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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Herriman, UT

I'm glad to see Herriman moved from #16 up to #15. However...this still means that they are only the 7th best 4A team...at least according to this poll. I am still suspect about a few of these teams....Bingham, Timpview, Lone Peak and Mountain Crest come to mind.

Since we are at the halfway point of the regular season, I guess only time will tell...but I believe Herriman is a Top 10 team in Utah and definitely one of the 5 best in 4A. I don't know if Herriman's rank can ever overcome the lost to Riverton...but I believe that Riverton will surprise some teams in their region.

Look for Herriman to win Region 7 and turn heads in the playoffs.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


Dude!!! These rankings mean nothing, absolutely nothing!!! Wins in November mean something. I think you need to quit obsessing and relax.

4A schools will typically be rated below 5A schools (not always but typically) so unless Herriman is really special (e.g., East) they will not get the #1 ranking in this poll. The loss to Riverton shows Herriman is not that special team (that gets the #1 ranking) but a couple wins in November shows they are pretty good and 3 wins in November is all you can ask for.

In the meantime, chill!!!

And what happens to these rankings if Jordan lost to East.

North Salt Lake, UT

Of course Herriman will win their region. They are the only team with a winning record. You aren't getting a ton of respect yet because you really haven't played anyone. The combined record of your opponents is 13-12. Your remaining opponents are 7-17 right now. I know that will change but schedule a tougher preseason and the respect will come. I can see the Mustangs making it to the semi-finals because of the easy side of the bracket but getting throttled by East there.

South Jordan, UT

So when Bingham beats Riverton by 3 TD's this week, the same team that beat your mighty Mustangs, will they still be suspect in your mind?

Herriman, UT

@Parry is a Farce - I get it that there is a belief that 5A is better than 4A...but I think recently...4A is showing that it is on the same level as 5A. I agree that getting 1, 2, 3 and even 4 wins in late October/early November will be the final ranking.

@UTOutlaw - Most of Herriman's games were scheduled as 2 year Home-Home contracts back in 2011. So not a lot we could do. We replaced Timpanogos with Highland (which now looks like Timpanogos would have been better) and tried to replace Copper Hills with Alta or Jordan and tried to replace Clearfield with Davis...but it didn't work out. I think Herriman can easily win 2 games in the playoffs and possibly 3 and I would be surprised if they won a 4th. Herriman can score points...so there are teams that can beat them...but I don't think there is anyone in 4A that will "throttle" Herriman.

@Gunner - Yeah...if Bingham beats Riverton by 21+ points...that would help with determining their strength. Any if they win by less than 21 or lose...you are OK with me remaining suspect???


I honestly think Herriman is good, but not great. They're just not on the same level as East, Logan and Timpview. I truly believe these 3 teams would beat herriman by 2 td's or more. But hey what do I know? I can't wait for the 4a playoffs this year!

Herriman, UT

@braydan32 - I wouldn't necessarily group Logan and Timpview with East. I think Logan is a good team but are not as good as last year and Timpview I have been suspect of since last year. I believe East is the only team in 4A that is clearly better than Herriman. Bountiful, Woods Cross, Logan, Timpview and Mountain Crest are on the same level as Herriman and I don't think any team can beat Herriman by 2+ TDs.

Herriman has the ability to move the ball and score points...as evidenced by being the #2 team in Utah in points. Now, if our offense makes mistakes like we made against Riverton (5 turnovers in the Red Zone and Gray Zone) then we will have problems. But...when the offense is cranking...we can move and score or any team...East, Logan, Timpview included.

Hey...I get it...I probably think that Herriman is better than they are...but I also think most people think Herriman is worse than they really are. As Parry is a Farce stated...things will be answered and played out as the season and playoffs play out.

Orem, UT

Not sure I can agree with Brighton (#8) jumping two spots with a narrow 1-point win over PG. Sure, they are 5A...but that performance was bad. PG (#23) got manhandled by Timpanogos (#18) much worse than that. Hurricane fell two spots after beating highly ranked Dixie.

Logan deserves to jump in the rankings--they continue to steamroll opponents. Does everyone realize that the Grizzlies have scored 27, 33, 35, 38, and 54 points in their games? Their opponents hardly are getting blown out. I look forward to an East/Logan rematch!

Orem, UT


Herriman is getting better, no doubt. But there are several teams that are doing as well or better which could give the Mustangs fits.

Logan (4-1) and East(4-0) look very, very good. Timpview (4-1), Bountiful (4-1) and Woods Cross (4-1) are just a step behind those two. After those, the next level includes Mt. Crest, Roy, Box Elder, Timpanogos, Maple Mountain, and maybe Olympus or Orem.

The next twp weeks might tell us more about Herriman. Skyline is decent but not great while Olympus has played a tough preseason (Sky View, N-ridge, Alta).

Orem, UT

Logan 56 Herriman 22
Granted, that was last year. I admire Benzo's fanatic support, but Logan still looks good this year. Do you really think that Herriman has closed the gap to being even?

Herriman, UT

@Sampson - I agree with you in that East is the best of the 4A and probably the state. However, I simply don't see a distinction between Herriman and Logan, Timpview, Bountiful, Woods Cross, Mountain Crest, Roy, Box Elder, Timpanogos, Maple Mountain, Olympus or Orem. I think Herriman can compete with any of these teams.

My problem is the penalty we are receiving for losing by 1 point in OT to a 5A team at a neutral site. We fell from 5th in the state to 19th after the Riverton loss and have been climbing up ever since.

Wins against Skyline and Olympus will help Herriman's cause. Hopefully Orem can beat or be competitive with Timpanogos, Timpview and Maple Mountain and earn a playoff berth. Hopefully Riverton can beat or be competitive with Bingham, Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove and earn a playoff berth. Hopefully Highland can beat or be competitive with Bountiful, Woods Cross and East and earn a playoff berth. Hopefully Copper Hills can beat or be competitive with Jordan, Alta and Brighton and earn a playoff berth.

I believe the next 2 weeks will help determine Herriman's rank a little more accurately.

South Jordan, UT

Well see if the Brighton boys can handle the HAWKS and turn then from number one in 5A to now 0-2 in region play.

Good Luck this week!

Herriman! Get off your high horses. Your time will come!

But until you even get to the TURF dont say a word and respect what other schools have Done.

Still feel, Logan vs East is agood 4A game.

5A wil be jordan vs someone! ha
JUST LOOKED at 2011 brackets, Region 1 played region region 3
Region 2 played region 4
In 2010
Region 1 played region 4
region 2 played region 3

So that leaves us with Region 1 playing Region 2
Region 3 playing Region 4
Oh my goodness!!!!!

LP, PG, Riverton can play with I believe, Brighton, Alta and Jordan! (Maybe not win but give scares to)

Should be some great first round games!


I love that everyone hates Alta (and Bingham, for that matter). It means that they receive the respect, fear and reputation that BigBenzo88 can only dream of. Maybe Herriman will earn it, someday :) Go Hawks!

I am looking forward to seeing how the season plays out.
I can't wait to see what happens in the Syracuse vs N-Ridge game! Those two are powerful teams that are slipping under the radar right now. Watch your backs, everyone!
Jordan is definitely the team to beat! But without a real ending to the East game, I don't know that anyone else will come close. But honestly, since Alta fell short, I would pick Syracuse to upset the Diggers.
Bingham seems to have worked out their pre-season offensive issues, so they will be tough. I doubt they lose again in regular season, but they will only beat Riverton by 10 points tops. Riverton has a pretty effective defense and a good running game.

The fact is, we are only half way through the regular season, so there are plenty of stories to be written and worths to be proven. All teams are still improving. Gotta love High School football!

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

Hurricane should not have dropped after beating the No. 2 team in 3A. That's some Wasatch Front bias right there.

Saint George, UT

@Zona Zone--I agree with the drop because a 3A team has to be unbeatable in 3A to be top 10 overall, even if Hurricane or Dixie could beat some of the ranked 4A/5A teams. The real travesty is Stansbury... undefeated against 5 teams with 4 combined wins. Dixie>>Stansbury.


High school football is the best. Each week there are surprises and some outstanding performances.

Salt Lake City, UT

So BigBenzo88 has a point. Typically 5A beats 4A head to head about 2/3 of the time. This year is the exception. 4A has the edge head to head, I think it is 15-23. There is one thing that jumps out however. Out of those 23 wins for 4A over 5A, 12 are against teams with a combined record of 0-24 with 2 others against 1-4 Taylorsville. I think their 1 win was the first one in a decade and it was a 3 pt win over a 0-5 3A team, Delta. 4 wins against AF, CH and 2 over Lehi, all with losing records. I think there are only 3 wins over 5A teams with winning records are Bountiful and TV beating LP and Timpanogos over PG.

On the flip side of the 15 5A wins, 7 are against teams with winning records. 4 are against teams that are 4-1. PG over Provo is the only 5A win over a win-less team.

One other thing, with Star's brother now playing at Bingham, I would expect them to hammer Riverton again.

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

Harry Man needs to relax, it's just high school football for us kids, not frustrated parents. Get REal!

Salt Lake City, UT

Whiteshoes- Last year? I am a Riverton fan, but I have followed Herriman because of all the Riverton kids that were at HHS. I actually went up to Logan to watch the playoff game. I had never seen Nelson in person. He was amazing, but seriously they were throwing deep with a few minutes left. If I am not mistaken Nelson threw a 50 yrd bomb for their last TD with maybe 2 min left up by 3 TDs. Herriman had put in a bunch of Sophs to get them a chance to play in a varsity game.

I think the Herriman coaches were basically preparing for this year. Last year, they played as many juniors as possible. Riverton did the same thing in 09, where the Seniors were not shown any loyalty. I think there was some of that at Herriman last year. If it was even close, they went with the Junior to prepare for this year. They have a lot of experience and Logan lost some key players, so Yes... they may have closed the gap at least a little.

draper, ut


when did hurricane beat the #2 team in 3A? Did I miss something ?


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