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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Wrong jarka-rus.

You don't remember the allegations of a BYU heckling Whitt's wife. Kyle kept things quiet and there was no film to capture.

Max was right? Is hate good?

Look there are bad fans on both sides. If you don't see that, then maybe you fit the bad fan bill by looking to condemn others. Be careful, that is bad for your soul brother.

How about the BYU student who stole the Ute flag in Provo and ran around with it in the mid 90s? Too bad for him, he got tackled and beat up by a Ute cheer leader.

The worst part jack-rus is that you defend Max Hall's comments. I would bet the majority of your fellow BYU fans would also say that is embarrassing to them and makes you a bad fan as well.


jarka-rus, what fan goes after the other team's HC's WIFE?!

Highland, UT


If he didn't "turn coward" as you say then what did he do? He certainly didn't stand up to Bronco. He immediately turned tail and slunk away, like I would expect from a utah "fan". This guy is the walking, breathing, living, personification of a utah "fan". When I write utah "fans" on here this guy is the exact guy I am describing. I'm not describing you, I'm not describing my buddies Eric or Dave, I'm describing this guy and all of the many, many, others just like him. They exist, you've seen him now, you may not like him but you cannot deny he is there. No one can.

Salt Lake City, UT

Layton, Utah

I agree. He was totally wrong.

As was the BYU fan a couple years ago who went after Whittingham's wife.

West Jordan, Utah


If it's true what you say, I don't condone what the Ute fan did to you. Still, if you give off an energy in person like you do on these posts, then maybe birds of a feather flock together in regards to confrontation. By your admission, you LOL every time you get under a Ute fan's skin right? It washes well when you do the washing eh?.

I have attended the rivalry games all my life, and have rarely seen extreme behavior. This includes attending all but 4 games in RES since 1980, and I have been to 7 rivalry games a LES as well. After the game in 1995 in Provo, I was on the field talking with Chad Lewis about his brother Mike who played at the U. and I watched one of the Doman brothers, not sure which one, screaming at Utah fans celebrating a Ute win. We thought he was way overboard and Lewis was embarrassed.

It happens both ways.

Highland, UT

@gdog and stg

utah "fans" have been making that false allegation about a BYU fan "going after" whittinghams wife for the last few years. It is absolutely false and I have posted the actual story here multiple times.

Once again it was the whittinghams son that attaked the BYU fan who was filming the fans rushing the field after BYU won the game. He grabbed the BYU fans p[hone and threw it onto the field into the corwd where it was lost and never recovered. The BYU fan obviously took exception to it and in the ensuing melee the whittingham punk elbowed his own mother in the mouth as she was trying to pull him out of it.


The utah athletic department sent the BYU fan a $500 dollar check to pay for the phone which he photocopied and framed as it now hangs on his wall as proof. He lives here in Highland and it is well known exactly what occured.

You should actually know the true story before propagating that false allegation again. You should also question why your coach, who makes 2 mil per year, didn't pay for the phone himself instead of u.

West Jordan, Utah

For the record, I never defended this fan. I am just saying the way the media portrays this is fodder for for sensational comments. Suddenly Bronco is Medusa and can turn you to stone by looking at you.

Sure, I think the fan was likely scared of a Bronco thumping. But I also think it likely, the fan realized his mouth put him in the line of fire with police, the media, and Bronco, and walked away.

Bronco was not going to lay a hand on this guy. He was putting the ball in the fan's court to see if he was going to doom himself. The fan showed bad judgment being mouthy but good judgment in walking away.

I wouldn't do what this fan did by any stretch, but as a Ute fan I am not super embarrassed by it. It happens. To say that no BYU fan would ever walk near Whittingham and say something like "what can you say" is naive to me. I have seen otherwise. The story I told above is what I witnessed in Provo in 1995. It was far worse than what I saw on this video with suspender boy.

salt lake city, UT

hahaha how quickly byu "fans" like to forget last year in provo at the good ole marriot center. i think there was a reason your basketball game ended EARLY that night. why dont you oh so classy byu fans relay to us what happened.

West Jordan, Utah

I haven't seen the longer version of the suspender boy incident, but I kinda hope it was a little worse than what I saw, because this dude's actions have put him on the shamed forever list in this state (Utah and BYU fans alike). I find this whole thing sad, irritating, funny, and just typical of extra story lines after each BYU vs. Utah football game.

There is always something the media runs with forever. I look back at what players and fans have said and done over the last 20 years, and it's unbelievable. This rivalry might not get the national attention of some other rivalries, but no rivalry has the unique levels of intensity and outcome each year. It's like American football meets Northern Ireland resistance. The other guy is always the devil so to speak.

West Jordan, Utah


Are you saying the allegations about coach Whittingham's wife being heckled are not true? Wow, is that the same as Max Hall's friends cousin getting a drop of soda spilled on him, only to have it be a giant beer pouring legend upon the family that lives on.

I have my sources to. I just don't quote them unless I know for sure. Who knows what happens, but it happens. What you say? Who knows? At least we have the goofy video of suspender boy to write our posting thesis papers on. It's so worthy of all this. The kid made a bad judgment and now he has to live with it. I don't want to throw out any more stones at him than what he has received except for to laugh at his suspenders.


Duckhunter, yes I know the allegations of who did what to whom, and how it was all caught on camera, but then that mean ol' Ute destroyed the evidence so it can't be confirmed other than your pal's story and check hung on his wall. However, what is confirmed by visual evidence is with that melee being dispersed, Jamie is having her arm grabbed and pulled by, not the "Whittingham punk," but some blue-shirted punk. I don't know him, so I can call him that, isn't that how it goes?


"I don't want to throw out any more stones at him than what he has received except for to laugh at his suspenders."

gdog3finally, I can already see them becoming a villainous Halloween outfit in Utah County like Steve Bartmann's turtleneck and headphones became in Chicago after the NLCS.

Logan, UT

Going after a coache's wife is WAY worse than going after a coach. Only a true coward does that to a women.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow Duck does live by everyone.

I guess they wre right........it is a small world since everyone lives in a place called Highland.

U 90
Corona, CA

duckhunter, sometimes your comments are spot on. But on this one I'm calling you out. Provide your research/statistics to support your claim that a large percentage of Utah fans are classless and low. This is really just your opinion.

My experiences have been completely different. I’ve been to 3 rivalry games at RES and have never seen a Ute fan mistreating a BYU fan. I know it happens, I just have not seen it.

I’ve been to LES twice and both times seen BYU fans mistreat Utah fans. In 2009 a BYU fan came up to my son and me and yelled in our face "Utah sucks!" This guy appeared to be in his mid 30s. In 1993 my brother in law was part of the Utah program and was showered with soda, spit and profanity after Utah won the game 34-31.

If you don't believe me listen to Jeffrey R. Holland's CES Fireside talk a few weeks ago which included a story about Daniel Bobik being mistreated by BYU fans. Take off you blue goggles, you're missing reality. Poor fan behavior goes both ways.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Duck Hunter

I have read your comments quite often over the last year or two on this forum. You constantly troll Utah articles, and write condesending remarks about The U or U, it's students, it's coaches and it's players. If you have this same attitude and disposition in real life as on this forum, you got exactly what you deserved at RES.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

The suspenders Ute fan needs to own up to his mistake and issue an apology to Bronco, and to Ute and Cougar fans alike. His actions were utterly uncalled for. Fans should not confront opposing players or coaches.

Also, I am bothered by so many Cougar fans saying "Max Hall was right!"
So, hate is good? You agree with hating another school, team, and ALL its fans, based on the bad actions of a few? I wonder how many active LDS Cougar fans who think Max hall was right would say that when President Monson showed up to Rice-Eccles stadium as a Ute fan a few years ago, or when he sung the "Utah Man" song filmed by KSL TV or when Elder Wirthlin would talk about being a Utah football player.

Think again if you agree with Max Hall's hate.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

The Ute fan in suspenders is a fool. He's an embarrassment. But let's be real. Every single college football team in the land has fans like him.

Yes, even BYU. Yes, even Nebraska.

So quit acting like BYU doesn't have bozos like this. Ignorance if you do.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


I think you would agree that this taunting falls somewhere in the category of "Juvenile, classless, and dumb"?

"A message on the scoreboard after BYU defeated USU on Wednesday said “Utah State, enjoy the loss” and called the Aggies “Little Brother.”

Juvenile. Classless. Dumb."

-- BYU issues apology to USU for maverick message on Jumbotron
Dick Harmon, Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palmer, AK

I agree rushing the field needs to stop it is not like beating BYU is some huge accomplishment that needs to be celebrated like some hard fought championship....rushing the field needs to be reserved for those type of situations.

Don't lump all UTE fans into the same category as this idiot that is very narrow minded I have seen the same type of reaction by BYU fans in the same type of situation.

And really what other choice of reaction did Bronco have not like he could have taken off after the fool....if he had done that we would be talking about his dismissal.

Good luck Utes and Cougars this week and thanks for the exciting game you provided last week!

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