outside of the rivalry game.

Though, full disclosure, I did giggle like a schoolgirl after the Colorado game last year. Nobody's perfect.


Looking ahead... more big games in the other goy's house thanks to Independent scheduling, and a good chance those teams playing in Provo will not take place. Mr Gilmer of ESPN is a most practical and honest color man. BYU, in spite of two bitter pills in a row, is still a BIG TIME name in sports. It can probably dictate its terms and save the Big East while maintaining its cherished TV rights. So far, "exposure" has not been what BYU hoped it would be. The Big East will ofcourse chane its name or deignate East/West Divisions.We must not judge conferences by any one year. Pitt and Syracuse are old money names living in genteel poverty at present. But Central Florida and South Florida are BIG schools with a bright future.Houston and SMU can easily return to past glories. ( Rice once ruled the great Southwest) Vision beats today's edition of the news.

Mission Viejo, CA

I don't know about Lark - he has only played one quarter, but looked OK. Not great. Hill seems to be the next anointed one. Might as well let him play. Nelson is probably done.

Frankly, I think Doman is the problem. Heaps looked all-world under Robert Anae. Under Doman, Heaps got worse every game.

Maybe Doman's trying to protect Nelson, but his play calling is certainly not what you would expect in a close, tight game. But again, whomever is calling the plays, the players have to execute. Nelson could not execute his plays. So why did they keep him in the game so long?

Well, let Hill play and see how he develops. Meanwhile, look for a new OC.

Heber, Utah

This is hilarious! You Y fans were so high on Heaps a few years ago, saying he was the next Detmer, he was on watch lists and was soooo much better than any QB that Utah had ever had. After the blowoutlast year, you were all calling for a replacement, and the next "it" guy of your team was Riley Nelson, now he struggles and you guys jump off his band wagon and onto the Hill kids. I'm going to predict that after the Hill kid struggles, that this same thing happens to him.

Saying that U fans did the same thing about Wynn is laughable, most of us supported him and his comeback, until it was more than apparent that his shoulder was still not repaired. I do fault the U coaches for staying with him too long, but at least there was a medical reason that he faltered so badly, Riley is just a head case.

South Ogden, 00

I'm tired of hearing about Nelson playing poorly because he's not 100%. A 100% healthy Riley Nelson is still a fumble/int waiting to happen. A 100% healthy Riley Nelson still can't throw an accurate ball beyond 15 yards or stretch a defense. A 100% healthy Riley Nelson still makes bad decisions. A 100% healthy Riley Nelson rarely sees beyond his primary receiver. Riley Nelson healthy or not, has not won a game of any significance, since he became the starter. He has however contributed to losses in significant games far more than one player should.


One of the great customs of football happens when a player is injured on the field.

The game stops and fans from both sides wait for the injured player to get up. When he does the crowed cheers in unison. It is a shared moment when fans of all sides agree that an injury is bigger than the moment and they join together in support of the injured player who has dedicated himself to the game.

For true lovers of the game this custom continues off the field as well. When a man is injured enough to be limited, sidelined or career ending we stop our cheering against him and join together in our hopes that he recovers to full strength.

We do run out on the field and kick him while he is down. We all wish him a speedy and full recovery. Hope for his future and thank him for his performance and contribution to the game we love.

This is true sportsmanship and class. We engage in the practice because we know that no matter who the young man plays for that his health and safety is above the game.

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