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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, Utah

There will be no bounce back. Doman made too many mistakes. Riley should be a safety not a quarterback. He cannot throw accurately something everybody knew from day one. The competition should have been between Lark and Heaps. Alisa (and formerly Quesada) should be running the ball, not Riley. With Riley's inablitly to see the field, our talented receivers have been wasted. We will lose to Boise State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Oregon State, and Utah State, unless there are significant changes on the offensive side of the ball.

Chris B.
Salt Lake City, UT

I actually think that BYU have a legitimate shot at winning this game tonight. BYU's defense is strong, if they can keep cool and not get too emotional they should be able to put a lot of pressure on Boise State throughout the entire game.
I have decided that being a true fan of a team means that you cheer for your team in every single game, but you don't have to hate the other school in your state, because strength of schedule is actually a big part of college football, so I hope that BYU wins all of their games, and I hope that USU wins all of their games. Being a true fan has never been about tearing into another school, it has been about being loud and proud of the school that you support!
Good luck Cougars!

West of I15, UT

Wow how quickly the tune changes for cougie fan's. A week ago the cougies were going undefeated to the BCS and Riely was the greatest QB since Steve Young. Not even a week later cougie fan's have no faith in a win against boise and everybody's calling Riely out? Don't worry cougie fan's November is not far away you'll be able to win out in Nov. and think your team is good again....lol

Syracuse, ut

Wouldn't be lying if I said I was nervous about tonight, Riley and the offense need to clean up their game in a big and bad way. Doman needs to call some plays to get the pressure off Riley, that Utah rush was forcing Riley into bad decisions all night. Granted, this isn't the Broncos from the last four years, but they are a tough, well coached team and BYU had better come with their "A" game or else it will get ugly fast. Having said that, GO Cougs!

Syracuse, ut

Chris B.? Is that really you? Either way, I agree. No reason to hate.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sportsrealist - Pathetic Cougars? Thats funny since the only way Utah could beat them is by a couple of big blunders. BYU beat them in all statistical categories and they're pathetic. Well maybe they are but that means Utah is as well! We all know that sometimes the best team doesn't always win, especially in the game of football where fumbles and interceptions happen alot. Do you think Nevada was better than Boise a couple of years ago when they beat them? Just in case you don't know the answer it's no. So go home you only make yourself look bad.

Some of you are forgetting that Boise is young this year, they are good don't get me wrong but to say that the Cougars don't have a shot especially with the defense they have is plain wrong. When Crowton was coach they went to Boise and one of BYU worst teams in memory could've won the game but missed a field goal. I have much more confidence in this team than that one. I'm not calling a Cougar win but I won't rule it out as well!

River Falls, WI

BSU has a great team and this should be a good game, but those of you who are calling Boise State by 20+... are you crazy? BYU may not be a top 10 team, but they do have a legitimate top 10 defense. The only reason Utah got to 24 points against the Cougars was because of the TD on a returned fumble and another on a very short field after the long punt return. Really, the U only had 10 points that you can credit to the offense and BSU's offense is not that far ahead of the Utes. I expect a close low-scoring game. Go Cougs!

Cedar Hills, UT

Seriously, is that you Chris B? Anyway, as a Ute fan BYU needs to stop worrying about being undefeated every season. They haven't done it since 84 and it doesn't appear that will happen anytime soon. Utah hardly mentions it even though they have done it twice in the last decade. Byu is so fixated on that and they don't worry about their opponents near enough at the same rate. Seriously, every year the talk of undefeated and it happens like clock work. Does that get old as a fan of Byu? I really am curious...

Salt Lake City, UT

Any bennift gained by Utah from BYU's "blunders" was recipricated by Utah.
1) The Ute punt team gave the ball to BYU on the 10 yard line which resulted in a touchdown.
2) 2 targeting penalties and a false start on the Utes left the ball on the 10 yard line resulting in a touchdown for BYU.
3) 4rth and 12 with 30 sseconds to go and the Ute defenders let the Y's best reciever get behind them for a 47 yard reception.
4) 3 separate chances to send the game into overtime.

As you can see many things went in BYU's favor.
It is typical for BYU fans to say the Y lost the game rather than the Utes won it but 3 wins in a row and 8 of 11 says otherwise.
By the way, the only reason for BYU's statistical edge is because the Utes had 2 long punt returns setting up short fields, a fumble return and 1 play drive (Hays to Anderson. The only stat that matters though 24-21

Rigby, ID

Coach Peterson and Bronco are both very classy coaches. Also they are 2 of the best game planning coaches in the Nation. Both teams should be ready to go and we should be in for a great game.

I think it will be a hard fought tight game until the 4th quater, then BSU pulls away.

One thing BYU fans that come up to Boise you wont have to worry about clasless fans coming after you or your family. Enjoy your trip.

Good Luck Cougs


I'm a BYU fan but, there is not a chance they win this game with Nelson at QB.

He's a good look for a backup but, he is not a top half FBS QB.


Y Grad / Y Dad - What have you seen to give you any reason to believe BYU is going to win this game? Did we watch a different game for three quarters last Saturday night?

Alpine, UT

Bronco seems like a nice guy, but I've never liked him as a head coach. He's way too soft, doesn't play his best players, his offense is not fun to watch, and he doesn't prepare his team properly for big games.

IndyWACer 500
Eureka, UT

BYU should use it's "Nitro Offense".

Even then, BYU will still get hammered. Teams like Boise and Utah don't need fancy names, they just GET IT DONE. Something BYU should learn: no fancy names, just hard work.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT


Bronco... one of the best game planning coaches in the nation?

Nu uh. We saw that last Saturday, and have that week for 3 years straight, 8 out of the last 11 years too. He can't win against decent teams... we all know that. It's written in the record books. Look it up on ESPN.

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