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Published: Thursday, Sept. 20 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

What about all of those BYU fans that said Utah fans were down on Wynn after he got hurt. That is the kettle calling the pot black. I think Riley should be benched but the rise and fall of Riley is a thing that is real big time. BYU fans are jumping off of the Riley train in droves. And it might be that Riley's troubles are his hurt back. Wynn hid his shoulder injury from the media and fans almost the entire season in 2010. Utah beat Pittsburgh in the opener and Wynn looked tremendous in the first half. After that he was bad. Then he got hurt again in a blowout win at Iowa State. From there on he was terrible the next two years.

Mexican hat, UT


West Jordan, UT

Its time to hand the keys to Hill. BYU is playing in the Poinsettia Bowl if they win 8 more games or just 4. They might as well begin building for the future with Taysom Hill, especially with the brutal schedule they will have next season. There is little to be gained by playing Nelson even if he can figure things out and stop throwing the ball to the other team.

South Jordan, UT

Clearly, the issues with the team go far beyond the QB.

The offensive line has repeatedly underperformed. Prime example is the 2 point attempt when Hill was flushed away from the end zone by a defensive player who just blew by the ill prepared BYU O lineman.

Special teams are so up and down as to make one's head spin. When the Cougars absolutely had to have a stop at the end of the game, they gave up a 40 yard return.

Penalties are beyond belief. There isn't a successful coach in the country that would consider more than a handful of penalties acceptable. False starts? Are the only two noisy stadiums in the nation at Utah and Boise?

Play calling-well, an entire book could be written on that.

Hat's off the stellar defense!! The only thing they didn't do was produce a turn over. But, in reality, they shouldn't have had to.

St George, Utah

Riley Nelson is a great competitor and has plenty of heart, But my wife can throw a football with more zip and accuracy than he can. Seriously, she can. Riley cannot throw the ball more than 15yds downfield without it turning into a wounded duck. He makes terrible decisions and is a fumble/int waiting to happen. Doman shows in his playcalling that he is aware of this, every route is under 15yds, unless we get into a 3rd and long. We will not beat any decent defense or coaching staff as long as we run this pathetic offense.

Taysom Hill has been recognized since springball as being faster, stronger, and smarter than Riley. Not to mention has a vastly better passing arm and upside. And he's a freshman! There is no reason Riley should start another game for BYU. Taysom is already a better Qb. He almost single-handedly won the game for BYU if it weren't for a terrible 2pt conversion call. He carried 4 BSU defenders into the endzone! Seriously, its time to make some changes. We lose way too many winnable games

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Nelson is Utah States version of the Trojan Horse. He has absolutely disrupted the BYU football program since his mission and could well be the cause of bronco's dismissal as head coach. In the meanwhile, could we get Doman to jump on this grenade of an offense. It's time for a change! There is precedent for sacking a coordinator in this program. It's time.

Danbury, CT

It is just too much of consequence that for the second year in a row, at the same point in the season, we see another QB who is losing confidence, forcing passes and doesn't know what to do with the football. First Heaps and now Nelson. The only common factor here is Doman. Doman is the QB coach, the one who calls the plays and preps the QB for each game. Doman is the one who needs to be replaced - NOW.

Consider how lopsided the game was: this was the first time in years that BSU has been shut out at home. Our defense was outstanding! But just as impressive was how bad BYU's offense was. Perhaps our best defense and worst defense - at the same time.

I say get rid of Doman and this time, please hire someone who actually has coached an offense before!!! One other note: strange we ran Anae off when UA is now highly productive on offense. What is it about our system that our OC's can't flourish??

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Dear Riley,
Thank you for transferring to BYU.
Utah State

Apollo Beach, FL

I partially agree with you gdog, which is hard to admit. I for one do not think it is time for the end of Riley. He is a good leader, but as a leader he needs to know when he should step back and get healed so that he is able to perform like he started the season. He has never been the greatest quarterback and often made ill timed and inacuarte throws, but most often he gave his own player at least an equal chance at the ball. The past couple of weeks he has been throwing horribly and the coaches and he should realize this sit him out a game or two to heal and then let him have his chance again. If he doesn't heal, oh well at least you are gaining experience for the future. A young inexperienced quarterback is more effective than an experienced quarterback at 60%. Time to step aside for a game or two.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

If Riley is hurt they must give him the chance to heal. Let Taysom play. He is good and when Riley is back to 100% then we can benefit from his special talents and senior leadership again.

It is not helping Riley any to play hurt and play poorly.

Madison, Ohio

I like Riley and I hate to see him benched, but he's been terrible in these last 2 games. I hope it's injury and something he can come back from, but it's time to play Lark, Munns and/or Hill until Riley is 100%. And I'm in love with our defense. Go Van Noy!!

Farmington, UT

Bronco got out-coached again. Yes, I would have gone for the 2 pt conversation at the end, too, but when Boise called time out after they saw the players lined up to tun the play, I'd have then sweitched back to the PAT and over-time. If they hadn't called time out, I'd have run the original play. But that's why you have coaches and time outs; to make adjustments. When the adjustments are one-sided only, one can only ask of the coach: What were you thinking?

cedar city, UT

I just had to see how many of you were going to trash Riley Nelson. Last year you were praising his name and wanting Heaps out of there. It is similar with the Utes and Wynn. Give your QB at least another game or two. Remember, he is a person too and he is going to work his hardest to adjust and fix the issues he had yesterday. I realize the most popular guy is the backup QB, just remember the grass isn't always greener.

Provo, UT

Love the cougars but I have to put this loss mainly on the backs of the coaches. The 2 bad decisions during this game: playing an injured Riley Nelson and going for 2 instead of pushing it to overtime. The defense was great and Hill played exceptional for the time he was in. Let's get the house in order, give Riley some rest, and get ready for Hawai'i next week.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Riley/Hill reminds me of Riley/Heaps

Riley struggles and they throw Heaps in too soon. He does ok for a while but is too young and loses confidence. They they go right back to Riley.

They are going to do the same thing with Hill... just wait.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

I'd like to get an answer from one of the 6 remaining Y fans: What does this game do to Riley's Heisman chances?

Washington, UT


You can't lay that on the O line. The defense can always bring more guys than the offense can block--simple numbers. You can't stretch the field on the goal line, so the defense has lots of blitz options. The best O line in the country isn't gonna prevent a run thru in that situation. It's just up to the QB to make the read quickly and get the ball out.

Everything that happened first with Heaps and now with Nelson was completely predictable. Lark was always the best option and Y fans have no one to blame but Doman, who has to be the worst judge of QB play in the country. Hill has Lark type skills and makes sense now, if Mendenhall is willing to commit yet another injustice to Lark. I wish Hill the best of luck and predict he'll do well, but this coaching staff should be ashamed with its treatment of Lark. The kid deserves a medal.

Syracuse, UT

Think how the entire Defense must fill. To be out there busting your back side and doing so well, only to have the coach's lose the game for you because they want to play a guy who has "guts" but is injured or is just playing terrible. IMHO, these past two losses fall completely on the coaches. First, they let the Utes get into their heads and preform like a Jr High team. Then last night the pages of the whole play book must have been stuck together because we had only two or three plays and had NO imagination whatsoever.

These kids are serious about playing and so why can't we get some coaches that are serious about winning and bringing these kids along with success. Bronco is a wonderful Defensive coach, but he is no Headcoach. Doman is just not an OC. Sorry, but you would think that he would have learned from last year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Riley is toast. His legacy is cemented in place. He will be soon forgotten. Unfortunately, it is as much Doman's fault as anyones. With his predictable play calling and lack of imagination not to mention hesitancy to test a defense over the top, he put Nelson in a no win situation. Sure Nelson threw the passes but Doman's play calling is at least equally to blame for Nelson's utter failure the past 2 games.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Was the recruiting of Riley worth having the NCAA change a rule, just to get him?

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