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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

It seems Romney's approach to prosperity and full employment is to enslave the poor, strip them of their entitlements and make them a servant society to the plutocrates like himself and the rich will become richer and the poor poorer worthless exploited souls serving in Romney's bigger army for a better superior nation controlling planet earth.

spring street


your right for the past four years you have been spreading the same message. the problem is it is a lie. less then 9% of the population receive partial assistance from the government and less then 4% rely on it as their sole source of income. 91% of Americans rely solely on their own income and those that make to little are allowed to not pay personal income taxes but must pay all other taxes.


I find it strangely humorous that you now want to act like Romney is a "victim." The only thing he is a victim of is his own words and no matter how you try to spin it they are out there for the whole world to hear.

Riverside, CA

Not a very artful comment, which Romney admits. But it's not as offensive as "clinging to guns and religion."

No surprise Obama supporters love jumping on a distraction from the Middle East mess and the economy.

Lindon, UT

The sad thing is that Romney is attacking his own voting block. The poorest and least educated come from Red States. Alabama, Mississippi, etc. Many of the "values voters" are amongst the poorest Americans, most hardworking but they must self described "victims" according to Romney. To say that 47% of the electorate is unwilling to fend for themselves is preposterous. Utahns shouldn't throw stones. How many BYU Students are on some form of Govt assistance? Most of he married couples are. They actually get married young in order to qualify for Grants that would otherwise not be available. They are victims too according to Romney. Mitt isn't fit to be President.

Colorado Springs, CO

O'really: LOL!!

Centerville, UT


Don't regurgitate what you've heard from the left. Do you really believe putting more taxes on employers is going to help get the economy back on track? Do you really think that Obama has a plan to ever get the unemployment rate back below 8%? Or have you conceded to mediocrity?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

The truth hurts. The fact is people aren't going to vote to decrease their benefits, no matter how much it destroys the economy or this nation. The democrats are pushing to get more people reliant on the government and their party (all in the name of "helping"). Which in the end they'll have all of the power. People are dependent on them. And we have a fiefdom all over again. The very system our ancestors ran away from hundreds of years ago.


Romney's 47% is so bogus and so self-defeating in so many ways.

Not least because a lot of people who don't pay taxes are, in fact, going to vote for Romney, and a lot of people who do pay taxes are going to vote for Obama. His nonsense that they represent irresponsible, dependent and entitled voters is going to appeal only to people, like birthers and anti-Muslim-Marxists, who were already strongly in his camp, and will it attract NOBODY from among the center and independents that he desperately needs.

Ann Romney, a person who has never worked a day in her life in the economic workforce, and who has never had a financial or economic concern in her life, may be Romney's chosen adviser for the economic concerns of women, but who is it that's advising him on the rest of his disaster? Or who is it that's NOT advising him on how to run an effective campaign?

There's something bizarre going on with Romney and he didn't learn it the mission field, at Bain, or as a Mormon bishop or stake president.

Salt Lake City, UT

@patriot and everyone else who think Romney was saying something accurate

The states with the highest rates of people not paying income taxes are in the south (and Idaho round out the top 10). Obama won only one of those states in 2008, Florida. Part of why Florida is so high in the rankings is because they have a lot of elderly who make up a large chunk of the 47%. The elderly of course tend to vote for Republicans, and most of them paid income taxes throughout their lives. Other groups in the 47% are the recently unemployed and young people, both groups intend to be future taxpayers. Then there's young families with kids where tax credits knock their income to 0. They're trying to provide for their families, how is that not responsible? It's quite common in Utah (13th highest rate of 0 income taxes). You can call the 47% lazy or question their work ethic or personal responsibility but if you think they're all Obama voters... Obama's winning 50 states, because in the south it's more than 50%. So it's false, these aren't just Democrats, many are Romney voters.


"As a young married college student he lived in a basement apartment with cement walls and floors refusing assistance from his or Ann's parents because they wanted to make it in their own."

Mitt supported his family while going to college by selling stocks George Romney gifted him. When Mitt started at Harvard, George gave them money to buy a house, which they sold a few years later for a significant profit.

It isn't accurate to portray Mitt and Ann as people who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. In the same speech where Romney disses the 47%, he admits he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I kinda feel a little sorry for Romney. The Republican Party is a mess. One has to appeal to the ever growing extremist base but it then becomes difficult to capture the necessary moderates/independents in a general election. Is Romney the pragmatic moderate Gov. of MA or is he the ideologue who keeps trotting out red meat for the base? At some point the Republican Party is going to have to recognize they can't follow the extreme and govern at the same time.


Doesn't Romney know that class warfare talk is out of style? Obama has been doing it for years...

American Fork, UT

Whenever I read about Mitt's latest gaffe I wonder how big of an issue it is. I found the best way to find out if it is a big deal is if foxnews.com and Deseret News have an article about it. These two "news" sources only mention the negative news about Mitt if they absolutely have to. So, yeah, this latest comment from Mitt seems to be a big deal. I know that you can buy a lot of things when you have millions of dollars, but you do have to have some intelligence to be the president of the United States.

USS Enterprise, UT

Wow, the liberals are showing that they don't remember the news for more than about 2 days, unless it is something bad about a conservative.

If you look at the actual data, and not what Obama claims, you will find what the WSJ found in their article "The Data Behind Romney’s 47% Comments." There they show that 49% of all households receive direct government benefits. You can verify that in the article "47% in U.S. escape federal income tax" from the Herald Sun.

According to various articles, and USDA press releases, as of June 2012 we have a record number of people in the US receiving food stamps. See "USDA: Americans receiving food stamps hits record 46.7 mln people in June" in the DesMoines Register. Even the Fact Checkers at ABC agree.

Tell us, did Romney say anything that wasn't the truth? Do people who pay $0 in federal income tax care about additional tax cuts? Do people who are dependant on the government want to hear that they are being cut off, and that they have to work?

Mcallen, TX


"So it's the 47%'s fault that people like Romney pay them so little they arn't even in the first federal income tax bracket."

Classic example of whining victims. Is it anyone's responsibility to provide you a living? It's nobody's fault that some can't take care of them self? Don't like it, go work somewhere else or start your own business. In a land of opportunity, everyone can become successful.

It's these American beggars that's contributing to our deficit, and demanding something for nothing. Giving to these people just promotes dependency, and hurts the country. Like Obama, they blame someone else when things go wrong.

Beggars may out number the responsible working class, and Obama may get another four years. Shame!

Salt Lake City, UT

My father is 77 yrs old. He started working when he was 15 and retired at 65. For 50 yrs, he paid Federal Income Taxes. Now he lives mainly off of Social Security and pays no FIT taxes. He paid FIT for 50 yrs, but as of now, he is in the 47%.

My son is 21 yrs old. He goes to college full time and works 2 part time jobs. Because of how little he makes (so far), he pays no FIT. In a year or so, he'll graduate and be making a salary that will pay FIT and will likely pay FIT for the next 45+ yrs, until he retires. But as of now, he is in the 47%.

According to Mitt Romney, both my father and my son are lazy, free-loaders.

No doubt there are lazy, free-loaders out there. However, neither my 77 yr old father nor my 21 yr old son deserve that description, though they both fall into the 47%.

None of the 47% should vote for Mitt. And none of the 53% who know someone in the 47% should vote for Mitt.

Ogden, UT

To O'really 10:34 a.m. Sept. 18, 2012

There's one thing you need to realize. I'm not a "Dem." My husband and I are mainstream Republicans, and have been since the 1970s. We don't like what Willard and his cronies are doing to the Republican party, and work to get it back to the moderate mainstream where it belongs. We're the exceptions to the Republican rule -- we investigate and think for ourselves, and don't just follow an mouth the party line.

I truly wish that Jon Huntsman was the Republican nominee. He was the only quality candidate in the race for the Republican nomination. He wouldn't have made the incredible errors Willard has made. HE would have had a chance to win the presidency. Unfortunately he wasn't an extreme far right radical, so he wasn't acceptable to the Republican base. That is the Party's and the country's loss.

Orem, UT

How many of you really think that this one "not elegantly stated" comment is Romney's Waterloo?

Are you really that confident that Obama and Biden can go two more months without a hiccup themselves.

Have you already predicted the debates will go Obama's way?

I seem to recall several times during the primaries when the polls clearly showed Romney was in trouble. True, Obama is by far the most formidable opponent, but using a sport's analogy, USC was supposed to win the national championship, Matt Barkley win the Heisman, etc. The point is to not award the prize before the season is over.


I'm sorry, but CHS is inferring untruths. My dad and many other young men did not have to serve in Vietnam simply because their draft numbers didn't come up. My dad came from a working class family so wealth is not the key. Inferring that Romney somehow dodged Vietnam because of his wealth is a falsehood you whould be ashamed to spread. Many of your comments have been a little off base, but this one is just plain wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT


I agree with you whole-heartedly. I'm an independent who has voted GOP in the past for many offices, including POTUS. I likely would have voted for Huntsman, had he won the primaries. He was far and away the sanest, smartest, most statesman-like candidate of the group. Far and away. Huntsman would have won the conservative vote, because they HATE Obama and would have voted anyone not Obama. He would have won a majority of the independent moderates like myself. And he would have pulled over more than a share of the libs.

But the current GOP far-right base has no room for me (or Huntsman) in their small tent.

Kearns, UT


"According to various articles, and USDA press releases, as of June 2012 we have a record number of people in the US receiving food stamps."

This is one of the most ridiculous of the Republican talking points.

What do you expect to happen when the country gets thrown into a Depression?

Lets turn on our brains and use some common sense. In a Depression, it seems likely that many Americans who have not previously needed assistance would need to turn to a program like Food Stamps for help feeding their families.

Pretty simple concept really. When the Republicans ran the economy into the ground, there was a 100% chance that more Americans would need things like food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc.

This argument from Republicans equates to the first-time homeowner who during their first Utah winter cranks the heat to stay warm, and then can't believe when the next bill from Questar comes and it's quadrupled in cost from summer!

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