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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tempe, AZ

Here we go again!

Prediction: BYU "fans" will begin commenting about how they like their Irrele....errr Independence and how great it is to create their own future and not have to answer to anyone. Then, when a deal is struck these same "fans" will be giddy about the opportunity to be in the Big Least.


If the distressed big east cannot even unify and accept you then byu is in some trouble. Bad decision over the past several years and now you see what you are left begging for. This is a very sad state that the cougs have pushed themselves into.

Sandy, UT

BYU to the Big East?


1-BYU keeps it's own Network...
2-BYU controls Home game rights
3-BYU keeps same day re-broadcast rights
4-BYU keeps exclusive ESPN deal or equal to it's financial benefits.
5-The Conference secures a Major Bowl tie in.

The Big East has one ace to play, the fact that it is the Best Basketball League in America...............

*Sunday play will not be an issue.
*Air Force and Army must both join.
*Air Force to the WCC for their other sports.
*Some Big East Home/Home Basketball games with the Football schools.

Get these guarantees and BYU would have to really consider signing up..

New Name a Must....
*Continental Conference....
*Big Country


South Florida
Central Florida


Air Force
Boise St.
San Diego St.

Nice Symmetry!
Championship Game....Yankee Stadium or Jerry's World

Why NOt?

Gilbert, AZ

Why do our jealous BYU-possessed little brothers even bother to comment on such articles?


The Big East is only an option if BYU keeps home television rights and the right for same day rebroadcast, something that should be easy to negotiation if the Big East television contract is with ESPN.

A Western Division with

Air Force
Boise St.
San Diego St.

would be an exciting division and renew rivalries with AFA and SDSU.

If it happens, I'd prefer an 8-game conference schedule to provide enough flexibility to schedule Utah and Utah State, plus a couple of other OOC games each year with teams like Notre Dame and Texas.

A basketball scheduling agreement for 2 to 4 home-and-homes with Big East teams each year would be nice, but not essential.

Tempe, AZ

"Why do our jealous BYU-possessed little brothers even bother to comment on such articles?"

"Little borhters?" Ha! Out out of 11, my friend. You've been owned for over a decade now.

Jealous of what? Your Big Least opportunity? Ha!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Just say No.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT


Where in this article does it state that BYU is asking to be invited? You are extremely ill-informed about BYU sports. They are not begging for anything. Perhaps you should find a team to support that matches your expectations.

Oceanside, CA

Bluto and Phoenix- take a deep breath. What part of "football only" don't you two understand? Yeah, they'll agree to all of those consessions. ha! BYU is hyper-demanding themselves into oblivion. It's too late; that conference-thing train has left the station.


"Why do our jealous BYU-possessed little brothers even bother to comment on such articles?"

I can only comment for myself, but:

The Cougars have never been my favorite team, but that doesn't mean I don't have interest in how/what they do.

I graduated from BYU before attending medical school at the U.

When LDS men talk sports, 90% of the discussion revolves around BYU.

This sounds meaner than I intend, but watching BYU navigate the sports world in the last five years has been kind of like watching a soap opera.

-They leave the MWC, fueled in part by Utah's jump to the Pac 12. That's not just the opinion of Utes fans, but that of the national media, including BYU alumnus/ESPN talking-head Trevor Matich.

-They flirt with the WAC before declaring independence.

-They turn down the Big East, largely because the conference won't agree to BYU dictating broadcast rights to their potential conference-mates.

-BYU loses 4 of the last 5 to the Utes, but the Cougar faithful insists that their team is better.

So the bottom line - I am not jealous, but I DO find watching BYU intriguing!

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

I still do not think the Big Least is the best option. I wouldn't mind an agreement with them like ND had with the ACC. If we could schedule 6 games with them in October and November that would be fine. Especially if we could get annual games with Boise, Air Force and San Diego State. If we do join the conference there has to be a lower penalty to the football only schools to leave the conference.

Highland, UT

Why does this concern utah "fans"? I would have to see details before I would say 'yeh' or 'neh' but my initial reaction is no, I'd rather see them remain independent. I like it.

Oh by the way devlishute, setting up a strawman like you attempted where BYU fans can neither be 'in favor' or 'opposed' without you painting them as hypocrites for whichever side they take is not only lowclass but actually pretty weak. We all saw through it immediately. But based on what appears to be you attending utah and asu, the 2 lowest rated academic institutions in the pac12 with the lowest entrance standards, it is apparent where you learned to try and form a 'debate'.


Tempe, AZ

"But based on what appears to be you attending utah and asu, the 2 lowest rated academic institutions in the pac12 with the lowest entrance standards, it is apparent where you learned to try and form a 'debate'."

Funny, coming from someone without a college degree.

By the way, I attended ASU for MBA school. ASU has a top 25 MBA program.

LOL! Try again.

U 90
Corona, CA

"Why does this concern utah "fans"?" says the guy that has commented on every Utah article since 1932.

duckhunter, thanks for putting a smile on my face. I haven't smiled this much since Saturday.

Tempe, AZ

By the way, Ducky, my point is that BYU "fans" will be hypocrital about the situation. I've seen it on here repeatedly whenever rumors of conference affiliation have been mentioned. I wasn't trying to start a "debate," as you say.

Highland, UT


Comprehension liitle guy, comprehension. I want to know why it concerns utah "fans" that BYU may do something. Not if you are interested in what BYU may do.

The definitions.

1. To have to do with or relate to:
2. To be of interest or importance to:
3. To engage the attention of; involve:
4. To cause anxiety or uneasiness in:

I'm wondering why it concerns utah "fans" based on the 4th definition "To cause anxiety or uneasiness", not #2 "To be of interest or importance to".

Why are utah "fans" anxious or uneasy about this? Don't say you aren't, we all know that you are. For some reason any talk of BYU going to a conference gets all of you worried. Well it worries me as well because I want them to remain independent but I think the worry for utah "fans" is not the same.

Wally West

@ Bluto 11:16 a.m. Sept. 19, 2012

"The Big East has one ace to play, the fact that it is the Best Basketball League in America..............."

You would be 100% correct if you really truly honestly meant the ACC.

Hank Pym

per Utah'95 on Sept. 19 at 1:18 p.m

"but I DO find watching BYU intriguing!"

You could use the same excuse for rubber necking at a traffic accident; Whats your point? Sarcasm off?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ducky funny!



I for one have always hoped that BYU would join a BCS conference. They have the credentials to be in one of the big 6 conferences. And while I believe that they are one of very few programs who can do well as an independent, they would be better served in a top tier conference.

So I do not feel any "anxiety" about the Cougars MAYBE joining the Big East, or more preferably, the Big 12.


Hank Pym,

I thought about the "traffic accident" analogy, but decided against it. But like I said, I was trying not to be mean....

Orem, Utah

BYU to the Big East (football only)? Riiiiiiiiight!

With an upper limit of only $6.5 million per team from ESPN (and possibly ONLY $3 mil), those numbers definitely don't improve BYU's independence numbers much, if any. It's certainly way less if it's the lower number.

So, BYU won't even consider the Big East in football membership because it'd cause BYU's SOS to be watered down when conference membership no longer guarantees a "BCS bowl" slot (in only two years!). There's no chance of playing good enough teams by being stuck with left-overs and promotees for MOST of your games. Scheduling made easier? Sure, but at the cost of a decent SOS.

I can't believe ANYONE is still talking about BYU and the Big Least. I'd be dumbfounded if the BYU brass were even giving it a passing thought, let alone serious thought.

It's either independence or the Big XII (or Pac 12---again, riiiiiiight!).

BYU's always said it's about exposure and not money. We just might see how truthful they were sometime in the near future.

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