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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Don't understand why Alta was scored (by Mr. Parry) at 111.1 last week, loses 36-24, and increases to 111.9 this week. Bingham was scored 117.1 last week, wins 34-14, and dropped to 116.4 this week.

Also do not understand how Lone Peak who is 2-2 against 4A schools and has a victory over lowly ranked, winless (0-5) West, has the 4th highest score at 110.2 (only Jordan, Bingham, and Alta have better scores). Northridge (108.6) and Syracuse (109.2) have also played schedules mainly against teams from lower classifications, but at least they won those games.

Just does not make sense . . .

BTW, I'm only looking at 5A. Not trying to slight anyone, that is just what I follow. I played at a 5A school and my kids now go to a different 5A school so that happens to be where my interest lies.

Stansbury Park, UT

Morgan over Stansbury, huh? Should be a great game, but I see Stansbury getting the win.

Stansbury Park, UT

Oh never mind I read it wrong. Morgan is listed as the underdog. I saw all caps and thought that was the predicted winner.

Washington, ut

Morgan has a 51 percent chance of beating Stansbury.

St.George, UT

Why is Desert Hills expected to beat Dixie, when Dixie is in the 25 in the state, in the top 5 for 30, and Deseret Hills isn't even on the radar?

Provo, UT


because of science.

Heber, Utah

cjsec7row5- according to many who have posted here the last few days, Stansbury might be the most overrated team this year. But that being said, i'm taking Morgan, they run the ball very well, and unless you can throw over the top of their DB's, they'll outscore you. I haven't seen Stansbury play personally so i don't know how good they are, I only know that Morgan is always a tough hard-nosed team and you better bring it if you're gonna beat them.

Parry's Power Guide
Pleasant Grove, UT

Alta and Bingham changed because of who they played. Each teams rating is a combination of an offensive rating and defensive rating. When a team wins by the amount they were favored to win, the offensive rating stays the same. When they play a high rated team the defensive rating increases, just as it decreased when they play a lower rated team.

Alta's team rating increased because they played Jordan and lost by what they were favored to lose by. Bingham won by the amount they were favored but played a lower rated Cottonwood team. Thus the offensive ratings stayed practically the same while their respective defensive rating changed according to the competition. Those two ratings combined together give each team the rating you see here.

I hope this helps the poster from Layton as well as others who might have a similiar question.

St.George, UT


Sorry I meant to say in the top 5 in 3A. So why doesnt science put Desert Hills in the top 25 and top 5? Kind of a weird system.

Hurricane, UTAH

Dixie will beat DH big so I would not bet on DH. I have seen Barney play and he is really good.

Washington, ut


Have you seen Ty Rutlege play? I hear he's pretty good too...

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Dixie is focused on the game tonight, and is determined not to lose a close one late in the game like last year. They have too many weapons for Desert Hills to stop everything. My prediction is that it will be close again, but Dixie has a better defense this year. Dixie by 7.

southern heat
Hurricane, UT

It is fun for a change to sit over on this side of the county and watch the rest of region nine post their predictions. Have seen Barney and he's the real deal and the offense they have built around him works for them. The line gives them enough protection that he's able to sit back and pick out a receiver. Fortunately we were able to put just enough pressure in tight spots to get the victory. And of course the officiating was remarkable...and not in a good way. This game could go a long ways in deciding the playoff picture. good luck...

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

Look for my CATS to rebound in a big way. It won't be pretty for Cyprus. Nothing personal but CATS will blow the Pirates out. Last week was a weird game for us not sure what happened. GO WX!! GO CATS!!

Hurricane, UTAH

Nothing against DH since I hope they destroy the over-rated Stansbury next week but really Barney is something I have not seen in region 9 for along time. It is just me opinion on the game and if DH wins then they played their A game. Region 9 has alot of good teams every year in 3A. Dixie is good and I expect to see them in the state game this year and hope against another region 9.

Layton, Utah

just sayin', what happened last week was not the result of a weird game, it was the result of a very good East team that controlled the line of scrimmage for most of the game.

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Dixie vs. Desert Hills was a great game that came down to the end. I knew Dixie didn't want another year of losing to Desert Hills. I predicted a win by 7, but I'll take the 3. Both defenses played great in the 4th quarter. Desert Hills has a solid team, and when their young RB Cowdin gets older he's going to be awesome, but tonight the Flyers, won! Great job!

Orem, UT

Parry's Power Guide is generall pretty accurate (83% picks). Since there is always a discussion about who should be ranked where, I took a look at the D-News rankings from last week and compared the to what Parry's Power ratings.

5A. D-News. Parry's PG
1. Jordan Jordan (124.2)
2. Alta Bingham (116.4)
3. Syracuse Alta (111.9)
4. Bingham Lone Peak (110.2)
5. Northridge Syracuse (109.2)
Northridge (108.6)

Even Parry's PG has it's quirks...he has winless Cottonwood (97.9) just behind Davis (101.1) and Brighton (99.8).

Orem, UT

Just for fun...here are the D-News 4A rankings compared to Parry's PG.
The top five are identical...just the order would change.

D-News: 1. East 2. Timpview 3. Logan 4. Woods Cross 5. Bountiful
Parry's: 1. Logan (113.7) 2. East (112.9) 3. Timpview (100.8) 4. Bountiful (98.6) 5. WX (96.9)

FYI: Mt. Crest, Highland, Herriman, and Skyline would be the next four.

The 4A quirk? In Region 8, Springville (0-6) has nearly the same rating as Timpanogos, Orem, & Maple Mtn.

Orem, UT

Comparing 3A DesNews rankings with Parry's PG...

D/N: Hurricane, Juan Diego, Stansbury, Dixie, Spanish Fork
PPG: Hurricane (95.0), J.Diego (91.5), D-Hills (89.6), Sp.Frk. (88.4), Dixie (87.5)

FYI: Cedar (80.2), Stansbury (79.3), S.Canyon (77.1), Pine View (77.1)

3A quirk: Cedar (0-5). To be fair, Cedar has played a tough schedule (AmFork, Highland, Skyline, Hurricane, and Pine View).

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