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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

You need to actually listen to what Romney said. About half (47%) of these comments aren't even addressing what Romney said. If you pay your taxes, he's not talking about you! But it doesn't matter, because he was explaining to those at the fund raiser the stats of the election. And he's right. About 47% of the vote is in the Obama camp. He said nothing of elderly social security beneficiaries, and he said nothing about the 47% not being personally responsible. He's also right about this election. We have come to that parting of the sea. This is about choosing freedom and dignity, or bondage to government dependency.

Mcallen, TX

Yep! Lets get rid of the hands that feed us. Obama will lead you down the path to destruction, and like so many other civilizations will be led to poverty.

Not very smart.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Romney told the truth and the problem is the truth hurts. Those in that so called 47% who already are in Obama's camp will vote for him no matter what, just like all of the liberals on this board who are already in that 47%. Every network agrees with Romney on the 47% who have not paid any income tax and then there are those who put in 2,000 in taxes and gets almost 6,000 back. Where is the justice there? No our tax system is a shambles and Obama's only answer is to raise taxes on the richto make them poor so that they are now equal to those who are in poverty. That is totally and completely ridiculous. Fact is the fairest and most economical way is to go to a straight flat tax for every body. No deductions. No tax credits. No tax exempt. For this 47% it is a tax increase. For the other 53% it is a tax decrease. That is what needs to be done and yet there isn't a politician anywhere who is willing to step in and do it.

Idaho Falls, ID

As a conservative and Romney supporter, I have to admit: It was a stupid comment. It is absurd to think that only taxpayers will support Romney and low income people will only support Obama. It was a broad generalization that can come across as hurtful to low income people.

Having said that, the corrupt liberal media is only too happy to jump all over this mole hill to distract from all the disasterous policies, scandals, and corruption coming from the White House.

Holladay, UT

Have Republicans considered the following? Romney wins and starts to spin dials, pull levers, slash budgets, cut programs, "free up capital," raise taxes on the poor and old, lower taxes on the wealthy, increases military spending -- and "runs" the country like a big corporation. And... unemployment STAYS FLAT! I'll repeat...stays flat or goes up! This is what many serious economists have modeled. In other words we may be at a new threshold of unemployment, as businesses have learned to do more with less. How about the rest of the picture: by party platform definition there will be less regulation, less concern with the "general welfare", the environment, decreased revenue, increased debt, and more hawkish foreign policy, not to mention the temptation to co-mingle church and state even more. Obama's "steady as she goes" policy is FAR more achievable and sustainable than Romney's "get rich quick" scheme. An Obama America is not perfect. A Romney America is bleak. But the possibility of a Romney America seems to have evaporated with a single number: 47%! I for one am relieved.

county mom
Monroe, UT

The fact that 47% of this nation is on some sort of welfare is not the fault of those of us who are working. Why must we pay for them to not work? We are going broke now! Just add to our burden and make sure we are all poor! So only the President and the politicians have money! Anyone for communism, and across the board poverty?

Clearfield, UT

Country mom. 47% are not on welfare. Understand. 47% don'pay taxes because they don't owe taxes. That is due to our tax code. They itemize deductions, claim depemdents, etc. If one more person gets on here and implies that half are our country are freeloaders, dependent on gocvernment, and unwilling to support themselves I am going to have an icky fit. It is called a lie. Social Security and medicare are not welfare. there is a small percentage of the population that may be accurately described as dependent and unmotivated to provide themselves. To imply that nearly half our country fits into this category is asinine. Mitt Romney is turning into a huge dissapointment for me. It is the Republicans not Democrats that are promoting class warfare. Think off all the people you know. Do you really believe half are on welfare. Really.

Kaysville, UT

With as many gaffes that Vice President Biden has made in the past 4 years, this isn't even close to any of his real gaffes. The President talking with Putin on hot mic is a security issue as the President was showing his cards off the table.

President Obama has a book full of things that would make ones head spin and the press doesn't hold his feet to the fire. They accept anything from President Obama without a problem. However, they can't find anything of substance about Mitt Romney but they emphasize how bad he is from religion, personal beliefs, and now to a statement made 4 months ago.

The proof is in the pudding. Governor Romney has done so much service for people, neighbors, the country and the state of Massachusetts. A move by the Massachusetts legislature with healthcare became something President Obama has used for 3 years as a reason to pass Obamacare.

Mitt didn't go out to have this President do that. This President wanted to show that a Democratic Massachusetts legislature passed this bill. Governor Romney signed it as the Democratic controlled legislaature would have overridden the veto. Win and lose.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Have your icky fit! Why are we expected to pay for those who do not work and have never worked?

Provo, UT

I don't know why anyone is trying to defend Romney on here. Clearly those that are accusing Romney of the foul play and injustice are part of the 47% that are not going to be persuaded no matter what he does, you do, or Obama doesn't do.

Murray, UT

I want to see Obama under the same scrutiny as Romney. With several articles a day.

It's easy to defend, when no one is attacking you.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

county mom said:
"Have your icky fit! Why are we expected to pay for those who do not work and have never worked?"

Because we live in a society, no matter how much the right tries to convince you that everybody, is on their own and survival of the richest is a divine plan.

Someone already said it but it bear repeating for those not keeping up...

Less then 9% of the population receive partial assistance from the government and less then 4% rely on it as their sole source of income. 91% of Americans rely solely on their own income and those that make to little are allowed to not pay personal income taxes but must pay all other taxes.

The states with the highest rates of people not paying income taxes are in the south (and Idaho round out the top 10). Obama won only one of those states in 2008, Florida. Part of why Florida is so high in the rankings is because they have a lot of elderly who make up a large chunk of the 47%.

Mit the mocker is clueless NOT truthful!

Cedar Hills, UT

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Sad but true. Not Romney, not Reagan, not JFK, not even Lincoln!!! The very sad truth about America today is that we are fast becoming a nation of free loaders and victims and as the saying goes... freedom is NOT free!! The WWII generation were vastly different than those of today. Those people were all hard working, sacrificing folks who loved their country. Not so today. There are still patriotic people out there who still do ask "what they can do for their country and not what their government will do for them" but they are less and less. It makes it all the harder when you have a president who TELLS us we should all be asking what the government can do for us. American needs a REAL leader so badly!!!

Salt Lake City, Utah


You are right America has become a place of freeloaders and those who don't take responsibility for themselves. Big oil continues to be subsidized by the American taxpayers, General Electric payed no federal income tax last year. We can no longer afford to have these types of freeloaders. Big banks took huge sums of taxpayer bailout money rather than be responsible for their actions in running their banks into the ground. They continued to pay exorbitant bonuses to top executives when they were losing money using taxpayer money. That is certainly being responsible.

It is funny that so many criticize lower income Americans for not paying federal income taxes, but no one seems to want to criticize the 2,000 + millionaires who paid no federal income, or the corporations who paid no income tax. They were just doing what was allowed under the current tax code (a lot like lower income Americans).

I agree that we have an entitlement mentality problem, but lets be honest for once, not all poor people have it, and there are many rich people that have that same sense of entitlement. Fixing this problem will require sacrifice by everyone, including the rich.

Phoenix, AZ


Fixing this problem will require sacrifice by everyone, including the rich.

Well stated: and the right place to start is with Romney releasing his tax returns and re-patriot all the hundreds of millions of American dollars and paying and American income tax.

Bountiful, UT

Mitt Romney mistakes earning a lot of money with those who contribute a lot to society.

Poorly paid soldiers and teachers are high contributors, although they are not high income earners.

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