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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Casa Grande, AZ

Good grief is there any end to how conservatives can try to twist things, this whole country is like a very bad marriage.

If you belong to the NRA does that mean the NRA owns you? No. Well...

If you belong to the Mormon church does that mean the mormon church literally owns you?

If you belong to a scout troop...? No!

It's a common phrase. You should understand it allready.


Owned and controlled by a collectivist government is the same as going back to the monarchies of the middle ages.

Is this the way 'forward'?

Springville, UT

Next time you complain about Romney's comments being distorted, think about this letter. What a misrepresentation.

Durham, NC

:"The government is the only thing we all belong to,":

Give me a break. I belong to the LDS faith - as do many people in Utah... and yet it is not a statement of "ownership" by the church of me, or that my rights have been subjugated by the church. What an amazing stretch of logic to try to twist that into a negative.

We are all members of a group called "citizens of the United Sates of America" . We belong to this group. This is not a statement of ownership, but of association. I belong to many groups, and in doing so none of it implies "ownership" of me or my rights by these groups.

What a sad and desperate attempt to create issue where any logical thinking person understands that we all "belong" to this group as citizens through association. This is elementary school grammar here.

Far East USA, SC

Here we go again. Taking a statement out of context and then railing against an unintended meaning. The right is so famous for that.

Would you be as critical when someone says "I belong to the LDS Church"? Oh, you mean the LDS Church Owns you? My goodness, how sad is that? That guy is owned by the LDS Church. Isn't that what cults do?

See how ludicrous that is?

How about this. "We are all members of the government"? Is that better?

Guess what? Same meaning.

Eagle Mountain, UT

If the writer is referring to a video played at the DNC, they are wrong on every level.

It wasn't even Obama's voice, or him saying that. It was something put together by the host city of Charlotte, and has been disavowed by the Obama campaign. The DNC neither endorses it.

Amazing what two minutes on Google can do.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

I see no evidence to supportt the last paragraph.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Oh please . . .

This is not what the DNC ad (not Obama) meant. Belongs to as in we belong to a club, a church, etc.

I support Romney but I think the "conservative" talking heads do the cause more harm than good.

We have real issues folks and we are instead debating stupidities. Surely independent voters of good will see this and recoil.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"The government is the only thing we all belong to," says a recent Barrack Obama ad. There it is, as plain as day, another slogan describing how the left feels about government.

Art J. VanTielen


Of the People, By the People and For the People.

Sad Art doesn't believe in it.

BTW -- As Americans, it IS the only things we ALL belong.
We are all busted down from ther into differnt States, Religions, race, clubs, schools, neighborhoods, ect.
But we ALL belong to that one thing in common --
The United States of America.

Sad the Government hating "right" doesn't feel or undertand that.

Hayden, ID

Obama is exactly right; under his administration the government really does own you. The government, through wealth re-distribution and so called “economic justice” decides who succeeds and who doesn’t in America, which means his government owns you. In the Obama administration the “wealthy” are punished, ridiculed and hated so if you worked hard, played by the rules, took risks, used your brain and actually produced something, Obama says, “you didn’t build that” and confiscates your property. Under the Obama administration, the government decides what your kids will be taught in school, not you, so the government really does own you. Under the Obama administration’s exploding welfare nanny state, the government determines what you can eat (food stamps) and where you can live for an ever growing segment of Americans, therefore, the government owns them. If you are not one of the 47% of Americans that don’t pay federal income taxes, just don’t pay your taxes, you will find out who really owns you! Then there is the exploding national debt, who do you think really has to pay for that? Hint; its not Obama!

Far East USA, SC

The GOP constantly says that we need to stick with the issues, and the number one issue is the Economy.

As Twin lights said "We have real issues folks and we are instead debating stupidities"

Yet, it is the GOP and those on the right who CONSTANTLY brings up petty, little, nit picking points that are often not even true.

I consider myself a fiscal conservative (social moderate). But the daily pettiness of those on the right make me want to distance myself from them. They are an embarrassment.

Birth Certificates? college transcripts? Death panels? Sarah Palin? Socialism? Obama wants to take God off our money? Obama wants to take away our guns?

Grow up. Discuss the real issues with facts and maturity.

Want to bash Obama and the Dems? Fine, but choose real issues and stick to the facts.

The right would rather make up lies, and then be outraged by them than satisfied with the truth.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

It's amazing that some people see exactly what they WANT to see, despite the obvious facts or quotes taken out of context.

We could be talking about the smokey air here in Utah and this person would be going off on how Obama wants us all to belong to the government bla bla bla...

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

And if you think a Charlotte Democratic Party ad was not thoroughly vetted by the Obama campaign - an ad that aired on the first night of the Democratic National Convention IN CHARLOTTE - I've got a bridge to sell you in Arizona.

I'm sure they thought it was an innocent enough thing to say, that we all belong to our government. What a great unifying idea...and it makes perfect sense throguh a leftist view of the nation. But they found out the hard way that conservatives understand what REALLY unifies us, and what we REALLY belong to: WE THE PEOPLE, not the government.

Government serves the people...we do NOT belong to government. It's a critically important distinction that doesn't equate with private organizations like the NRA, which doesn't have the power to pass laws, arrest us, send us to prison and raise a military.

The Obama camp furiously backtracked when this huge misstep cam to light, since they really didn't want another "you didn't build your business" moment that further exposed the left's true beliefs.

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Government is the only thing that we all belong to." It's great to see everyone running away from this statement. (Well, almost everyone.)

The whole idea of America is that we, the people, are masters of our government, not the other way around. We ought to be reminded of it every once in a while.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

And Romney says that 47 % of the country is worthless. You can watch the hidden camera on youtube.

Amazing what happens when you take a sentence or two out of context.

Time for many Utahns to grow up and stop acting like children.

Hank Pym

@ Mountanman 8:06 a.m. Sept. 19, 2012
Hayden, ID
"Obama is exactly right; under his administration the government really does own you."

He may or may not own the 47% but can monitor the other 53% that to Dick, Georgie, & the patriot act circumnavigating the FISA process.

"Then there is the exploding national debt, who do you think really has to pay for that? Hint; its not Obama!"

Its not Dick's pals in Riyadh but Mitt's buddies in Beijing?

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Obama's honesty is admirable. He believes that without government assistance "you didn't do that." It's not an insult or taken out of context, it's his philosophy. Although brought up in the Chicago style of politics, he is a good person. It's a different version of life than Mitt Romney's, personal initiative versus government dependence. It is the difference between believing that our government is omniscient, all-providing, efficient and benign versus individual responsibility comes first. There are still people in Russia who long for communism where little was received but less was given.

Orem, UT

Yes, this is another silly argument, this time by the opponents of Obama (his supporters do this kind of thing all the time as well) so like "water off a ducks back", I will largely ignore it even though I am conservative.

My beef with Obama and others like him, is not that we "belong to, or are members of, or are part of" government; but rather what the role of that government should be in our lives.

Republicans generally want a smaller government that just does the minimal requirements of the Constitution and for the most part "gets out of the way". This brings more freedom, but also larger responsibilities on the part of the governed. This freedom also allows some actions by individuals that some will not like.

Democrats generally want a larger government that micromanages a large portion of everything from health care to the environment to wealth creation and distribution. They want to "prevent all that bad behavior" that many wealthy people do. If the right choices are made by government, then fewer people have to suffer the consequences of poor decisions. Unfortunately, all that power to manage people's lives leads to corruption.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is sad that so many people wish to decline and refuse their membership in the greatest human organization ever, America.

God gave us life and nothing more. No rights, no freedoms, no promises and no guarantees.
The life he gave us is not permanent, it may last only a microsecond or a number of years but always ends the same way in death. If anyone can show proof of any other analysis he should present it to us.

The rights and freedoms we have exist at the whim of the society we live in. They come and go as the need arises. We have many rights and freedoms today that did not exist in the colonial times and we have lost many rights that early Americans may have had. But even though technology and expanded knowledge may give us new rights, the new rights only exist if we have a government to secure them. To believe otherwise is to deny the words of the Declaration of Independence.

We have done great things because we are together and not because we were a collection of independent individuals.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT


Wow. Do you really believe what you wrote? Call it redistribution if you want, but what the government does is provide many necessary services (along with some unnecessary ones, like the Iraq War and subsidies to oil companies). In order to do this, it levies taxes of various kinds. These taxes are not equal in nature because we have certain social ideals (that the Tea Party is trying to redefine), such as ensuring that all citizens receive a good education, decent health care, food, and transportation. In order to have any sort of civilized society, government must play a significant role. The market is not capable of achieving anything other than providing products to those who can afford them and doing it without considering such things as long-term environmental consequences, or even long-term economic consequences.

I really doubt that you would find the utopia you imagine a very pleasant place to live. Maybe you would, but I'd bet against it.

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