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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Still funny seeing fans complain about the "advantage" Utah tried to gain with a gametime decision to not play their best offensive player.

Congrats to Hackett. The Aussie kicker, along with the athletic South African Sellwood, and several Polynesian rugby enthusiasts on the football team including one of the top overall players in the United States in Palamo, could likely field a rugby squad that would challenge many college clubs.

Star was just dominant. This entire game could serve as his highlight reel on draft day. Showed off every facet of his repertoire.

"Which still brings up the question why BYU coaches and players on the field weren't penalized also."
Great question. If anything, penalties should have offset, having a replayed untimed down from the 34 yard line rather than the 19. Just one more reason that conference officials should proverbially put these refs to pasture.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Just one more reason that conference officials should proverbially put these refs to pasture."
I don't think the PAC 12 Conference can put Big 12 officials to pasture. It would be nice if there were just NCAA officials and not Conference officials.


SoonerUte, I hadn't heard any confirmation on which conference the refs came from. Of course, many BYU fans are calling them Pac 12 refs as they've denounced everything Pac 12. And I've heard from Ute fans they're Big XII. But I've yet to see anything confirming either. Regardless, whichever conference they came from should be ashamed and not wanting them officiating in their league again.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I owe the MUSS an apology. My bad!

I owe an apology to PAC-12 officials, it seems they were Big 12 officials. My bad.

Referee: Greg Burks Umpire:Scott Campbell
Line Judge: Walt Coleman Side Judge:Gene Semko
Head Linesman: George Gusman Back Judge:Brian Ernest
Field Judge: Randy Smith

Did I miss something? Are the 40 years of discussions over, is BYU getting an invite into the BIG 12?

Palmdale, CA

Utah's running backs can't do jack if the Oline is a horrible unreliable mess! Go UTES!

Franklin, IN

I still think Hackett might be an overall better punter than Sellwood? Or the punt team simply stinks?

BYU players and coaches on field after missed punt...that's OK...we were glad to give you another chance...

Youre welcome little Cougies...

Cowboy Dude

White's absence is proof that the Utes were looking past the game at hand to next week's game with AZ State.

Yes, the AZ State game is far more important than the BYU game. The pre-season Y game really has nothing to gain for conference position. Don't risk another injury from White.

On the other hand, looking past the day's game can cause upsets. Be more careful, please.

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